How To Clean a Can Opener? [Step by Step]

How To Clean a Can Opener

Have you been struggling to open canned goods? It’s time to buy a can opener. There are different types of can openers in the market, including electric and handheld can openers. Knowing how to use and maintain them is essential. When washing kitchen appliances, the last thing anyone would think of cleaning is the can opener.

Unfortunately, the movable parts rust, making it not work effectively. So, how to clean a can opener? Here is the process.

How to Clean A Can Opener? (Handheld Can Opener)

Gather all the items you require first. They include; a glass jar/bowl, white vinegar, toothbrush, dish soap, dry cloth, and blow dryer.

1. Place it in a jar

Start by placing the can opener in a bowl or a jar. Pour some white vinegar enough to cover all the moving parts. The vinegar helps to clear any rusty part in your handheld opener.

2. Soak the can opener

Soak the can opener for 20-60 minutes to give the vinegar time to loosen the rust. If it’s too rusty, soak it overnight.

3.  Scrub the with vinegar

Rust affects the efficiency of your opener. That’s why you need to scrub it thoroughly. Start by removing the can opener from the jar and placing it on the sink. Take a brush and vinegar and clean the entire can opener. If possible, open it up to reach the inner moving parts.

4. Wash with dish soap

Apply some dishwashing detergents to the toothbrush and scrub the can opener thoroughly. Concentrate on the moving parts to clear any remaining rust/gunk.

5. Rinse and dry 

Place the can opener under a faucet and rinse it thoroughly. Avoid leaving any soap particles to prevent them from attracting dust which causes rust. Leaving water on the can opener will result in more rusting. That’s why you should wipe all the parts using a clean, dry cloth and later on let them dry in the sun. Since there are parts that you can’t wipe thoroughly, use a hairdryer to blow them.

How to Keep A Can Opener Clean? (Electric Can Opener)

Safety first – It can be dangerous to wash the electric can opener while it’s still connected to the power. So, start by unplugging it first.

Detach the blade bracket – Read to manual to know how you can detach it. There are some openers with non-detachable brackets.

Soak the blade bracket – If it’s detachable, soak it in the vinegar and leave it for 30-60 minutes. If rust has build-up, consider leaving it in the vinegar overnight.

Scrub with a toothbrush – Scrub the blade bracket using a toothbrush in a circular motion. Keep on dipping the brush regularly in the vinegar as you scrub. If the bracket is not detachable, wash the entire area with a brush thoroughly.

Wash with dish soap – Hold your bracket under a faucet. Brush off the remaining rust using a toothbrush and soap.

Rinse and dry – Rinse your bracket under the faucet well and ensure that no soap scums are left. The soap can attract dirt particles hence causing rust. Dry it with a dry towel and leave it in the sun to dry. Follow the manual to attach the bracket back once it dries.

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Preventing Rust

The gears and blade of the can opener are often exposed to liquid. When rust builds up in them, it makes it challenging to work with them. Knowing how to remove rust from can opener is vital. Most important, you need to know how you can prevent it.

1. Drying the can opener- After washing the can opener, you should never leave it with moisture. If you fail to dry it thoroughly, rust will build up quickly. After wiping the can opener with a dry cloth, leave it to dry in the sun. You can also use a hairdryer to dry it completely.

2. Wash and rinse well- You can’t afford to leave the food and soap particles on the can opener. The particles will attract molds and dust hence causing rust to build up. To prevent it, wash and rinse the can opener well.

3. Buy stainless steel- There are many types of can openers available in the market. Their materials are also different. To be on the safe side, consider a can opener that is stainless steel, it’s rust-resistant.

How to Use A Can Opener?

If you have never used a can opener, you can get confused by looking at it. Here is how to use it.

Read The Manual

Read the manual to know the different parts of your opener. You will also get instructions and know the proper way to use a can opener.

  • Open the arm- After opening the arm of the can opener; you should fit it in the can.
  • Start turning the handle- Once the can opener fits securely on the can; it’s time to start turning the handle.
  • Work your way around- As you move the can opener around the rim of the can; it will pierce the can and tear the lid along the rim. Once you are through, you can dispose of the lid and enjoy the content in the can.

Be careful when using a can opener since you can get an injury from the blade or the sharp lid. If you are not confident or have no experience with a can opener, consider getting help from someone familiar. Once you are through, clean it thoroughly to prevent rust build-up.

Conclusion on How To Clean a Can Opener

When choosing a can opener, you need to know the different types that are in existence. You can also consider their advantages and how to use them. It’s also important to know how you can clean and maintain them. Failure to clean the can opener causes the accumulation of rust and gunk making it hard to use. If you clean it and fail to rinse and dry it well, the moisture, food, and soap particles will continue to attract dust resulting in rusting build-up. If you don’t want to deal with rust now and then consider buying a stainless steel can opener. Before attempting to do anything, read the manual property.

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