How To Use a Can Opener on A Swiss Army Knife?

How To Use a Can Opener on A Swiss Army Knife?

Swiss Army knives have been in use for many years. In 1889, the Swiss army discovered their importance and bought them for two reasons; to dissemble their riffles and open their canned foods.

Civilians have adopted them over the years and use them for different reasons. They are durable; hence people like carrying them for outdoor activities. They can help you when in a survival situation. Their sharp edges allow you to crave woods and gut fish easily. They have a can opener to help you open your canned food. You can also use its screwdriver to tighten screws. So, how do you open canned foods using the can opener on the Swiss army knife?

Check The Steps Below.

a. Unfold the opener – Start by unfolding the opener’s blade by pivoting the tool out of the handle. Stop unfolding it once it can’t move further. The opener blades have a rounded tip, and the edges of the blade are long and sharp.

b. Use a flat surface – The Swiss army can opener leave sharp edges on the can. You ought to be careful when handling it. Start by placing the can on a flat table and ensure that the place is not slippery. You can get injured if you can slip when tearing the can with the Swiss army knife.

Depending on whether you are left-handed or right handled, hold the can with one hand. Use the other one to hold the Swiss Army can opener blades.

c. Puncture the lip – Place the opener over the rim. Ensure that the triangular pointed part of the blade is on the inner part of the rim. The blunt hook should be on the outer part. Place your thumb on the tool and press the rim using the end of the screwdrivers—the hook pivots against the rim.

d. Pry the rim – Start by carefully making some more minor cuts. Once the lid becomes a weak, pry it with the opener. Alternatively, you can start from one point and cut through the metal all around in an anticlockwise direction. Be careful when handling the sharp edges of the can. If some part of the lid is still attached to it, cut them immediately.

e. Pour out the content – You wouldn’t risk taking content that is full of metal shavings. So start by wiping the metal shaving using a damp paper towel. You can get the content and use it.

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Note that The Swiss army knife comes in different types, and each has its unique features. You ought to understand the features and the type of Swiss army knife available to avoid frustrations.

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Proper maintenance of the swiss army knife

The tool is long-lasting, provide you take care of it. Below are three main ways one can protect it and allow it to serve you longer. Those ways include;

1. Clean it

There are many campers who like traveling with the Swiss army knife. The frequent uses make it dirty. Failure to clean immediately results in the accumulation of the particles; thus, it becomes dull. Gather all the tools required to clean this tool. Those tools include a brush and hot water.

You don’t require soapy water too long as you have warm water. Remember, the hot one will only burn your fingers, making you uncomfortable, So unfold the components and dip them in water. Once thirty minutes end, grab a brush and wash the knife gently to avoid getting rusty.

2. Wipe the tool

Dry the tool immediately after cleaning it. Keep its tools open and shake the excess water. You don’t have to wipe it with a piece of cloth since the best option would be to dry it in the sun. If some water remains in the interior part of your tools, use soft buds to such the water.

Most metals stiffen when you fail to lubricate them. The Swiss army knife is no different. Lubricate it often using the guidelines in the user’s manual

3. Sharpen the blade

Prolonged use of this tool will make it become dull. As a result, you need to sharpen it well to help you serve better.

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1. Can I carry the swiss army knife around?

Before buying the knife and walking around with it, you ought to understand the legal restrictions around it. Some states in the USA prohibit people from walking around with a pocket knife that has a blade of 3 inches.

2. Can I travel with my swish pocket knife abroad?

Assuming the knife was given to you by a cross relative. Since you love keeping it near you as a memory, you don’t want to leave it behind when traveling. You may not be allowed to board the plane due to strict regulations in some countries. You may be lucky if the airport has no strict regulations. Remember, you may manage to board the plane with your pocket knife only to crash with authority once you arrive in that other country.

3. How should I care for my swiss army knife?

Start by cleaning it after use. Allow it to dry well in the sun, and if it’s taking longer, use cotton buds to clear the water. Lubricate the tool well; otherwise, the metal with stiffening. Finally, whenever the blade gets blunt, you need to sharpen it.

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Swiss army knives are named after the Swiss army, who used them to disassemble firearms and open canned goods with them. Nowadays, many people have them to help crave firewood and gutting fish, open canned goods, among other uses. Opening the can using the Swiss opener is easy so long as you get used to it. Remember that Swiss army durable knife that can stay longer if properly taken care of. You need to clean it after use and allow it to dry in the sun. You should lubricate it regularly and sharpen it whenever it gets dull. Before traveling with it, you thought to understand the rules and regulations in your county.

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