Does Soylent Need to Be Refrigerated?

Does Soylent Need to Be Refrigerated?

Have you heard about Soylent? A kind of drink made from soybean that works as a good substitution of formal meal or drink as well. Especially, when you’re badly looking for something to eat but nothing is seen around. In this situation, Soylent not only quenches your thirst but also fills your hunger to some extent.

Therefore, knowing the ways of storing Soylent is an essential matter. And Does Soylent Need To Be Refrigerated? This question certainly is going to arise in your mind as refrigeration is definitely a part of storing foods that you always have to take over and again. So, it’s a Showtime!! Come, and lets the search begin.

What Is Soylent?

Soylent is nothing but a shake that can be considered a good replacement for your daily meal. It is a plant-based protein including healthy fats and many other essential nutrients. Soy, the main ingredient of this shake, is an isolated protein from soybean, contains all kinds of amino acids that are essential for health. The quality of this protein is better than the protein that comes from any animal product.

It is tested that each bottle of soylent shake is a mixture of soy protein isolate, high oleic sunflower oil, allulose, with essential vitamins and minerals.

In recent revolution, keeping in mind the taste, the manufacturers have added different flavors to this drink, such as chocolate, vanilla, mint strawberry, etc. keeping in mind your preference.

What are the Health Benefits Of Soylent?

  1. Soy protein isolate is considered a complete protein that contains all nine amino acids that your body requires to function. Besides, it offers weight loss, a healthy heart, muscle building, and also it reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  2. High Oleic Sunflower oil contains polyunsaturated fats and also oleic acid, a kind of monounsaturated fat. All these help keep heart risk lower.
  3. Allulose is a kind of sugar that doesn’t digest like common sugar and provides low calories that improve fasting blood sugar levels and also insulin sensitivity.

After following the benefits it is obvious that you would like to store it for further use. Therefore, you need to learn about the way to store soylent at your place.

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Does Soylent Need To Be Refrigerated?

Usually, soylent is a self-stable product and doesn’t need refrigeration as it can be stored at a normal temperature at least for one year. But recent research reveals that soylent should be refrigerated for better taste. Some of the users have recommended that. Because some of them tried to take lukewarm soylent but felt sick, nearly vomited. In fact, to get the best taste soylent should be consumed at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. If you can refrigerate your soylent immediately after preparation, it could extend its life. If it is refrigerated for 2-3 hours before consuming, you would get the best out of it.

What Are Different Forms of Soylent?

Besides, Soylent is not available in a drink form only but it may find as cafe and powder too. Though users have their own choice all the forms have the same taste, same flavor, and same value. Let’s take a look-

Soylent Drink

There are 14 oz/each bottle of Soylent drinks available on the market and also popularly taken by people. It is precisely prepared and measured to replace one meal.

Soylent Powder

This is the dried version of the soylent drink where all the ingredients are mixed in a specific measure and filled in a pouch so that you can prepare 5 drinks together. A family pack, for sure.

Soylent Café

Soylent café is almost similar to the soylent drink. There is only one difference, soylent café is mixed with caffeine and L-carnitine and apart from other flavors here you may find a unique chai flavor to meet your preference.

Which are The Downsides of Soylent?

Human character is always provoked by the benefits. As for the soylent, the same thing can be said following all the benefits. OK, it’s fine. But if you move further you’ll find many downsides of soylent too. For instance, giving up your regular meal in favor of soylent is not a better idea. Because Soylent doesn’t contain any fresh ingredients and it goes through a process for their long life.

Moreover, some chemicals and preservatives are also added for their extended life. But all these reduce its nutritional value and synthetic vitamins and minerals can create digestive issues such as gas, diarrhea, etc. Besides, nothing can replace a fresh home-cooked meal for any reason.

Why Soylent Can Be Bad For You?

Apart from the above-said issues, there are some more that prove the soylent can be even harmful to you. There are 9 grams of sugar in every bottle of soylent which can be considered as high sugar content and obviously harmful for takers no matter if he or she is diabetic or not. Though it is said that soylent contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals, as they are synthetic and unnatural it is quite possible that the soylent may go wrong with your body and may create different issues. Therefore, if you’re already suffering from different health problems then you should take the advice of your doctor first and only then have it.

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Can You Drink Soylent At Room Temperature?

Research reveals that keeping Soylent in a cool, dark, and dry place is necessary for the well-being of Soylent for a longer time. Even it can easily be refrigerated to extend its shelf life. But at the time of consumption, Soylent must be at room temperature to get the best taste out of it. Consuming chilled Soylent is completely the wrong idea if you have prioritized the taste and flavor.

How To Prepare Soylent At Home?

Sometimes you don’t have enough time to cook and eat real food. Then DIY soylent is a better replacement that you can prepare in no time. Soylent is not a kind of food that only can be bought from a shop. It is not too tough to collect the ingredients and the process is also very simple. Try this-


350 g oat flour, 50 g soy protein isolate, 6 g calcium, 6g potassium citrate, 50 g soybean oil, 4g common salt. All these ingredients are properly blended only to transform into a shake. This is taken once a day. Don’t exceed the service as it may cause a long-term issue to your health.

Final Thoughts

Soy is not an alien food for us. Especially the vegans use to take them quite frequently as a cooked item. But accepting soylent as an alternative to regular meals is a different issue. You have to be convinced in favor of it. But my research reveals that soylent is not a kind that can be taken regularly. Therefore, you have to preserve it for occasional use. And keeping it in a refrigerator might not be necessary but a good idea for sure. Thanks for staying with me so long. Good Luck!!!

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