How To Use A Camping Can Opener?

How To Use A Camping Can Opener

If you’re looking forward to having great outdoor activities, some things must never miss in your camping supplies. Among them include the camping can opener. Remember, canned foods are more convenient since you only require opening, heat, and eating.

You have many can openers’ options to choose from but ensure the one you pick is small, light, and functional. Can openers are affordable, with some costing 3 dollars.

Note that regular openers are best for right-handed people. Left-handed can consider other options such as Military can opener or Leatherman Multi-function Tools, a versatile tool with multiple features. Both are convenient for right and left-handed people.

A regular can opener will not be appropriate for backpacking since the protruding blade tip can hurt you. In case the bag fall on a rock, it can get damaged. But it’s perfect if you have a car. You need to get a toolbox and place some kitchen utensils, including the opener.

1. How Do You Use Military Can Opener

It’s convenient when using hand and it’s light and functional. Its story goes back to the Second World War, meaning it has been tested and approved. Its famous modern model is called P38. These steps will guide you when using the P38.

a) Start by unfolding the blade from the body and hold the flat surface with your fingers.
b) Place the can on a flat surface and grip it using the other hand.
c) Hold the can opener over the flat surface of the can and ensure that the blade edge touches the inner edge of the can.
d) Twist your hand down to make the blade pierce a hole in the can.
e) With the blade still, on the hole, keep on twisting the hand as you move slightly backward as you adjust the can counter-clockwise using your other hand.
f) Twist the opener to the uncut edge as the other hand adjusts the can until you cut through the edge completely.
g) Remove the lid carefully and take care of the sharp serrated edges.
h) Wash the opener and be careful of its sharp metal side. Dry it first before storing it.

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2. Swiss Army Knife Can Opener

This type is convenient for a difficult survival situation, outdoor activity, and everyday day life. It’s reliable and ideal for any budget. Not that you can either buy a cheap small compact pocket knife though you will enjoy few features. The standard Swiss knife is a little bit more expensive with more features and highly durable.

It’s a multifunctional device since you can use it as a can opener and a bottle opener. Victorinox is the most popular modern option that comes with 15 tools. Below is the comprehensive guide to help you use it safely.

a) Start by unfolding the opener and ensure that the tool and its handle form a straight line.
b) Place the can on a flat surface and hold it filmy using one hand.
c) Grab the opener and place it over the can top rim so that the handle and the part of the blunt hook are outside the rim while the triangular pointed part touches the inner rim.
d) Twist the tool to allow the screwdriver to press against the inner rim and the blunt hook to hold the rim’s from the exterior.
e) Using even pressure, press the sharp triangular blade into the lid and start taking shortcuts. Ensure that the hook still holds the outer rim.
f) Start pushing the blade away from you to help it cut the lid as you turn the can slightly using the other hand.
g) Repeat the motion until you cut almost the whole round of the lid.
h) You can’t afford to lift the lid using your bare hands since the serrated part is likely to cut you. The end of the screwdriver will help you raise it and access your food.
i) Pour the content, clean the opener and store it properly.

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What if you forget to pack the can opener or even lose it on your way? Don’t worry since nature offers you more options. If your can has no liquid, then use the flat rock method.

1. Look for a flat rock and turn your container upside down
2. Rub the sealing using a back and forth motion until the seal becomes thin
3. You can easily break the seal using a spoon or another metallic object

3. Use Pocket Knife

If you have forgotten the opener and the container has some liquid, then use a pocket knife to open the can. Use these steps

I. Hold the knife vertically on the edge of the rim
II. Grip the container using one hand on a flat surface that is non-slippery
III. Apply some pressure and piece the lid with the knife
IV. Push the knife around the can’s edges away from you
V. Use it to lift the lid off the container to avoid an injury from the sharp edges

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Canned foods are convenient when going in an outdoor activity. It would help if you never forgot to carry the can opener that is convenient for your needs. Note that some can openers do not only help to open cans but opens bottles as well. Ensure that the opener you go for is light, functional, durable, and convenient.


1. Does electric can openers open salmon cans?

Yes, it should open any can, including the salmon cans, provided you have positioned the can well. Position the lid between the open blades and drive gear.

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2. How long should the can opener last?

It depends on the model of the opener. Note that the manual can opener is not long-lasting and may only serve you for a year or so. Other openers are durable and may help you for many years if you maintain them properly.

3. Why should I buy swiss army knife can openers?

It’s convenient since it’s manual and doesn’t require electricity to function. It is durable and portable to carry. You will not struggle cleaning it.

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