Best Blender For Juicing and Smoothies

A kitchen is never complete without a proper and effective blender. They’re important in the preparation of many delicacies commonly served in many households. Speaking of delicacies, some of the most common ones are juices and smoothies. 

Best Blender for Juicing and Smoothies

They’re so common, blenders were manufactured specifically for Juicing and making smoothies. They require more power, speed, and many more features to effectively juice. This post is all about those best blenders for juicing and smoothies. Read on as we’ve prepared for you detailed reviews for each blender which is great for juicing and making smoothies.

We’ve also prepared a guide that gives you a good picture of what a juicer or smoothie maker is. And a set of common questions concerning the appliance.

TOP 10 best juice blenders

1. Ninja Professional Blender – Best Ninja Juicers Reviews

This is a high-powered blender that possesses 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serving functions. And It’s powered by wattage of 1100. That’s powerful enough to crush and shred ice into snow in only a few seconds. Your smoothie or fruity ice drink would be ready in a flash.

The blender comes with a 72oz glass pitcher (container) which is quite large enough to feed an entire family in one serving. Within the pitcher, you’ll find 6 pro extractor blades. Which will be responsible for the total crushing of whatever is with the pitcher.

Ninja professional blender’s design screams convenience with its 16 oz Nutri ninja cups. Great for a meal on the go to work or the gym. There are simple slip-on to-go lids available for each cup. All its detachable parts are BPA-free and dish washable, except the control stand of course.


  • Strong 6-blade assembly
  • Powerful motor
  • Large pitcher
  • Sturdy build
  • Extra 16 oz single-serve cups are available
  • Possesses several pre-programmed functions


  • The lid is too bulky
  • The blades might be poorly designed
  • Occupies more space

2. Vitamix Professional-Grade Blender – Best Juice Blenders

This is one of the very few top-quality blenders you can find in the market. Professionals and loyal users of this product have deemed it one that outlasts as well as outranking most blenders. The blender consists of a manageable 48 oz pitcher which contains Hardened stainless-steel blades. 

Even though its wattage isn’t extraordinarily high, the blender is designed in such a way that all its working components including its ultra-powerful motor with up to 10 varying speeds are in perfect sync. This allows them to make the most of their power. 

Its 10 varying speed functions ensure versatility and enable blending with a good level of precision. There are several controls, but don’t worry as they’re quite intuitive. If needed, there is a manual available to guide you.

You don’t need to detach much while you clean this blender, because it can perform self-cleaning within 30-60 seconds. How? Pour in some warm water and a drop of dish soap. Then turn on the blender.


  • A self-cleaning mechanism is available
  • Up to 10 varying speed settings
  • Controls are very easy to learn
  • It has a durable build
  • Occupies more space
  • Affordable


  • Might be expensive

3. Oster BLSTPB-WPK Blender – Best High Powered Juicer Blender

If you’re a gym regular then this is the most popular blender for you. It consists of a 20oz sport bottle/pitcher. Once you’re done blending, you can simply detach the bottle, seal with the lid, and enjoy your Smoothie on the go.

It blends with a power of 400 watts which is powerful enough to crush ice along with some fruits with its hardened stainless steel blades. The controls are pretty straight-up easy with a single-touch blending mechanism. Sometimes the blender could be overworked, after all, it’s a personal blender. But not to worry as there’s a built-in resettable fuse that will revive the motor in about 15 minutes.

Space isn’t going to be an issue as it occupies less. You could simply store it in your kitchen cupboards if it has to be out of sight. Evey detachable part is dish washable and BPA-free.


  • Great for gym regulars
  • Easy to store
  • Occupies less space
  • Revive-able motor
  • Simple one-touch blending 


  • Overheats easily
  • Very small pitcher

4. Ninja Mega Kitchen Blender – Best Blenders For Juicing Vegetables

This is a better version of the ninja professional Countertop Blender. It has better wattage, more accessories, and several more functions as well. The blender consists of a 72oz pitcher equipped with a well-designed Hardened stainless-steel blade assembly which is connected to a motor working at 1500 watts. That’s powerful enough for crushing ice and hard fruits comfortably.

Versatility is one of this blender’s best features due to the availability of several accessories such as the extra 64oz (eight cups) food processor pitcher containing a special blade. The food processor’s blade is strong enough to chop cookie dough and salsa dip in just 30 seconds. All these delicacies are sure to cause a lot of mess. Don’t worry because the Ninja Mega kitchen blender’s detachable parts are all dishwashable. 

