[3 Steps] How To Use a Wok On an Electric Stove

how to use a wok on an electric stove

Do you enjoy stir fly taste and simplicity? If you still use a traditional frying pan, it’s time to upgrade and get a wok. So what’s a wok? It is versatile cookware that you can use in different cooking techniques. Such techniques include deep-frying, braising, steaming, not to mention smoking, boiling and searing. If you want to buy a wok, you might have to consider different things such as the material and the shape. Read below to understand.

Different Types of Wok Available in Market

You need to understand that different woks have different materials and shapes. Check the difference below.

1. Material

Carbon Steel

Some are made of carbon steel. They have been popular for long due to their durability. They also have a fast and even heating, making them favorite to many chefs. Before using the carbon steel wok, it requires proper washing and seasoning. If you don’t, the food will stick on the pan.

Stainless Steel

There are those made with stainless steel. They have a professional appearance and have high durability. Due to its naturally smooth surface, you can clean it easily. It has even heat distributing thou it takes time to heat. Unlike carbon steel wok, you don’t have to season the stainless steel wok. To shorten the time the Wok takes to heat, manufacturers combine stainless steel with metals like aluminum core.

Cast Iron

There are those with Cast iron. It has high durability and holds heat longer than the rest. Note that, it takes a little more time to heat as compared with the rest. Due to its ability to conserve the heat, it saves on the energy. When new, you need to season it every time you want to use it. As it ages, it becomes non-stickier. Moving a cast iron wok is tricky since it is heavy.

2. Shape

You should consider the shape and height. If your Wok is deep, it will retain the heat at the bottom, making it hard for the heat to go to the sides. If it is too shallow, you will not stir the food quickly. Woks have two main shapes. There is round-bottomed Wok as well as flat-bottomed Wok. Traditional Wok had round-bottomed shape. Nowadays, many prefer flat-bottomed Wok since it’s easy to use without requiring additional accessories.

The Wok can have one or two handles. They are either stick-type or loop. They make it easy to hold the Wok when cooking without getting burned. Here are seven Woks you can consider

Calphalon Wok

It’s a durable wok that is made with a heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum. It’s portable and has comfortable handles.

Joyce Chen

Made from carbon steel and does not require seasoning. It has two handles; you can use the wooden one when cooking since it will not get hot. Transport the food using the helper handle.


This Wok has a patented laser-etched hexagon design. It’s a heavy-duty stainless steel that you can use with metal utensils. Its light-weight makes it easy to handle and it’s durable. Its surface area is large.


Looking at it, you might assume that it’s not a wok. Don’t underestimate it. You can use it just as a wok. Its material is a hard-anodized aluminum that makes it heat up quickly. It’s lighten and durable. Has a comfortable handle to hold.


It has high versatility thanks to its ceramic-titanium technology. Its material is pressure-cast aluminum and you can use it with metal utensils.


It’s a small wok made of cast iron. Its size makes it suitable for one person. It’s heavy and has high heat retention. It has two handles making it easy to transfer the food to the oven.


Its material is stainless steel. Once you buy it, you will get a spatula to use when cooking. Despite its lid being made of a tempered glass, it can withstand high temperatures.

Why Should You Have Wok?

Health options- due to its curve shape, it has high heat retention. You will only use a little oil. In case the food has excessive oil, you can drain it quickly. You will eat healthy since the food will not be soaked in oil.

Uniform cooking- your food will cook evenly due to the conical structure of your Wok.

Extra qualities- due to its shape and space, you can put more food compared to the traditional pan. The chances of spillage are few.

Types of Electric Stove

1. Electric coil cooktop– it’s economical, stress-free and affordable. It makes your cooking easy and simple.

2.  Electric smooth top-it makes your kitchen have a sleek and a modern look. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Avoid using rough cookware since it can harm the glass.

Step By Step Guide To Use a Wok On an Electric Stove

Is your Wok flat-bottomed or rounded? Flat bottomed is useful when using an electric stove. If you have a rounded one, you require a wok ring. Here are the steps you must follow when using a wok.

Step 1

If you have a round-bottom wok, you need to place a wok ring on the stove. It will provide stability. Ensure that it’s above your electric coil by ½-1 inch.

Step 2

Leave the Wok on your electric stove for 10 minutes. If you want to fry something, add oil once the 10 minutes are over. You will see some smoke on your Wok.

Step 3

After adding cold oil, allow it to spread around your Wok. Let the oil heat first, and then add the food. You can stir it then fry. Use a wooded spoon when stirring.


You don’t have to continue using a traditional pan. You require a wok to help you with your different recipes. When using the Wok, you will eat healthy since the food will not have excess oil. The heat retention is fantastic, and it has an even cooking. Its shape and size will protect you from excessive spillage. When choosing the Wok, consider the material, the shape and the height. You also need to know the steps to follow when using a wok.

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