Know The Different Types of Can Openers

Know The Different Types of Can Openers

A can opener is an appliance that is used to open cans that are made of steel. While some of these openers can be found as pocket knives, others are bigger and are used to open the cans around the edge to make the food inside safe for use.

Though most of these openers seem straightforward to operate, there exist some safety issues that every user should be conversant with before making the final decision to buy. This article will expound further on these factors, whether it is being used by a senior, a child, people who have arthritis, and the like.

The Locking Process

This is a very important factor that any person willing to buy must put into consideration. It’s essential to have an open that locks tightly as a safety measure. A good opener has a design specially made to create a sense of safety and ensure that it solidly locks into the can to avoid slipping and hurting the user.

Other types of openers are made in a flimsy way to ensure that it holds tight, does not require very strong pressure and yet its locking mechanism is perfect. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that before making any purchase, the opener has a good locking mechanism.

Smooth Edges

This is critical! Imagine a circumstance where a parent lives in fear of the kids being cut by the sharp edges? It’s never easy to keep an eye to ensure that they are safe. Some of the recommended can openers have special tools that help in removing the lid. Others are made so that they can cut with smooth edges, but then it’s important, even after taking many precautions, to avoid touching the lid without care.

It Should Turn Easily

A good can opener should have a friendly locking mechanism such that one does not have to use so much pressure when opening or locking it again. Using excessive force could lead to hurting and unnecessary straining, and all this could have been avoided if utmost care was taken.

Ensure then that as you plan to buy one, it should be easy to operate and more so depending on the number of people using it. It is mostly noted that can openers that have sharp blades are easy to use. 

Other components, such as being a multifunctional appliance, will also go a long way to ensure ease of use and friendly. It is important to ensure that the opener does not have invisible sharp edges that may pose a challenge while using it. This can be enhanced by ensuring that it is tested and confirmed its working and generating smooth edges at the purchase time, which is safe for everyone.

Wholly Sturdy

Study the type of cans you need to open frequently and match the type of opener that will be strong enough to hold the capacity yet generate good results. For instance, for those who cut metallic cans, the opener should be strong enough to handle the can without breaking and causing dust that is not safe for human consumption. Buy one that can handle heavy-duty cans to integrate all these other points for an excellent end product.

However, it is important to remember that there is no guarantee that the can openers are 100% safe such that they cannot hurt. Always take precautions while using them and ensure that safety comes first.

With this overview in mind, we can now review several can openers available in the market, enabling one to make an appropriate decision over the best one to buy.

Camping Can Opener

Camping is an awesome adventure, and if not properly planned, the whole idea can turn out to a messy event. Preparing the right appliances for camping will go a long way in giving them happiness and accomplishing the mission that was set beforehand. When camping, most of the foods are canned, non-perishable to complete the number of days destined for the camp. Investing in a good can opener is, therefore, necessary to meet your camping needs. There are several camping openers, and some of them are;

Best Camping Can Opener

1. Bareli Soft Edge 3-in-1 Ambidextrous Safety Can, Jar, and Bottle opener- This is well known and famous because it can open all boxes such that one does not have to carry dozens of appliances while traveling. It still has a bottled and jar opener, thereby making it a multipurpose item. What’s more is that after cutting the lead, it’s easily resealed, and food is well preserved for the next meal of the day.

It is very friendly to people who have arthritis because you do not have to insert a lot of pressure while using it.

2. Good Cook Safe Cut Manual Can Opener with no sharp edges- The fact that this opener is cheap, it also meets multiple purposes, designed in such a way to leave smooth edges, and the cutting wheel does not leave any dust which may contaminate the food. This makes it one of the best camping can openers that one cannot afford to miss.

3. OHSAY Easy Turn Carbon Steel Blade Can Opener- Being an advanced design of a can opener, this appliance has been rated highly. Some of the features that make are top-rated include an added torque that adds strength and becomes easy to use, a sharp blade that does not need a lot of pressure, and a more ergonomic design made from a durable material.

Commercial Can Opener

Anyone considering buying an opener to be used for commercial purposes ought to choose one designed with a mind of high volume cuts daily. For instance, restaurants are a busy setting that needs a heavy-duty can opener, but then it all depends on how busy the business is and the strength that the can opener of choice can hold.

Best Commercial Can Opener

Three major types of can openers suit commercial use. There is a Manual, Electric, and Crown punch.

To choose the best, always measure the volume of cans that are opened daily, and this will give an overview of the one to settle for.

For instance, below are some that are top-rated and highly recommended;

1. Swing-A-Way Commercial Easy Crank Opener, 9:Lx2” W Silver- This can Opener is great for people operating a medium restaurant or even a little cafe where there is no availability of space for countertops. It is easy to operate and can open any size of a can with precision.

2. Vollath BCO-3000 Redco Can Opener is another good opener known as a top cutter, made of stainless steel and easily mounted on a countertop. The blade has an antibacterial coating and can open all sizes of cans with ease. This is great for heavy commercial use.