The ninja mega kitchen system blender also comes with two 16oz Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids for on-the-go enjoyment. If you’re looking to save some space on your kitchen counter, there’s no chance.


  • It’s very versatile
  • It has 4-speed settings
  • Lots of accessories
  • 1500 watts powered Motor
  • Affordable


  • It takes up a lot of space

5. Vitamix 5200 Blender – Best Blender For Juicing and Smoothies

This is a bulky unit that is quite too high for a typical kitchen cupboard. Despite its large structure, its pitcher can only contain up to 64oz of processed food. Which is still great for a whole in one serving.  

With a wattage of 1400 and a hardened stainless steel blade, this blender can comfortably crush cocktails of fruits and ice to a fine slush in only a matter of seconds. There are 10-speed modes in which you can tune to get the best precise result from your blender.

A rubber spill-proof lid is available. It has a small drop-in opening in which you can pour in some more ingredients while the blending is going on. In case of the blender overloads, there’s a specific safety option for it. It is the total shutdown of the blender’s motor to prevent further circuit damage.

Please avoid using a dishwasher. The unit already has a self-cleaning mechanism that only requires you to fill the pitcher halfway with warm water and a drop of dish soap. Then turn on the blender.


  • Controls are user friendly
  • Up to 10-speed functionsAutomatic motor shut-off
  • function is available
  • Powerful
  • Durable 


  • Takes up more space
  • Can’t fit in a kitchen cupboard
  • It could be expensive

6. Oster Blender Pro 1200 – Best Juicing Blender

This blender comes with a series of features and functions which would improve your experience while you blend away.

One of its special features is the pre-programmed functions which help to eliminate guesswork and increase precision while blending away. The blender also has up to 7-speed settings so you can achieve the best texture for your smoothie.

It’s a 48oz boro-glass pitcher that contains a double direction sharp 3.5inch wide blade system which sits on the motor. The blade system works in such a way that the wide blades cause the food to flow to the bottom where it would be shredded and crushed.  

The motor spins with a maximum wattage of ice crushing 1200watts. Your smoothie would be ready by the time you’ve started setting up your table.


  • Large pitcher
  • Extra 24oz cup
  • Possesses hardened stainless steel blade
  • Up to 3 special settings
  • 7-speed settings
  • Powerful
  • Somewhat affordable


  • It takes a lot of counter space

7. Blendtec Classic Original Blender – Best Smoothie Blender

Blendtec offers its state-of-the-art blender which has features that were collectively designed to improve your convenience and provide nothing short of a masterpiece. The blender consists of a patented 72oz four side jar that has a blending capacity of 32oz. 

Within the jar is also a patented stainless steel blade which is 80% thicker that’s modified with wings. This ensures a consistent smooth texture that’ll leave you satisfied for a long time. 

While blending, a vortex is formed to force meals to fall directly into the hardened stainless steel blade. The blade system and the stipulated space for blending are the reasons why the vortex is effective. Another great thing about the blade is its heating ability. Which can be used to heat drinks or soups while you blend.

Apart from all features that have been mentioned, you’ll also find several sets of features. Such as up to 10-speed settings, 6 pre-programmed functions, and pulse.


  • It can heat your processed foods
  • Innovative blades design and system
  • No need for a tamper
  • Self-cleaning


  • Very little blending space
  • Expensive

8. Vitamix Two Speed Blender – Best Blender For Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

This Blender could whip you up a tasty hot blend of soup in the morning and an icy delicacy at night in less time. How? Its powerful 2-horsepower motor supports a hardened, aircraft-grade stainless steel blade that crushes and grinds food at a speed of 240 ph. The blender adopts a technique that it uses to heat the content of its pitcher. This technique involves the use of the blade’s friction.

Such a powerful blender is sure to overheat but not this one, as it possesses a cool-running motor that undergoes even torque. And yet it’ll still deliver enough power to process any ingredients you put in. It can even handle large batches of 64 ounces each.

The controls are quite easy to use with their simple high and low controls. The blender can also perform self-cleaning which involves the use of warm water and a single drop of soap in the pitcher.


  • Highly versatile
  • Simple controls
  • Can heat up meals
  • Large pitcher
  • Powerful and cool running motor
  • Self-cleaning
  • Strong blades


  • It’s built may be too bulky
  • It takes up a lot of space
  • A bit expensive

9. Breville BBL620 Fresh Blender – Best Blenders For Juicing Vegetables

This blender ensures even chopping and crushing that lasts. Its best feature is its hardened stainless steel blades which are surgical-grade. They are engineered to remain sharp for a long time. Another great feature is its powerful motor which runs at 1100watts. Enough to crush ice to smooth and slush-like snow.

