[Easy way] How to Use a Mandoline Slicer?

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer

Are you looking for a magic tool for your kitchen to help you slice things evenly? Get a mandoline slicer. Slicing your vegetables, cucumber, carrots, and even potatoes is much easy and quick when using a mandoline slicer. It’s essential to know how to follow mandoline slicer instructions without ignoring them. Mandoline slicer can be dangerous since if not careful, you can slice your finger.

Below are some exciting tips on the uses of the mandoline slicer.

Here are Five Basic Mandoline Uses

Fruit salad

Do you enjoy making a fruit salad? You know how hectic it can be preparing it when in a hurry. Imagine you have many visitors and no one to help you in the kitchen. All you require is a mandoline slicer. Making your fruit salad will be quick.

Onion Slices

When making your beef burger, you require onions. Do you shed tears when cutting the onions? There is no more reason to shed tears when using a mandoline slicer. Slice your onions and enjoy eating your beef burger.

Cucumber, Fennel, Meat Salad

Cutting your cucumber and getting even slices is difficult. Their slippery nature makes it hard to achieve that. You only require swiping your fresh cucumber on your mandoline using a little pressure.

Cheeseboard Spreads

Are you expecting visitors? You have no reason for not entertaining them with a cheese board accompanied with fruit and crackers. When slicing your Emmental and kiwi, you will get even slices. No one will get a reason to complain that the content in their cup is not thick.

Classic Salads

Are you planning to make a Waldorf salad? Could be, your primary concern is how to use a mandoline slicer to julienne vegetables. If that’s the case, relax. All you require is a mandoline. Within a short time; you will slice your veggies faster and make a winning salad.

Preventing Mandoline Accident

Using a mandoline is easy thou it requires caution. You can get injuries ranging from a small cut to the slicing of your finger in the worst-case scenario. So how can you prevent accidents?

1. Read The Instruction

A mandoline comes with a manual. Before attempting to use your mandoline, you should read the manual and understand its usage and the safety measures you need to take.

2. Use The Hand Guard

You should never use a mandoline without a handguard. Your fingers are at a high risk of getting injured when sliding ingredients towards the blade. When buying the mandoline, it will come with a handguard. Use it always to protect your hand.

3. Use Right Sized Ingredients

The manufacturer designed the handguards in such a way that they should fit on the slicer. So if you use huge ingredients, they can damage your slicer and even cause an accident. If the ingredient you want to slice is so big, cut it into small sizes to make slicing easy.

4. Gloves And Safety Accessories

Although the mandoline has a handguard as a safety measure, there is a still chance of sustaining an injury. That means you require taking extra measures. Buy cut resistance gloves and if possible, add other security accessories. That will protect your hands from sustaining injuries from a blade.

How to Adjust Mandoline?

1. Turn The Knob

Do you want to cut different ingredients using different thickness? You can achieve that by adjusting the mandoline. Check the side of your mandoline. If you see a knob, just turn it up/down depending on the instructions given and slice using different thickness.

2. Swap in Blades

Mandoline slicers come in different models, and you might not have a knob on the side. Instead, it may come with an attachment of different blades. First, check the manual as a safety measure since swapping in the new blade could be dangerous.

Check For Extra Features

Check if your mandoline has any other extra features. For instance, it may have an inbuilt extra blade on the underside, which is raised by a level. When locating the level, you need to be extra careful since the blade could cut your finger. Reading the manual first is crucial since you will know the safety measures to take.

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What are The Blade Types and Accessories?

Should you throw the mandoline away if one part gets damaged? No, you shouldn’t. If any part gets worn out, you can easily replace it so long as you have the right parts and accessories. You can also replace the blades if your mandoline is not cutting precise cuts. Here are a few blades you can consider buying and stocking

  1. Bron coucke 3802 central blade
  2. Bron coucke 11660 60 blade set
  3. Bron coucke 10212
  4. Mandoline Benriner blades flat

Quick Tips of Using a Mandoline

  1. Start by reading the instructions carefully on the manual.
  2. Depending on what you are preparing, choose the right cut style and thickness.
  3. Take safety measures; Use a holder to pass some food on the mandoline. Also, wear cut- resistance gloves.
  4. Test the slicer by passing different ingredients on the runway using a holder. Once you get satisfied, slice your ingredients.
  5. If you are slicing juicy or vegetable fruits, their moisture makes it easy to slide through the surface. Dry, starchy food such as potatoes, don’t slide easily. Wet the runway before attempting to slide them.

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What Can You Slice With A Mandoline?

There are varieties of ingredients you can slice using a mandoline. They include cabbage, cucumber, fruits, among many others.


No need to make a boring salad with uneven slices, neither do you have to waste time slicing your ingredients. With a mandoline, slicing even pieces is easy and quick. Before using it, first, understand the safety precautions and follow the recommendations.

Avoid using a mandoline slice without wearing gloves since you can get some injuries. Once some parts of your mandoline slicer get worn out, you can replace them.

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