[4 Tricks] How To Open Cans Without A Can Opener?

How To Open Cans Without A Can Opener

Imagine getting home in a cold afternoon. You are shivering thanks to heavy downpour. After changing your clothes, you remember that there is some canned soup in your pantry. You grab the can and head to the drawer to check the bottle opener; alas, It not there. You mute under your breath as you search for it frantically everywhere. Since the opener has disappeared magically, do you abort the mission of warming your body with the delicious soup? Remember opening a can is not like opening a bottle whereby you hook the top on the table’s edge and slap the top.

There are several methods that you can use to open the can. Unfortunately, some methods are dangerous. If you’re not careful, you may open the can, get a severe cut and head to the hospital. Other methods may contaminate the food or even destroy the object you used to open. That doesn’t mean that opening can without can opener require rocket science. Below are some save methods to open the can. They include.

1. Spoon

You wish to open can no can opener? Relax. Note that the lid of the can contains a thin piece of metal. So if you get a strong metallic spoon, you can easily open the can safely. Note that, it is even much safer to wear sturdy gloves whenever you try opening the can and the opener is not available. Below are quick steps to follow.

How To Open Cans Without A Can Opener

1. Place the can on the counter or any flat surface and support the container with one hand.

2. Grab a metallic spoon and with its bowl facing downward, position the tip at 90 degrees against the can’s inner lid.

3. Using a back and forth motion, rub the tip of your spoon bowl on the can. Continue rubbing it until the friction weakens the can and the spoon breakthrough.

4. Since you want the area to enlarge, continue rubbing another spot next to the first spot. Once it breaks through, continue rubbing around the container’s perimeter until you make a large opening.

5. Push your spoon on the edge of the lid and pry open it. You can cut the sides of the lid still attached to the can using a knife.

6. Grab a towel to lift the lid since sharp corners can easily injure you.

Assuming you don’t have a metallic spoon, but have a screwdriver or even a metallic fork. You can follow the same format to open the can. If the fork isn’t metallic, chances of ruining the tines of the fork are high.

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2. Chef’s Knife

Are you skilled at dealing with knives? In this case, it not just any knife but the chef’s knife. What makes a check’s knife different from the others is its weight and size. As indicated above, you need some sturdy gloves for security reasons. Here is the process.

How To Open Cans Without A Can Opener

1. Get a flat surface – If you are camping and can’t find a perfectly flat surface, don’t use your thighs. The knife can slide and get straight through your thigh. Ensure that flat surface that you get is on the same level as your hips.

2. Grip the knife firmly – Chances of injuring yourself are high if you hold the knife loosely. Hold it near the end of the handle next to the blade.

3. Avoid distractions – Never let the blade face you to avoid any injury. Again, avoid distractions since you increase the chances of injuring yourself if you fail to concentrate. Imagine a kid running and knocking you when you are in the process of perforating the can?

4. Place the heel or better yet the back corner of your blade on the lid’s inner edge. Note that you are not using the narrow edge tip for two reasons; security reason and protecting blade against damage.

5. Once you position the edge well, slowly apply the pressure on the knife to perforate it. Use the knife heel to make several holes around the can. When making the holes, rotate the can instead of the knife to avoid facing the edges to you.

6. After making holes, insert your knife on a hole on the can and pry open the lid. Use a towel when lifting the lid to protect your fingers from the sharp lid.

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3. Pocket Knife 

You can also use a pocket knife or even a kitchen knife. Only that, you will not use the bottom edge but the knife’s tip. Check the process below.

How To Open Cans Without A Can Opener

1. You will begin by positioning the knife’s sharp tip against the lid. Ensure the blades don’t face you.

2. Smack the knife’s top lightly using the other hand.

3. After making a hole, use the same method to make holes around the can.

4. Pry the lid one using the knife.

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4. Rough Surface Method

Another safe way of the opening can is rubbing the lid of the can on a rough surface. You can use a rock or even a concrete and ensure that the surface is rough. Here is the process;

1. Look for a flat rough surface.

2. Invert the can, so that the lid faces the surface.

3. While holding the can, start rubbing the lid on the surface.

4. Keep on checking the lid if it has any sign of moisture as you continue to rub.

5. If you see any moisture, it means the lid has weakened.

6. Grab a towel and wipe the surface of the lid.

7. Grab a pocket knife and pry it open.


The can opener isn’t the only option available when it comes to opening the can. Many save methods exists that you can use to help in your mission. When using a spoon or a fork to open the can, ensure they have a metallic material. When using a knife, avoid distractions and ensure that the blade always faces away from you. Since you don’t want to spill things over when using the rough surface method, keep on checking for any moisture sign. If you see moisture that means the lid is completely weak, and a knife can pry it open.

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