[TOP 5] Best Blue Diamond Cookware Review

I’m guessing you probably have enough experience to agree that the perfect dish can’t be made without at least decent cookware. You may be a great cook, but you could end up leaving your loved ones or customers with frowning faces and pouting mouths all because of your bad cookware.

So, to avoid such a terrible scenario, decent cookware is quite necessary. In this post, we’re going to talk about Blue diamond cookware which is a new generation masterpiece that is going to revolutionize your cooking experience. Along with that, we’ll also provide you with blue diamond cookware reviews.

This product was launched not so long ago. It was said to be unique from other competitors with their cookware’s design which surprisingly involves a diamond non-stick pan. And yes, it was unique. Enough to instigate a competitive non-stick cookware market.

Top 5 Best Blue Diamond Cookware Review

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1. 12 Piece Blue Diamond Cookware Set

If you’re just looking to set up your kitchen or completely replace your below-par cookware set then blue diamond’s 12 piece cookware set is for you. The set is composed of several stockpots of various sizes, Saucepans, fry pans sizes, and some nylon plastic kitchen utensils. 

All pieces of the set have a non-stick diamond coating which is great for clean cooking. Your omelet or chicken breast will slide off the pan just right. That’s after it’s been evenly cooked thanks to its diamond coating which exhibits 4 times more heat retention and transfer.

You won’t find any toxins in your food as the set was manufactured without PFOA, PFAS, cadmium, or lead. Another great feature to look at is the sturdy diamond-infused ceramic base which is suitable for most types of stovetops. It’s great for gas, electric, ceramic, or halogen stovetops. Except for the induction stovetop.


  • Sturdy diamond-infused ceramic base
  • Non-toxic
  • Diamond coating
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for most stovetops
  • Ultradurable 


  • Prevent using abrasive sponges

2. Blue Diamond CC001950-001 Cookware Set

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This is a 6 piece blue diamond cookware. It consists of two frying pans, two saucepans, and two nylon utensils. The pans and pots are reinforced with a non-stick diamond coating which ensures easy, quicker, and even cooking of your meals. The diamond coating also makes the pots and pans easy to clean. 

Most regular pots and pans wrap up or wobble after long-term use but not the Blue diamond. They have a more sturdy, ceramic, and stainless steel construction which is conveniently light once you lift them from your stovetop. Blue diamond’s pots and pans lightweight ensure that you enjoy optimum comfort in your kitchen when you switch stovetops or flip pancakes.

Almost all types of stovetops are safe for cookware thanks to their ceramic diamond-infused base. Except for the induction stovetop. If you worry about toxins getting into your meal, don’t fret as the pots and pans were constructed toxic-free. There’s no PFOA, PFOS, lead, or any trace of cadmium in its composition.


  • Durable build
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with most stovetops
  • Safe to use in an oven or broiler
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic 


  • Handwashing is required
  • Abrasives sponges will cause scratches

3. 10 Piece Red Diamond Set

This is a 10 piece blue diamond cookware set that comes in red. This would go great in your kitchen if you consider red as an aesthetic hue. Apart from its impressive hue, the cookware offers non-stick cooking with its diamond enamel pan. And it also offers easy cleaning as well.

In case you’ve considered your stovetop as an important factor while you search for the best cookware set. Blue diamond’s cookware is the best choice for you. As its cookware set is compatible with most stovetops except the induction stovetop. Its pots and pans are safe for oven use for up to 850°F.

The cookware company made it their goal to promote safer, non-toxic cooking. This is why blue diamond non-toxic cookware was launched. Its cookware is free of PFOS, PFOA, PSTE, lead, and cadmium.


  • Lightweight
  • Great for most stovetops
  • Hardened stainless-steel build
  • Non-stick
  • Aesthetic red hue Non-toxic
  • Great for oven and broiler use


  • Not enough cookware pieces
  • Not really dishwashable
  • Abrasives sponges cause scratches to develop

4. 14 Piece Blue Diamond Cookware Set

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This set is enough for a big kitchen. It consists of two frying pans. One of them is a 7inch pan while the other is 9.5inches. The set also consists of 1 stainless steel steamer, 3 nylon multi-purpose kitchen utensils, two 5 quarts covered skillets, a 5 quart covered stockpot, and two covered saucepans. In Which one is 2 quarts and the other is 2 quarts. 