Its wattage along with 9 pre-programmed functions or task controls, make this blend a versatile and Hardworking masterpiece. The pitcher is made of glass, so you can comfortably monitor the progress of the ingredients and ensure no lumps are left. 

There’s an LCD display that shows the speed count-ups for each pre-programmed speed setting. This increases convenience while using the Breville Fresh & furious. The blender also has a unique lid with a ring that makes it very convenient to remove.


  • Even and consistent blending
  • Durable and sharp blades
  • Decent wattage
  • LCD display available
  • Convenient lid
  • Up to 9 tasks control
  • Intuitive controls 


  • Could be too tall for your kitchen cupboards
  • Might overheat
  • It’s not completely dishwashable

10. GERMIX Professional Blenders – Top Blenders For Juicing

This is a heavy model that comes with a range of speed settings available to eliminate the guesswork as much as possible. Its 64-ounce pitcher contains a hardened stainless steel blade which is controlled by a powerful motor that has a wattage of 1800watts and up to 3 horsepower.

The pitcher has a one-hand operation handle which makes it convenient to lift your heavy desert. In addition to convenient features, the lid on the pitcher has an opening where you throw in some ingredients. And there’s a tamper available to force floating ingredients to sink into the blades.

Despite its powerful motor and some other great features, the only significant setback is the motor’s tendency to overload. So do take your time when blending and try to blend enough and not excess.


  • It’s very powerful
  • Openable cap on the lid
  • Up to 10-speed settings
  • Strong and durable stainless steel blades
  • It could fit into your
  • kitchen’s cabinet


  • Overheats
  • Heavy
  • Could be expensive
  • Design is not so aesthetic

Buying guide for the top rated blender that’s great for juicing and making smoothies

There are many blenders out there in the market, all of which have a particular set of features that is great for a particular task. The round-up above is a list of top blenders that have a set of features that are great for juicing and making smoothies.

Read on as we’ve set up a guide that gives you insights on how we chose them.

What’s the difference between a blender and a juicer?

There’s a common misconception about blenders and juicers. Most shop-goers who are just looking to blend up fruits together tend to fall into this trap. Here are solid reasons why they’re different: 

1. Blenders are more of smoothie makers

A juicer works differently, as it separates the fiber from all other parts of the fruits which are the juices. The juice contains all the vitamins the fruit has to offer and it’s in the most digestible form. Fibers at this point are useless so they’re discarded at this point. 

As for the blender, the fiber pulp is blended along with the juice. The result is a much thicker substance, which takes a while to digest.

2. Blenders are more versatile than juicers  

Blenders we have in today’s market are much more advanced and they can more than just blend. Some blenders possess the ability to heat up ingredients while being processed. Such a blender has reduced the workload of its user. There are also blenders that self-clean, so you don’t have to take too long in the kitchen.

The juicer on the other hand is pretty much specific to what it does. It only makes juice.

Advantages of blending over juicing

Both the juicer and the blender are great kitchen appliances. It’s even better when you have both. But each has a particular advantage in which the other is lacking. 

Blenders don’t waste

When blending fruits, the appliance processes every part of it. Unlike the juicer, blenders don’t leave behind waste such as the fibrous pulp. So you don’t have to worry about disposing of wet waste which could attract pests.

Blended fruits kill your appetite 

The fiber which is blended with the juice will slow down digestion such that energy will be released evenly in the same manner. This process is how you’ll feel satisfied for a long time.

This is great because it’ll prevent sugar spikes or drops in your body.

What type of blender is right for you?

There are various types of blenders in the market today. In which they all differ in terms of power, convenience, mode of handling, and many other features. The common types include;

  • Countertop Blenders 
  • Food Processors
  • Handheld Immersion Blender  

Countertop Blenders: This is the most commonly demanded design of a blend. It’s a powerful and versatile beast. It usually has a transparent container with ample space for your meal. It will chop, slice, and dice your meal into a liquid with its sharp and durable blades. You could make an icy smoothie or margaritas comfortably with a countertop blender.

Food Processor: This is the blender for you if you’re just looking to grate, slice, chop, and shred hard fruits or vegetables into liquid. It’s more powerful than a juicer or about the same.

Handheld Immersion Blender: This is a great option for you if you’re looking to conserve some kitchen space. Or you’re trying to skip transferring hot soups from the pot to the blender. It’s a clever design and would go great if you’re running a restaurant or a mobile fast-food stand.

