[Must Know] How To Use A Hot Plate?

How To Use A Hot Plate

If you are planning to go camping in the woods, you should consider carrying a hot plate. It’s a portable cooking instrument. Traditional ones are gas-fired, but the recent ones are electrical powered. Its surface can either be round or flat. They come in different sizes, giving you a variety of options.

A hot plate is more convenient than a traditional stove when camping or when there is less space available. The reason being, it doesn’t consume much space. It’s also convenient during summer since it produces lesser heat. Your house will not get excess heat. You have to be careful when using it since it can burn.

How to cook on a hot plate?

Before cooking on your hot plate, you need to take all the safety measures. That will help you avoid any accidents. Do you know how to use a hot plate for cooking? Here are all the vital details you need to know.

  • When cooking on a hot plate, you should use a heat-resistant pan. Before placing your pan on the hot plate, dry the bottom well. If in your recipe you need to spray some oil on the pan, spray first, then place the pan on your hot plate.
  • After placing the pan, turn on your plate in a moderate mood.
  • While the pan continues to heat, you can add your ingredients.
  • Wear protective gloves to help you when handling your hot plate. Avoid touching the hot pan.
  • Once your food is ready, remove your pan from the plate. If you don’t use your plate anytime soon, unplug it and leave it to cool.

How to clean rusty hot plates?

To help your hot plate last longer, you need to use it well and clean it regularly. If you fail to clean it, dirt, food particles, and even oil residues will stick on its surface. If you don’t clean it immediately, it will cause rusting, which is much difficult to clean. Now that you know how to use an electric hot plate for cooking​​​​, how should you clean it?

Spray an oven cleaner on your plate and let it remain there for 30 minutes. Use either a towel or a scrubber to wipe it off. If you don’t have an oven cleaner, a glass cleaner is a good substitute. If you don’t have either, consider buying a specialized hot plate cleaner in your local stores.

You can also use a home remedy to clean your hot plate. You need bicarb and vinegar. On the surface of the plate, apply some bicarb then spray vinegar. Scrub your plate well and rinse. You can also mix water with baking soda and clean the plate using the solution. You should never use an aggressive scrubber on your plate since it will scratch it.

Are hot plates safe to use?

They are safer to use if you take the right precautions. If you don’t, they can quickly burn you or even start a fire. Here are some safety measures you need to follow

  • A metal pan can damage your hot plate or even cause an accident. So, avoid using them on your hot plate. Instead, only use stove heat-resistance pans.
  • Always ensure the bottom of the pan is dry when using it on the pan. If you keep using a pan with a wet bottom, the hot pan will get damaged with time.
  • When using a hot plate, always have some heat resistant gloves. They will help you handle the pan.
  • When using a hot pan, ensure there are no flammable/volatile objects nearby.
  • Repair any crack in your hot plate before using it. If you can’t, talk to the manufacturer to repair it for you.
  • Always check the manual before cooking different food. The manual has recommended temperature for each type of food.Once you finish cooking, leave your plate to cool first before attempting to move it.
  • Once you finish cooking, leave your plate to cool first before attempting to move it.


1) What are some of the best hot plates?

If you are looking for the best one-burner hot plate, you might consider buying a cusimax hot plate electric burner. Its affordable and convenient if the space is minimal. It is portable, and you can travel with it.

If you are looking for a two-burner hot plate, check SAVANO hot plate. It’s an electric double burner that saves when cooking. Its stainless steel body makes it attractive. It’s easy to clean. It has to overheat protection since it has an automatic shut-off feature.

When considering a budget-friendly hot plate, go for the Elite cuisine heating plate. It’s a one-burner hot plate. You can get it for less than 20 dollars. You can use any pan on it, and it’s very convenient.

2) What utensils can be used on a hot plate?

If you have a standard electric plate, all cookware is okay with it. But if you have an induction hot plate, only use stainless steel cookware or cast iron.

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3) Can you cook on a hot plate?

Yes, you can. Imagine you just left college, and all you can afford is a small house. Since you might not have the money to buy a stove and your space might not be enough, use a hot plate. There is a variety of food you can cook using it; some include fluffy French toast, bacon, or even a banana cake. You can cook some green eggs and ham or even a skinny omelet recipe, among many others.


A hot plate is so convenient if your room is small. Maybe you are camping, or you have traveled or not yet settled. It’s cheap and portable. You need to read the manual to understand the safety measures. Don’t ignore the instructions since it can burn you or even cause a fire. Knowing how to cook using a hot plate is vital. Remember, you can prepare different types of dishes using your hot plate.

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