Just like every set in this post, they have a non-stick diamond coating which makes cooking a lot more convenient, quick, and clean. The set is compatible with the various stovetops such as halogen, gas, electric, and ceramic, except induction stovetops. The pots and pans are also great for oven and broiler use, in case a turkey needs roasting.

This cookware consists of pots and pans which have a sturdy stainless steel build and a diamond-infused ceramic base that happens to be quite light when handling them.


  • Ultradurable build
  • Up to 14 pieces of cookware
  • Non-toxic
  • Stainless steel
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Handwashing may be required
  • Mixers and abrasive sponges could cause scratches

5. Blue Diamond CC002197-001 Pans

This set consists of a 9.5 and an 11inch fry pan. The design is quite aesthetic along with its well-defined and eye-catching dark blue hue. The pans are non-stick due to their diamond coating that makes them easy to fry without having to scrub after one dish. 

Another great feature about its diamond coating is its great heat conduction, retention, and ability to distribute 4 times more heat to your meal than most regular pans in the market. Such a feature allows your meal to be cooked evenly and swiftly.

The pans are non-toxic as blue diamond products are manufactured without toxic materials such as PFOS, PFOA, PSTE, lead, and cadmium. If you’re looking to bake, broil, or roast a meal the pans are suitable to hold your meals, as they are designed to undergo such conditions. 

Despite its build composition consisting of stainless steel, ceramic, and diamonds, the pans are lightweight. Which will make your kitchen experience convenient.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Diamond non-stick coating
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy build
  • Non-toxic


  • Handwashing may be required
  • The handles can get hot
  • Abrasive sponges can make scratches

The blue diamond cookware guide

Launched by the cookware company not so long, the blue diamond cookware stirred the pot which is the non-stick pots and pans market. Its unique design outperforms even the chef’s trusted copper non-stick design in most features.

In this guide, you’ll be given all the necessary information you need to know about the blue diamond cookware which will aid you in understanding the blue diamond cookware reviews listed above. And why it’s a much better alternative to your regular kitchen cookware.

Blue diamond cookware design

Let’s take a good look at the design of its cookware. What are the blue hue pans and pots made of?

Are there diamonds in the pan?

As said in the infomercials, blue diamond cookware has 5 times harder coating than regular cookware. Distributes up to 4 times more heat than regular cookware and even lasts 10 times longer than them. 

All these narrated features are aimed to emphasize the cookware’s coating composition which involves a certain type of diamond. It’s not the real diamond, but rather the type that can give an effective close mimic (industrial diamonds) of the properties of an actual diamond. Such properties include durability, non-stick, and better heat conduction. 

What blue diamond’s cookware is made up of is a top-quality, durable, and convenient stainless steel construction that is coated with a non-stick diamond-infused ceramic layer. 

It does sound like you’ll be handling heavy cookware but this is not so. As every piece of the cookware has a light and sturdy design. Mostly thanks to its wrap-control base, which helps In preventing any form of degradation such as wobbling or wrapping of the pan.

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Features and benefits of the blue diamond cookware

Here are the features you should expect from all varieties of the blue diamond’s cookware you’ll find on the market. Along with benefits for each feature:

Construction is top quality

Blue diamond’s several-piece cookware consists mainly of a top-quality stainless steel build. That will provide you with the convenience and durability you need to enjoy an improved cooking experience. 

The Diamond infused sturdy base indicates top-quality construction as it prevents the build-up of faults common to cookware. Faults such as wobbling and pan wrapping.

Another feature that indicates top-quality construction is the diamond coating which makes blue diamond’s cookware 5 times much harder than most alternatives in the market. This same non-stick feature makes the blue diamond’s cookware very convenient as your meals will never stick but slide easily.  

Better heat distribution

The diamond coating beats most competitors in the market as it provides 4 times greater heat retention and distribution which ensures even cooking. This is great for saving your time in the kitchen.


Surprisingly the cookware weighs only about 16lbs despite its diamond coating and ceramic infusion. The set shares almost the same weight as the regular copper-infused sets in the market.

