How To Properly Use A Can Opener?

How To Properly Use A Can Opener

Among the home appliances that save your time include the can opener. It’s convenient since it helps you to open canned food easily. The market offers many can openers, though you have to decide whether you want a manual or an electric can opener. After buying one, many people have a challenge on how to use it. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use a can opener.

1. A Manual Can Opener

Why should you buy a manual can opener? Based on the current economic condition, a manual can opener is convenient thanks to its affordable price. Again, it doesn’t require power, only your hand to operate it. Cleaning and storing a manual can opener is easy. Now that you have it, how do u use a can opener? Check the process below.

a. Open The Opener’s Arm

So, how do you position the can on the opener? It’s not possible until you open the can’s opener’s arms. So, take the can opener and place it on a flat surface. Pull the arms of the opener apart using your hands until they lock in place.

b. Fit In The Opener On The Lid-

After opening the arm, position the opener to allow the axle and the serrated wheel to hold the rim of the can firmly. The cutting edge of the can opener should hang on the rip of your tin. For the easy turning of the handle, ensure that it’s positioned at the can’s outer part.

c. Close The Arms

After aligning the opener on the can, press the arms and lock them. Puncture the lid by pressing the handles together.

d. Cut The Edges

You can keep on puncturing holes around the rid of the can. Alternatively, rotate the handles clockwise to allow the serrated teeth to cut around the lid.

e. Pry Open The Can

After cutting halfway around the lid, grab a towel, and use it to open the lid and reveal the content. The towel will protect your fingers from getting injured by the sharp edges of the can. Alternatively, pry open the lid using a knife.

So, how do you hold the can opener? Some people hold the opener vertically, while some hold it horizontally. According to a YouTube video on Reddit, you are supposed to hold it horizontally and not vertically as most people do. Though holding the can opener horizontally may be the right way, it’s risky since the sharp lid edges can easily tear through your fingers.

Note that when using a smooth-edge cans opener, then holding it horizontally is okay. But that doesn’t mean that you require holding all openers horizontally. After all, some openers only allow vertical side opening while others only allow horizontal side opening.

2. Electric Can Opener 

Note that since you have to do the entire job when using the manual can opener, it will take longer for the lid to open. The chances of getting injured are high, and you will have to pull the lid manually. So, why don’t you upgrade and buy an electric can opener? It’s less messy, and you will not use much energy to get the results. It will consume less energy and open the lid within a short time.

Since the opener holds the lid with the magnet, there is no chance of the lid falling on the food and contaminating it. Maybe your concern is that you don’t know the proper way to use can opener. If that’s the case, read ahead and know the secret.

a. Position The Opener Property

What type of an opener do you have? Read the manual to know if it’s the type that you can mount beneath your cabinet. If it’s not that type, then place it on a flat counter or a table.

b. Prepare The Opener

Raise the level to release two vital components; the clamp and the serrated blade. Some models require you to press instead of raising the level.

c. Secure The Can

Put the can in position and adjust the cutter’s head

d. Press The Button

Once you press the button, the cutter will rotate and start opening the can.

e. Remove The Lid

Once the can opener separates the lid from the can; the lid will not fall on its own. It will remain on the opener’s magnet until you remove it. That means you will have to disengage the clamp first before removing the rid.

3. Handheld Electric Can Opener

Assuming when buying an electric can opener, you bought an electric handheld can opener. How will you operate it, now that you lost the manual? Instead of calling people to help you from all corners, here is a simple way of using it.

a. Position The Can Opener

The can opener requires stability. That’s the reason why, positioning it on a flat surface before you start using it is essential. You can either place it on the table or even on a counter.

b. Aligns The Disks

For the opener to cut through the lid, you must first align the disk to fit on the edges of the can.

c. Cut The Lid

Press can opener down while supporting the can with one hand.

d. Open The Lid

As the opener rotates, it will open the can allowing you to enjoy the content.

e. Clean It

Once you are through, always clean the opener and never leave it with food particles.


A can opener is a convenient and time-saving method of opening any can. Whether you have an electric can opener or a manual, it’s good to know the tactics of opening it. You may hold the opener either horizontally or vertically, depending on the type of the opener. Though holding it horizontally seems right, it exposes the can’s sharp edges, thus increasing the chances of getting injured. Note that all methods are different; you need to know who to operate on both electrical can opener and the manual can opener.

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