How To Reheat Oatmeal?

How To Reheat Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an excellent nutritious breakfast in existence. Although it appears distasteful, you will always enjoy it with the right combinations of syrup, nuts, and fruits. Some enjoy topping it with either a fried egg or even raw sugars. You can also spice it up with cinnamon, nutmeg, or even cardamom.

Despite being a staple breakfast, the problem comes with the preparations. Where will you get 45 minutes to prepare an oatmeal breakfast? You can always prepare a large quantity on the weekend. There are various storage methods.

How to store oatmeal?

Refrigerate it within the first two hours after making it. You can enjoy eating it in the next 4-6 days. Freeze is an option too to preserve the oatmeal for three months.

A dehydrator is another option for storing oatmeal. The oatmeal remains fresh for the next three months. Store the dehydrated oatmeal in an airtight container. Ensure the place you keep it is not only cool and dry but also dark.

Never leave the oatmeal overnight at room temperature. The starchy grain easily attracts the bacteria that multiply, causing foodborne diseases. Always put it in the airtight container before freezing /refrigerating it.

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The best way to reheat oatmeal

The oatmeal loses the liquid when in the fridge, making people doubt if they can reheat the oatmeal. Don’t worry about its consistency. You will only add a little liquid.

There are two main methods of reheating the oatmeal; the stovetop being the best option and the microwave being the fastest method. Check more information here.

1. The stove method

It is the best way of reheating your oatmeal. But you can easily end up with non-delicious burnt and smoky flavored oatmeal if not careful. Use these steps while reheating the oatmeal. They include

Best Way to Reheat Oatmeal

1. Take a thick-bottomed pot and place it on the stovetop.
2. Add some oatmeal plus a little water or milk.
3. Heat the pot using medium heat.
4. Keep on occasionally stirring as you heat to prevent the oatmeal from sticking at the pot’s bottom.
5. Remove after 7-10 minutes.
6. You can also remove it before time if the oatmeal starts sticking on the surface and turning dark.
7. Allow it to cool, and then add your favorite toppings.

Note that the choice of the fluid you use depends on your preference. You get a creamier taste if you add milk. Again the thick-bottomed pot will prevent the oatmeal from sticking on the surface soonest.

2. The microwave method

Reheating oatmeal using the microwave is the fastest method—no need to fear the taste since it will remain intact. Be cautious since the oatmeal can become gooey when reheating with the microwave. Below are amazing tips to better your reheating experience.

How to Reheat Oatmeal

1. Put the oatmeal in a microwave-safe container.
2. Add a little water/milk and mix well.
3. Cover the container leaving a little space for steam to escape.
4. Microwave it and stir after 45 seconds.
5. You can easily acquire evenly heating by mushing the content on the sides.
6. Allow it to reheat for a few more seconds, but the total time should exceed two minutes.
7. Take your oatmeal and add your fruits once it cools a little.

How to prepare and store oatmeal for the week?

Below are the ingredients you require and the steps you need to follow.


• Steel-cut oats-12/3 cups
• Water-4 cups
• salt
• Teaspoon-1/4 spoon

You can make the breakfast spicy by including milk, cinnamon, raisin, jam, berries, and other preferred mix-ins.


1. Gather equipment-Among the required items includes the Mason jar with a lid, a ladle, and a large saucepan. Note that the equipment should provide an extra room to accommodate raisins.
2. Cook-Put your oat, salt, and water in a saucepan and boil them for three minutes.
3. Storage-You should divide the content into different jars for easy reheating. Leave the content uncovered for an hour for it to cool before covering and refrigerating. Eat it within 4-6 days.
4. Reheating-Pick a jar at a time and reheat using either a microwave or a stove. Follow the reheating methods above.

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Can you make oatmeal in advance?

It’s possible to prepare and store a batch of oatmeal in advance. You can put it in different jars to allow you to reheat a portion at your convenience. You should clear the entire content within 4-6 days if you refrigerated well.

You have up to three months if you had frozen or dehydrated it. Note that many prefer using the normally rolled porridge oat as opposed to Old fashioned oat.


Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast option. You can always prepare it in advance to allow you to enjoy it every morning. Avoid putting the hot jars in the fridge; instead, allow them to cool first before putting them in the fridge. Never leave oatmeal porridge overnight since it can easily accumulate bacteria causing foodborne disease. Instead, refrigerate it, freeze or even dehydrate it to last longer.


1. How long can you keep oatmeal in the fridge?

Well-stored oatmeal should take about 4-6 days before getting spoiled. So, divide the portions into a different jar for easy rewarming.

2. Can you freeze oatmeal?

A freezer is a nice option for storing oatmeal. Put the content in different jars once it is ready. Allow it to cool first but ensure that you put it in the freezer before two hours are over after preparation. You can consume it within three months.

3. Can you reheat baked oatmeal?

Pick a portion at a time and reheat it using the microwave. Stir after every 45 seconds for the next two minutes to allow it to heat evenly. A stove is another great option. Use a large pot, sprinkle a little water/ milk, and heat the pot at a medium-low temperature. Stir occasionally and remove it in the next 7-10 minutes.

4. How long do you reheat oatmeal?

It depends on the method of reheating. It will take you two minutes to reheat the content using the microwave options. The stove method will take 7-10 minutes to reheat well.


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