This means if you change your set today with any of blue diamond’s cookware your comfortable cooking experience wouldn’t be sacrificed.

Non-Toxic build

Blue diamond’s cookware isn’t like the common kitchen sets that have a toxic construction. Blue diamond cookware non-toxic stainless steel with no inclusion of aluminum, lead, PFOA or PFAS.

With this feature, you and your family can enjoy a toxic-free well-cooked meal with no fears of allergies.


Blue diamond’s cookware set is designed to ensure ultimate convenience while using any piece of the set. For instance, the entire set is compatible with several stovetops. You could use halogen, an electric or regular gas stovetop. But you should keep the set away from induction stovetops. 

The set can also be used comfortably for baking or roasting in the oven as it’s temperature safe for up to 850°F. Its versatility of cookware sets can help save you money on kitchenware. This is why blue diamond’s cookware sets are much better than most substandard sets in the market.

Safe and easy to clean

Cleaning is no issue thanks to the construction of the cookware which includes a diamond coating and ceramic base. These features allow leftover meals to be cleaned off easily with little or no struggle and less dish soap.

Apart from cleaning, blue diamond’s cookware sets are also designed to keep its user safe. It provides a safe heat insulator handle to prevent burns on the user’s hand. It also provides an ergonomic handle for easy lifting and cooking. As well as fitting a lid to prevent boiling or fry hot substances from splashing off. 

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Pros and cons of the blue diamond cookware 

The blue diamond cookware set is an ultra-durable masterpiece that stands out in today’s market due to its top-quality build, that’s sure to last for a very long time. Apart from that feature, there are other facts you need to know about the cookware. Both good and bad.


  • Its pans are 5 times harder than the regular pans you’ll find in the market
  • It’s diamond-infused ceramic coated pans last 10 times longer than an average pan in the market.
  • It’s extremely easy to clean 
  • It’s very safe to use 
  • It’s affordable
  • Versatility
  • It has a super non-stick diamond coating 
  • It’s a non-toxic cookware set 
  • 4 times better heat conduction and transfer than a regular cooking set


Just like every other product, there’s going to be the part you might not like but have to make do with if you decide to.

  • Hand washing is recommended for proper cleaning. Even though it’s dishwashable, an old fashioned hand washing is the best way to ensure there are no leftover remnants of your meals. Apart from better cleaning, hand washing helps to prolong life expectancy.
  • Lubricants are required: it’s said in its infomercials that the contents of its non-stick pan will be able to slide easily but this is not true.  As the pans aren’t perfectly non-stick, they require lubricants to effectively cook your meals without causing it to stick.
  • It can develop scratches and bruises which is prior clear offbeat to what was said in the infomercials. Blue diamond’s pans can withstand strong abrasives for a while, but after long use, you’ll begin to discover a build-up of scratches. 
  • The handles do get hot after a long enough cooking process. 

Note: it’s best to hand wash with either a nylon or a woolen kitchen cleaning tool to prevent scratches from developing

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Q: Do blue diamond pans have diamonds?

Answer: No. Blue diamond pans do not make use of actual diamonds but rather a substitute that’s the closest and safest mimic to properties of actual diamonds.

Q: What are the diamonds used in making blue diamond pans?

Answer: it isn’t diamonds that are being used but rather quartz crystals. They have a good level of similarity with diamonds and they’re infused in the ceramic base of a blue diamond pan. 

Q: What’s the difference between blue diamond and green diamond cookware?

Answer: The clear difference is in the coating. Blue diamond pans make use of quartz crystal non-coating while green diamond pans make use of thermolon diamond coating. 

Another clear difference is that Blue diamond cookware can’t be used on an induction stovetop while green diamond cookware can be used on an induction stovetop. The reason why green diamond cookware is induction stovetop compatible is due to its embedded aluminum layer.

Q: Is blue diamond PTFE free?

Answer: Yes, the manufacturers claim it’s PTFE-free.


So there you have it. All you need to know about one of the newest non-stick cookware known as blue diamond which helped to revolutionize cooking. Blue diamond cookware makes cooking in your kitchen more convenient, less time-consuming, and the best of less messy. 

It has virtually everything you need in a cookware set. Like a skilled chef or hobby cooker, the blue diamond is the tool to help you attain that perfect dish.

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