Hands-Free Can Opener

This is an automatic opener that is easy to operate. One can remove the tin lids without any strain or getting any sharp edges in a single touch. No matter the tin’s shape, this opener uses hands-free and can cut the lid with precision, avoid contamination of food. Every kitchen ought to have this stylish, advanced and convenient type of opener in the modern world.

Best Hands Free Can Opener

Some of its well-known features include;

  • Opens automatically with a single touch.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless can opening with a magnet for safety and as such, no mess lid disposal.

Under Cabinet Can Opener

As the word suggests, under cabinet Can Opener is mounted under the cabinets mostly to free the countertops and ensure that the counters are free of clutter. They are majorly used in apartments or even in offices where there is a limitation of space.

Best Under Cabinet Can Opener

Since a can opener is an important appliance that every kitchen should have, and in this case under the counter one does not require any additional space, so long as there is a sturdy installation, then one is okay with it and what is good about this type is that it does not lose grip and easy to use more so safety is more enhanced and mostly in homes where there are kids.

Of the best under the cabinet can opener include;

1. Black and Decker EC600 Spacemaker under the Counter Opener- Built of stainless steel material, its lifetime is guaranteed, offers a great user experience, and is easy to use.

It is easily mounted under any available cabinet such that no added space is needed, and the blade is automatically shut off while not in use for an added safety.

2. Black and Decker Spacemaker EC900 Can Opener – This is another excellent can opener known for its long-lasting effect, stunning design, and ease to mount on any cabinet underneath.

It also has a built-in knife sharpener which gives an added advantage to the rest of the kitchen knives when it comes to sharpening. 

Besides, it has a removable blade that adds safety when washing and, as such, enhances cleanliness without fear of getting hurt.

Smooth Edge Can Opener

The Smooth Edge Can Opener recently introduced the state-of-the-art cutting edge with safety and accuracy as per the user’s needs. Among the most important factors that have led to the liking of these can openers are;

Best Smooth Edge Can Opener
  • Easy to maintain- All that is needed is to wipe with a clean towel after use and store it well.
  • Good sanitation such that food is not contaminated in the process of cutting the edges.
  • Safety- Very important- It leaves smooth edges to the extent that one can hardly get hurt when re-opening or resealing.

But then they are known to last for a short time, causing one to spend more buying a new one.

Some of these Smooth Edge Can Openers include;

1. Oxo Good Grips Smooth Edge– This is a top-rated Smooth Edge can opener that easily opens the tin without causing sharp edges that can hurt, and it’s made of stainless steel material.

It also has non-slip handles to enable the user to cut with precision.

2. Safe Cut Can Opener by Good Cook- Another excellent can opener is the Safe cut Can Opener by Good Cook, which is well known to leave smooth edges whose cutting wheel does not contact the food. 

It’s easy to use with a 100% guarantee. You can never go wrong with Safe Cut Can Opener.

Battery Operated Can Opener

Best Battery Operated Can Opener

These are also well known as the Hands-free can Openers, or one-touch, and they are known to open the can on one touch. No effort is needed because it’s only at the click of a button that the process of cutting is complete. Most seniors and people who have arthritis are easily fit to use these can openers since no effort is required.

Electric Can Opener

An electric can opener is an appliance in the household that automates opening the cans in a more advanced and easy manner. It is stylish, made of an ergonomic design, and friendly for seniors, people who have arthritis, and challenges in their hands’ mobility. There is a variety of them, but the best overall is the Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener.

Best Rated Electric Can Openers

This is rated number 1 Brand of Can Openers in the United States with a sure-cut Patented technology.

It also has an extra-tall design with a removable blade for safety in dishwashing and making it clean, simple, and fast. 

Manual Can Opener

Best Manual Can Opener Reviews

A manual can opener is a kitchen appliance that cuts the lids and does not require strength since this is derived from its maker. One of the best and well known manual can openers is the OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener which is safe to use, produces smooth edges, and is a classic model overall. When looking for a manual Can Opener, OXO good grip is the opener to buy, and it will offer a satisfaction guarantee to meet your can cut needs. 


Q. What is the use of a can opener? 

A. A can opener is a device used to open up steel cans, mostly those carrying non-perishable foodstuffs. 

Q. How does a can opener work?

A. By digging into the lid to gently and smoothly separate the can be using an upward sawing motion, and as such, it’s important to handle the lid with utmost care.

Q. Can Opener Fun Facts?

A1. Can openers are made of metal like stainless steel to avoid rusting and contaminating food. They are also known as tin openers.

A2. They are appliances used to open cans, mostly in the food industry where domestic works are involved.

Q. What is the correct way to use a can opener?

A. The best way is to hold the opener horizontally and clamp it on the side to ensure that the lid faces upwards. Do not cut while facing the inside of the can to avoid contaminating the food.

Final Words

All these factors we have discussed here above are an overview of some but not all the available can openers in the market. Next time you visit the stores, you will have an idea of the best can opener to buy. 

Hope you enjoyed the read and look forward to another review soon.

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