How do i choose a best blenders for smoothies and juicing?

There’s a surplus of blenders in the market. Some of them have basic features and others possess sophisticated ones. Here’s a list of features you should keep in mind so you can get the value for your money:

1. Hand or countertop blender

Which of the two is convenient for you? The countertop blender belongs to your kitchen slab. It consists of a jug like a container which is supported by a stand that possesses the controls for the blender. 

It’s great for Blending smoothies. And even better if you’re a gym regular. Personal size countertop Blenders which are great for drinking right out of the jug are available as well in the market.

The hand blenders or stick blenders consist of the blades attached just at the end of the shaft. It’s great for making puree in soup bowls and pots. This is great because you won’t need to transfer the content you wish to blend into the blender’s default container.

2. How much space does the blender occupy?

Compared to the countertop blender, hand blenders are significantly smaller In size. They’re a great fit for you if there isn’t enough space in the kitchen. Or you just don’t want to devote any space for it on your kitchen’s countertop. You can simply store the hand blender in your kitchen’s boards.

The countertop blender usually requires a significant amount of space for your kitchen counter due to its large capacity. As you could ship up to 4 to 5 smoothies for you and your family, depending on its capacity.

3. The capacity of the blender 

When shopping for a blender it’s crucial to take into account the amount of output you would require from a blend. You could decide based on the size of your family, personal satisfaction, or business demand.

If you’re looking for a blender that gives large quantities of processed food or fruit at a time, then the countertop blender is the best choice for you. 

The stick or hand blender usually has a smaller container and it’s only able to process less fruit at a time. This is great if you desire only personal consumption or to process a little quantity of fruit at a time.

4. Type of blades 

The basic material for blender blades is stainless steel because it’s durable and strong. When shopping for the best blender for juicing and smoothies you should consider what grade are the blade and its design. 

For instance, blenders with aircraft-grade blades are one of the best at crushing ice quickly, till it’s slush snow. Such blades are much better than the standard stainless steel blade. 

Some blenders even have blades that are significantly wide enough to create a vortex while blending. This vortex will cause Ingredients to flow directly into the blades, to prevent unprocessed food from being left in the pitcher. 

5. Pitcher’s material

This is equally an important factor to consider because it’s concerned about your convenience. The common materials in which most blender’s containers are made of include:

  • Glass
  • Plastic 
  • Stainless steel

Each of these has its pros and cons. For instance, the glass container is see-through, so you can monitor your food while it’s being processed. The downside is the heaviest out of the three materials once filled to the brim. 

Plastic is a lot easier to carry, even when it’s filled up with your processed food. But it tends to get a lot of scratches which would leave your Blender to look badly maintained. 

Another downside to using plastic is the nauseating tendency for it to absorb the aroma of your processed meal. This makes it hard not to taste remnants of the previous batch you’ve done.

Stainless steel: The material is great for doing different flavors of batches without retaining previous flavors. This is so because stainless steel doesn’t absorb the aroma of the processed fruit. Another great feature of a stainless steel container is the weight. Carrying a stainless steel container feels less heavy than you would with a glass container.

The only downside to using a stainless steel container is that you can’t monitor the meal you’re processing. You’d just have to time the blender or deactivate the blender to check on its progress. 

6. Material durability

A glass container is the least durable, as it could break easily on impact. If You live with kids or someone a bit clumsy, then it’s best not to consider a blender with a glass container.

Instead, you could go for a blender with a stainless steel container. It is the most durable material for a blender’s container. It would take a strong compression rather than an impact to cause damage. At worst, there could be dents from a terrible impact. 

If stainless steel just doesn’t do it for you, a blender with a plastic container is a suitable alternative. It doesn’t break easily on impact. But it can develop scratches if it falls off regularly. 

7. Power range

To get the Blender for juicing big pieces of fruits, it must have a higher wattage. Blenders with higher wattage can handle large prices of fruits without causing any damage to the blades. A blender with a high enough wattage could even handle ice cubes and other harder prices of fruits without the need for adding water.

8. Budget

Determining your budget is a great way of narrowing down your options. With that in mind, if you’re looking to set up your new kitchen, it’s a great idea to include other kitchenware accessories in your budget.

9. Interface and features 

When shopping for a blender it’s best to find one with pre-programmed settings which would make your experience easy enough. For instance, some blenders have speed settings based on the ingredients to be used. 

How to properly prepare fruits and vegetables for blending?

