How To Reheat a Bloomin Onion?

How to Reheat a Bloomin Onion

The flowery appearance and the onion crispy spiced coating make the bloomin onion a perfect appetizer. The dipping sauce placed at the center of the bloomin onion make the delicacy appealing. Though health experts claim deep-fried food has negative effects on your health, taking this delicacy once in a while is okay. After all, overcoming the temptation of not taking a bit of bloomin onion is impossible.

Due to the sauce and the fat, many people struggle to eat more. Whether you took a take away from the restaurant or made some at home, discarding off leftover is bad. Some put the leftover in the fridge or freezer. Note that the more it remains in the frozen state, the more it loses its original taste and texture. Leaving the bloomin onion at a room temperature for long is dangerous. It attracts bacteria and becomes poisonous.

The main challenge is to know how to reheat a bloomin onion without ending with a soggy, burn mess, or both. Do you desire to restore the initial taste and texture of your bloomin onion? That will depend on the method you use. Read more below.

How Can You Reheat A Bloomin Onion?

Several methods of reheating are in existence. But the best way to reheat bloomin onion is in the oven. It may take longer, but the onion will get crispy and have a nice taste. Read more below.

a. An Oven

You can reheat frozen blooming onion using an oven. Remember, grease attracts moisture, and you wouldn’t want your bloomin onion to soak in moisture. No need to defrost your bloomin onion. Here is the trick

How to Reheat a Bloomin Onion
  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F.
  2. On top of the baking tray, put a wire rank to allow the grease to drip off and protect your onion from getting soggy.
  3. Put your bloomin onion on the wire rank and leave the onion for 10 minutes.
  4. Turn oven to broil. Remember, you want the onion to be crispy on the upper and lower sides.
  5. Check after three minutes. If you hear a sizzle and the outer layer turns brownish, then your appetizer is ready.
  6. Remove it and serve with your preferred accompaniment.

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b. Microwave

Maybe you have no 10-15mimutes to lose. That means you need a faster option. The microwave is perfect since it warms faster. Unfortunately, chances of your bloomin onion getting soggy are high courtesy of excess grease. Again, your bloomin onion may not get crispy. So, how will you protect your bloomin onion from soaking in the grease?

How to Reheat a Bloomin Onion

  1. Get clean cardboard and ensure that it has no sticker.
  2. Since folding it at that state can be tricky, slice thin slices on.
  3. Fold it nicely and put it on the microwave safe-dish.
  4. Place the onion on the cardboard and set the timer depending on how big your onion is. On average, 45-90 seconds are enough. If you’re not sure of how long it should take, check after every 20 seconds.

So, why should you use cardboard? It will not only allow free flow of air but will also absorb the excess grease. Again, since it raises the onion, it will reheat faster. Again avoid extending the time since the microwave produces a high temperature. The bloomin onion can easily get burnt.

c. Frying Pan

Maybe your home lacks either a microwave or an oven. That doesn’t mean you won’t reheat your bloomin onion. That’s where a frying pan comes in handy. It helps make your leftover crispier. Check the process below.

How to Reheat a Bloomin Onion
  1. Starts by separating the petals of your onion
  2. Heat your frying pan and medium-high heat and put a batch of the petals depending on the quantity. Overcrowding them can be dangerous since the oil can easily splash on you.
  3. Keep on checking on it since it can easily burn.
  4. Once it starts sizzling and producing a nice scent, turn off your stovetop.

d. Air Fryer

Do you have an air fryer? It is also a perfect way to reheat your onions. It also helps to restore the crispiness of your bloomin onion. Check the process below.

  1. Spray a little amount of oil on your bloomin onion.
  2. Heat your air fryer at a temperature of 400 degrees, depending on the model of the air fryer that you have. Some models require you to heat it at a temperature of 375 degrees F.
  3. Keep on checking its progress as it reheats.
  4. Once it gets brown and crispy, then it’s ready.
  5. Time will also vary, but give an average of 10 minutes to reheat.

e. Deep Fry 

How do you deep fry already deep fried onion? Note that the method is not recommended since your bloomin onion already has grease. If you add extra grease, then it will not be healthy to take it. But if the only remaining method is to deep fry it, use these tips. Note that the method produces a crispy bloomin onion.

  1. Heat some oil to a temperature of 350 degrees F.
  2. Dip your bloomin onion in it and wait for 2 minutes
  3. Remove it immediately since if you extend the time, you will get some burnt mess.


There is no harm in taking a bloomin onion after a while. After all, the chances of finding it in your favorite restaurant are high. Do you throw it away if you fail to finish it? Maybe you’re afraid that it’s impossible to reheat it. Not one wants to eat a soggy or a burn bloomin onion. Luckily, you can reheat it and get something close to its original texture and taste. An oven would be a good option. You can also use a microwave, air fryer, frying pan, or even deep fry it f other options are not available. When using a microwave, put your appetizer on the cardboard to absorb the excess grease. Failure to do so will make your bloomin onion to soak in the moisture. When using an air fryer method, don’t forget to add a little oil.

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