How to Open A Jar Without A Jar Opener?

How to Open A Jar Without A Jar Opener

You come home starving after a hectic day. Drop the bag on your coach and head straight to the kitchen. There are a few slices of bread. You grab a jar containing peanut butter and try to open it casually. Alas! It’s not opening. You use brutal force and realize that you are hurting your fingers. Do you give up and eat the bread without the butter? No way. This article will teach you how to open a difficult jar and save you from such frustrations. Check the methods below.

1. Tap Around The Lid

If the brutal method fails, you can try to disrupt the seal by taping around the lid. Get a heavy wooden spoon or any other wooden tool in your kitchen. Use it to tap around the edge of the top a few times. Try to open the cover by twisting it in an anticlockwise direction. If it fails, tap it again and try to open it. If that method fails, try to break the seal.

2. Break The Seal

Another method on how to open a stubborn jar is by breaking the seal. Do you have a bottle opener? Use it to open the jar. If you don’t have one, a knife or a screwdriver will do the trick. Insert the edge of your chosen tool on the lid of your jar and level it out at an angle of 45 degrees. Repeat the process all around the lid. The popping sound indicates that the seal is breaking. Twisting the lid becomes easy.

When using this method, you need to exercise caution. If the tool you are using to leverage slips, it can break the glass of your jar. It can also cause serious harm to your hand.

3. Water Hammer Method

Is it okay to use a hammer to open a glass jar? No. You don’t require any hammer; you need some patient and energy. Pick the jar, put it upside down, and hold it using one hand at an angle of 45 degrees. Slap the bottom using the palm of the other hand. The whole idea is to raise the pressure against your jar lid. Once you hear a pop sound, the seal it’s easy to twist using your hands and open.

4. Use Some Heat

Heat causes the lid to expand, making it easier to open it. If it’s a metal/glass jar lid, you can heat the top with a hair drier. You can’t risk using a hair drier on a plastic material since it can quickly melt. Heat the cover for 30 seconds. The heat will melt any sticky jam/food making it easy to open. Don’t try to open without using a heat barrier since the lid usually is hot.

You can also use a lighter to heat the lid of your glass jar. Heat around the edge of the lid slowly until the lid gets hot. Be careful not to burn yourself with either the lighter or the lid. The hotter the lid gets, the more it will expand, making it easier to open it. Hold the lid with dry towel/gloves and twist it off.

Alternatively, you can hit some water, enough to cover the lid of the jar. After 30 seconds, try opening it again. Could be there are food particles around the lid that are making it hard to open. Water will soften them. It is an excellent method when trying to open a plastic jar. Apart from hot water, you can also lubricate the lid using some warm vinegar. Place the jar upside down and pour the warm vinegar in the space between the jar and the lid. The lid will also expand, making it easy to open.

If you had put the glass jar in the fridge, be careful when using this method. Don’t allow any part of the glass to get into contact with the hot water. It can easily break the glass. Use a dry dish towel when opening the lid to protect you from getting burnt.

5. Add Some Grip

Could be the bottle is wet or the lid is so smooth. Adding some grip will help you open the bottle faster. Place the jar either on a sink or the counter. Place a dry dishtowel on top to cover the lid. Support the jar with one hand. With all the might, twist the lid counterclockwise using the other hand. If it suddenly opens and spills over your sink or counter, you can easily clean the mess.

Alternatively, you can add more traction by using kitchen gloves. You can opt to use/fail to use gloves on the hand that you are using to support the bottle. That will depend on how cold or soft the jar is. Place the jar on the counter/sink. Use the other hand to twist off the lid.

If that method fails, take a wide rubber band and stretch it around the rim of your jar. Once it tightly fits, grip it with one hand and twist off the lid while supporting the bottle with the other hand. You can also use a dryer sheet to provide extra grip when using this method.

Take some dryer sheet and place over your jar to cover the lid. Stretch your wide rubber band on the rim on the top of the dryer sheet to hold it well. Twist the lid off the jar using one hand while the other hand supports it.

There are several methods you can use to force the lid open. But, whichever the way, the rim could easily fall on the food. So immediately you open the jar check the rim.


Some methods can be quite risky when opening the lid. Some of these risky methods include using heat or using tools to break the seal. Be careful when using them since you can quickly burn or injure yourself. Again, always check the rim once you open the lid since you can accidentally leave it in the food. Be careful when using any method not to break the glass or melt the plastic cover.

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