Consuming different types of fruits at once can be difficult, especially if you have digestion problems. But juicing helps the body to absorb a variety of nutrients from different fruits and vegetables. These nutrients boost your immunity, thus preventing chronic illnesses such as cancer. Other benefits include weight loss and body cleansing. Read ahead to understand more.

What you should know about juice and smoothies extracted from blenders?

Maybe you are wondering if it’s good to blend fruits and veggies. These points will help you make an informed decision. 

  1. Many people avoid eating enough food in their weight loss journeys. Luckily, you don’t have to starve yourself since blended juice, and smooth have a caloric value. You won’t increase weight by taking them. Your hunger pang will reduce, thus helping you in the dieting journey.
  2. Blending fruits and vegetables is healthier than juicing them since you get many nutrients, including fiber. 
  3. Did you know that your body takes longer to extract essential nutrients from solid foods than from the smoothie? If you want maximum absorption of nutrients to your body within a short period, blend your fruits and veggies. 
  4. A juicer leaves more sugar in the final product as compared to blending. So, if you want to take fewer sugars, then blending is highly advisable.

Why should you juice?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Taking a glass of juice every day provides your body with nutrients that boost your immunity, protect you from premature aging and improve your mood. 
  2. If you take an acidic diet, you need juice to balance the effect since the juice is alkaline.
  3. Maybe you have been having a busy day with no time to consume various veggies and fruits. Allow you to add new food and remain hydrated.

Can you juice with a ninja blender?

Maybe you want to take the juice, and the juicer is not available. If the Ninja blender is available, then you have no reasons to fail in your mission. The Ninja Blender presents you with the opportunity to blend everything and end up with a thick smoothie. You can also blend the fruit, then use a fine-mesh strainer to squeeze out all the juice and throw away the pulp. 

Is juicing without a juicer possible?

Yes, you can juice using a blender. It is a perfect kitchenware to use whenever you need a thick juice since it will blend the juice quickly.

If the blender is not available, wash the fruits, peel them and place them on the pan. Add enough water to the pan, cover it and boil them. Remove them from the heat source and allow them to cool over the night. You will enjoy the broth the following day. 

How to properly prepare fruits and vegetables for blending?

The peels of fruits and vegetables may contain harmful bacteria that include E.coli. So once you buy/pick the right ingredients, follow these steps.

  1. Pick the right items – Gather all the items, including a knife, a juicer/blender, mason jar and a tray to put your fruits. 
  2. Clean your hands – Its always advisable to clean your hands well before touching any food.
  3. Wash the fruits – Pick each fruit and wash under running water and remember to separate fruits and vegetables.
  4. Peel and cut – Peel the hard skin from the fruits to make them ready for blending. Cut it into smaller chunks to make blending easy.
  5. Blend – You can put your ingredients in the blender and power it on. Once it’s ready, you can sieve if you want and drink it. 

How we test blenders?

Each of the blenders on our list goes through a string of tests to confirm its quality. We start by blending a series of delicacies such as Smoothies, frozen drinks, coffee beans, and milkshakes. We also test how well the containers resist stains such as tomato sauce. 

All blenders on our list have passed our test and we verify they are suitable to use.


Q: What capacity of a blender jar would you say is the family size?

A: Basically, the capacity of blenders ranges from single-served 3 cups to large servings of 14 cups. A family of four or five can be fed well with a capacity of at least 8 cups of capacity.

Q: Can you add ingredients to the blender while it juices?

A: yes you can. Well, it depends on the design of the lid. Some come with an opening on the lid so you could add up ingredients while blending as well as forcing those ingredients to the blades.

Q: Can blenders self-clean?

A: yes. Some blenders can perform self-cleaning. All that’s required is warm water and usually a drop of dish soap in a running blender.

Q: How to clean my blender?

A: Take out all the detachable parts and wash them. Except the one containing the motor. 

Note: Some blenders are less washable parts. which is why they tend to have a self-cleaning feature. 

Q: Should I get a blender or juicer to make raw fruit/vegetable juice/smoothies?

A: A blender converts both the fibrous part of a fruit and its juices to thick liquid. Just like a smoothie. The juicer on the other hand is great for making vegetable juices without the fibers.


So there you have it. All you need to know about purchasing blenders best for making smoothies and juices. You might wonder why certain features such as noise weren’t included. The reason for this is that there aren’t many Blenders that block out noise.

It’s usually lowered based on the workings of the motor which can be expensive to make. Also, it can affect other features which could diminish overall performance. So, what we’ve laid out for you is all you really need to get the best in a market flooded with generics in disguise.

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