How to Use a Butterfly Can Opener?

How to Use a Butterfly Can Opener

A can opener is one of the most important devices that every household should have in the list of kitchen appliances. A can opener is a device used to open tins with food stored for later use or as an additional recipe when making a delicious family meal.

The butterfly can opener is one of the advanced openers designed by Marianne Britt Jorgensen and Rikke Haggen. It came with a new design, and most people have liked using it more than the previous designs in existence.  What makes it more unique is the wide variety of colors, such that even when it gets mixed up with the kitchen utensils, it doesn’t get lost, and one can trace it from far.

Its shape is outstanding too, with the unique butterfly design, which is easily recognized and attractive from afar.

Other features that come with this can opener are that the grip is ergonomic, and it’s handy such that if you are a lover of designs, then the Butterfly can opener is the best design for your kitchen needs.

Besides, when going camping, the opener is portable enough and does not need the power to operate. This makes it an automatic appliance that will ease and make your camping excavation fun and enjoyable. This is because a butterfly can opener resembles and works like the bunker opener.

Its rotating wheel gives one the support to break the top of the can and give a grip to open it by spinning around that lid until it’s fully open. The crank or the key gives one more comfort working and allows the serrated wheel to move faster and easily open the can as desired.

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How to Use Butterfly Can Opener?

1. First of all, make a hole with the sharp key (church-key), which has a pointed end.

2. Once the hole is made, secure it tightly with the can opener pliers and start cutting through with the lid. Ensure that the wheel is fully cranked up since it works like a lever to make sure that it is tightly held to the lid until the whole process is over.

3. The tin will be open and food ready for use, though it requires a bit of expertise to do this. However, in terms of execution, the butterfly can opener does an excellent job compared to most traditional can openers.

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Though this is an advanced form of a can opener, which is a combination of a serrated wheel and a church-key, it still has limitations that are worth noting. These include;

  • It poses a challenge to people who have arthritis to press when making the initial hole and the process of pressing the key and moving the wheel until the lid is fully cut.
  • One has to pull the lid manually after the cutting has taken place.
  • It’s easy to cut one’s hand when pulling out the lid.

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How to Use a Modern Butterfly Can Opener?

With the invention and continuous upgrades of the butterfly can opener, here are the steps that one can comfortably open the tin and enjoy the ingredients

1. With the right hand, place the opener on the cap edge and ensure that the bent tab rests on top of the can.

2. Make a hole and turn the butterfly-looking key clockwise. Move to the edges as you continue cutting the lid to your satisfaction. The process does not change; though, it makes it easier for the original butterfly to be the opener and more friendly.

Many people keep asking how this can opener can operate manually; indeed, it has been well known and rated highly in terms of usage. Generally, there is no difference in usage, whether using the small handheld butterfly tin opener or the larger ones. Any time one is requested to use a small handheld butterfly can opener or a normal can opener, the procedure is the same, and the results will be as excellent as always.

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Proper Maintenance of a Butterfly Cans Opener

For proper maintenance of the butterfly can opener, lubricate it with the WD-40 lubricant. Leave it for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate well onto the serrated wheel. Use a dry towel and wet cloth to scrub the can opener’s surfaces to ensure that there are no chances of getting any rust.

Wipe it with a dry cotton cloth and remove any wetness before storage. This can be done monthly to give the opener a long-lasting effect and allow it to remain lubricated.

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Q. How do you maintain a can opener?

A. It’s highly recommended that the opener be washed with hot water and dishwashing soap after every use. Rinse it thoroughly and dry it with a towel. This is to prevent it from rusting. Allow the handles to sit far apart even when storing them back in the drawer.

Q. How dangerous is rust on a can opener?

A. A can Opener’s rust may not be dangerous as such, but for good health and admirable kitchen appliance, it’s necessary to have it free from rust.

Q. What are the Precautionary measures that one ought to put in place when opening tins?

A. At times, it’s not very pleasant to open tins. There are times that one gets hurt, other times food gets damaged, and metallic substances get into the food, which is dangerous for human consumption. To avoid all these situations, be cautious of what you are doing and avoid any form of distraction. This means that one should stick to the plan of action until through with the process.


Choices have consequences. Depending on one’s lifestyle and habits, always choose a can opener that will meet your cutting needs. A butterfly can opener may be sufficient for a small family or when going camping.   Therefore if you are looking for one that will support a restaurant, get the one that matches the size of the business, but basically, the butterfly can is mostly effective for home use, and if used well, it will last for years.

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