How to Open A Jar with A Tight Lid?

How to Open A Jar with A Tight Lid?

A troublesome pickle jar can be frustrating, especially if you are starving. Could be you can’t locate your jar opener, or you don’t have one. Maybe you just bought your pickles, and for some reason, the manufacturer had vacuum sealed it. You mute under your breath, wondering what he was thinking. He vacuums sealed it to ensure that the pickles remain fresh for long and free from bacteria. Or maybe you had used it before, but the lid has some particles preventing it from opening. Check the hacks on how to open pickle jar below once the brutal force fails. Use the one that favors you.

Table of Contents1. Improve The Grip2. Use The Heat3. Break The Seal4. Use Jar Opening ToolConclusion

1. Improve The Grip

Could be the lid of your jar is too smooth, thus making it difficult to open. There are different ways you can improve the grip and make it easy to open the jar. Here are ways on how to open a sealed jar by improving the grip.

Use a rubber bud

You can use a wider thick rubber band or several thin rubber bands. Stretch the rubber band and wrap them around the lid. Place your jar on a counter/sink to make it easier to clean any mess that spills over. Grip the lid using one hand and support the bottle with the other hand. Twist off the lid counterclockwise and open.

Plastic Wrap

You can also tear a small piece of plastic wrap. Place it over your lid and wrap it to improve the grip. Unscrew your lid using one hand while supporting it with the other. Alternatively, you can also use a kitchen towel, silicon oven mitt, a paper towel, or even some groves. All this will help you open the jar quickly. If you are unable to grip the jar using one hand, support it with your thighs.

2. Use The Heat

When you expose the lid to the heat, it will expand, making it break free from the tight seal. You can use different methods to heat the lid. Check the two main methods below.

Use Hot Water

It a perfect method if you had already opened the jar before. It’s also safe if your jar has a plastic lid. You require hot water enough to cover only the lid. Put the water in a bowl and invert the jar in water. After 30 seconds, the lid will expand, making it easy to open. If the lid had stuck dried food particles, the water would melt them, making it easy to open. Avoid pouring hot water on a glass jar from the freezer. It can easily crack.


It’s a perfect method for the metal lid. You should heat around your lid for 30 seconds. Once the lid expands, you can hold the hot lid using a dry table cloth and unscrew it. Apart from the hairdryer, you can also heat the lid with a lighter or an open flame.

Open Flame

It can be a dangerous method for anyone who is not an adult. Turn on your gas cooker and hold the bottle at the bottom. Lower the top to the flames and rotate slowly for a minute. The lid will get hot and expand. You can use a towel to hold the lid and turn it counterclockwise.

3. Break The Seal

Other than improving the grip or expanding the lid through heating, you can also break the seal. Use this way.

Use Wedging Objects

Another easy way to open a jar is wedging around the lid using tools with a flat edge. You can either use a spoon, a butter knife, or even a screwdriver. Insert the tip of your tool filmy between your jar and the lid. Level up the wedged tool and repeat the process around the lid. The idea here is to make the sides lose while you try to break the seal. Once you hear a pop sound, twist off the lid. Be careful since you can quickly get a severe injury in case the tool slips. You can also break the glass and spill your pickles.

What if the lid is not wide enough to allow you to insert the flat tools’ edge? You can use a can opener that has an inbuilt bottle opener. The opener has beautiful handles that provide excellent leverage. Wedge it around the lid as you lift until the jar loose and the seal breaks.

Tap The Lid

Take any heavy wooden tool in your kitchen and tap around the lid of the jar several times. The air bubbles will rise, forcing the seal to loosen. You can unscrew the bottle with ease. It might not loosen with the first tapping; you need to tap several times.

Smack The Bottle

Another way of breaking the seal is by smacking the jar using your palm. Turn the bottle upside down and hold it with one hand at an angle of 45 degrees. Smack it using the other hand several times. The effect causes the air bubbles to exert pressure on the lid, causing the seal to open.

Alternatively, you can hold the bottle 45 degrees against your counter or table. Tap the lid against the edge of your table several times. The air bubbles will break the seal, making it easy to open. Use minimal force when taping your lid against the table. The use of excessive force can make the glass to break.

4. Use Jar Opening Tool

The easiest way to deal with your troublesome jar is by buying a jar opener. If you visit your grocery store or any kitchen supply store, you can easily find it there. It’s also available online; you can order it and get it within a short time.


You don’t have to postpone your meal because of a stubborn jar. You can easily break the seal, improve the grip, or even heat it to expand the lid. Some of these ways include tapping the jar, heating the lid using hot water, or direct flames. You can also use wedging tools. Among the methods, the easiest is opening the jar using a jar opener.

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