Does Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated Overnight?

Hi, I am back!!! And this time I am going, to begin with, a question for you, Do you love to be welcomed with some unique kind of dessert on Christmas or during fall or early winter? I know I’ll definitely get a positive reply from you. In fact, none can ignore these sweet dishes unless you’re following a carb-restricted diet due to some kind of health reason. Pumpkin Pie is certainly one of them that can give you ample reasons to go for it.

Today I am asked to see, Does Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated Overnight? But before that let’s take a nosedive and try to find out all about pumpkin pie.

What Is Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin pie is a different kind of sweet dessert that can be prepared using sugar pumpkin including many other ingredients that can make the whole thing tasty, yummy, and delicious. The flesh of the pumpkin is boiled until it turns pulpy. Now the pulp is mixed with eggs, condensed milk, sugar, and a spice mixture that includes cinnamon, ginger powder, nutmeg, and cloves. The whole mixture is then baked in a pie shell and then topped with whipped cream before being served. In North America and Canada, this sweet dish has been served as Thanksgiving for a long past. And now it’s popularly taken almost everywhere as one of the special kinds of things for someone special on special occasions.

Can You Eat Pumpkin Pie Right Out of The Oven?

Unlike other types of pies, it’s hard to judge a pumpkin pie if it’s properly baked. You cannot have even a bit of pumpkin pie unless it’s baked properly and you need to be cooled the dish first and then try to taste a bit or gobble the whole anything you wish to do. If you find the turns darker and slightly fluffy, it means the baking process is done.

Can Pumpkin Pie Be Left Out Overnight?

After hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner party last night you certainly have some leftover cookies, pies, and cakes that you need to be stored. Usually, all of them are kept at room temperature for hours. But as for your homemade pumpkin pie, you can’t follow the same way as it doesn’t contain any preservatives. According to the FDA, homemade pumpkin pie can be stored at room temperature for a maximum of 2 hours. After that, there’s a high chance of growing bacteria into the pie. But if you have store-bought pumpkin pie then it could be kept at room temperature for a few more hours as it already has some kind of preservatives to take care of it.

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Does Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

The way pumpkin pie is prepared is very different from other pies. This kind of pie contains sugar and milk and both tend to get spoiled with time, therefore you need to take some extra care to keep the pie good for a longer period. The only thing that is useful to meet your requirements is a refrigerator. If you can keep the pumpkin pie in a refrigerator, it can stay good for a well 3-4 days. The temperature of 40°F inside the refrigerator not only maintains its texture but also keeps the dish safe from pathogenic bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Only you need to keep it away from any other liquids or foods that can change its flavour. But remember, you cannot keep the pie in the refrigerator immediately after out of the oven. You need to cool it first and then go for refrigeration.

Can Your Pumpkin Pie Be Frozen?

Of course!!! You can keep the pumpkin pie in a freezer. The high-fat crust or the rich creamy filling allows the pie to be frozen well. All you need to look at is if it’s properly wrapped and kept at the right temperature. All these help to maintain the texture and taste of it no matter if it’s homemade or store-bought you may get the desired result out of it.

How To Prepare Pumpkin Pie For Freezing?

Although we’ve agreed that pumpkin pie can be frozen without being worried about the result, still you have some factors to consider before going for it. Let’s find out-

  1. Bake the pie in a disposable aluminium pie pan so that the pie will freeze faster and in this way, you can avoid ice crystals from being developed on the pie.
  2. Let the pumpkin pie cool completely before you freeze it. This helps the steam to go out of it keeps the pie safe from the soggy crust and allows the texture to look better.
  3. Wrap the pie tightly using layers of plastic wrapper and cover it with aluminium foil to save the pie from freezer burn.

Following all these religiously may help you to keep the pumpkin pie good for at least a month. But when you need to reuse it, you have to remove the pie a day before from the freezer and allow it for 12 hours to thaw at room temperature. Only after that, your pie will be ready to be used again.

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Can You Get Food Poison From Pumpkin Pie?

Yeah, that’s true. Your pumpkin pie contains eggs and milk that can make the whole thing spoiled and allow harmful bacteria to grow. This may cause food poisoning even if you take a bit of it. All you need to keep your pie cool and finish it get ruined.

How Can You Tell If Pumpkin Pie Is Bad?

Pumpkin pie does go bad. You may find a few signs that can make you feel about it. Here they are-

  1. If you come to know that the pie is kept on the countertop for nearly a day, or it’s stored in a refrigerator for as long as 5 days, then you can realize that your pumpkin pie has crossed the time limit. Now you’ve no way left but to throw it out.
  2. If you find some kind of odd or foul smell coming out of your pie, then you should make up your mind that it has probably gone bad.
  3. If your pumpkin pie looks odd which means it has lost its natural darker appearance, and also if you see mould, dump it as early as you can?

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How To Store Pumpkin Pie To Last Longer?

As we discussed earlier, pumpkin pie unlike other types of pies usually doesn’t last long. If it’s homemade and you have to keep it on the countertop at room temperature, it may last not more than a couple of hours. If the pie is store-bought, then you can expect a few more hours for its preservative content. To make your pumpkin pie last longer than that, you have to refrigerate it wrapping it in a plastic wrapper. It may give you a well 3-4 days of a timeline. And if it’s placed in a freezer, then you may get a chance to consume it even after a month or two. But in all cases, you have to make the pie cool first before placing it into the cooling machine.


Why Store-Bought Pumpkin Pie Is Not Refrigerated?

Most store-bought pumpkin pie contains a good amount of preservatives that keep the pie good even for days at room temperature. Hence, this type of product doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Does Mrs. Smith’s Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

Mrs. Smith’s Originally Flaky Crust Pumpkin Pie must be kept in a refrigerator loosely wrapped in a plastic wrapper for at least 3 days.

Does Libby’s Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

The baking experts at Libby’s always recommend keeping the pumpkin pie in a refrigerator if you have no plan to have it within a couple of hours.

Is Pumpkin Pie Served Warm Or Cold?

Well, that depends on your preference. If you want to taste it sweet and firmer, then you should allow it to completely cool and only then you can get the right taste. But if you like to have the savoury and spicy, then you need to reheat the pie and consume them warm.

How To Thaw A Frozen Pie?

Keeping pumpkin pie in a freezer for a longer period could turn your pie frozen and you need to thaw it before use. You have to remove it from the freezer a day before and place it in a refrigerator for thawing slowly. Remember, if you try to defrost it at room temperature, your pie may turn soggy.

Bottom Line

Does Pumpkin Pie Need To Be Refrigerated Overnight? We have started our discussion from this point. But while looking for the reply we’ve come across so many things regarding pumpkin pie that now all I can be hopeful that this article may help you to know this dessert better apart from enjoying it after having a heavy meal on great Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy yourself, see you next time!!!

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