Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener Review

It is never easy getting a decent can opener on the stores, taking into account that there are various them, from different manufacturers. Some happen to work effectively, and others do not work as required. Some have been tested and tried, and the end result is that they only stop working after a few days or weeks.

Luckily, Oxo’s good grip smooth edge can open is one of the most preferred can openers, and it does not cut the top of the can. It cuts from the side just below the top to separate the can from its top. This process is known as de-seaming the can.

One of the advantages of using this opener is that its kids and pet-friendly, and as such, no accidents are expected to occur even when anyone touches them.


    <li “=”” style=” justify;” text-align:=”” it’s=”” handles=”” are=”” comfortable=”” such=”” that=”” one=”” does=”” not=”” struggle=”” when=”” opening=”” the=”” can.=”” lili=””>The cutting wheel is sharp and made of sturdy stainless steel material. <li “=”” style=” justify;” text-align:=”” the=”” handles=”” are=”” big=”” in=”” size=”” to=”” fit=”” any=”” hand,=”” cushioned=”” for=”” comfort,=”” offering=”” a=”” non-grip=”” feature=”” avoid=”” slipping=”” while=”” using=”” it.=”” lili=””>It has an inbuilt bottle opener. <li “=”” style=” justify;” text-align:=”” the=”” oversized=”” knob=”” sharp=”” cutting=”” wheel=”” efficiently=”” works=”” on=”” any=”” given=”” type=”” of=”” handle.=”” lili=””>Hands wash item.

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