Does Nesquik Need to Be Refrigerated?

Does Nesquik Need to Be Refrigerated?

Having kids is the nicest gift from The Mighty God but getting kids to drink milk is nothing but a challenge for every family. No, you cannot blame your kids for that. They tend to go for the tastiest and sweetest foods and it is not incorrect to say that your milk is far from their taste buds.

Thanks to chocolate milk that comes to the rescue for many families. Its taste and flavor always attract kids so they enjoy drinking it and this reduces your stress. Today I am going to present you such a chocolate drink that comes from the house of Nestle, the leading brand of milk products around the world. It is NESQUIK a drink not for the kids only but the people of all ages.

What Is The Nutritious Value of Nesquik?

Generally, it is seen that both flavored and unflavored milk have almost the same nutrients. The flavored milk is consumed little more than unflavored milk by the kids. In this way, they get a chance to intake an adequate amount of calcium each day. Even this can be said about the elders also. The chocolate-flavored Nesquik contains some vital minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. Apart from that, it is a good source of different vitamins like Vitamin A, B1, B3, C, D, and H. All these nutrients make it a high nutritious-valued drink.

Is Nesquik Good For You?

As Nesquik contains all essential vitamins and minerals, it is obvious that Nesquik is good for your health. Nesquik is available in different forms and each of them is good for your kids as well as your health.


An 8-oz of Nesquik Calcium-Fortified Chocolate Low-Fat-Premixed milk contains 170 calories, 2.5 g of fat, 10mg of cholesterol, 29 g of carbohydrate, 8 g of protein, 160 mg sodium, and 400 mg potassium. All these are needed for the normal growth and development of bones in children.


2 tbsp of Nesquik Chocolate Powder is added with a cup of milk to prepare the Nesquik drink. It contains 60 calories, 30 mg of cholesterol, and 14 g of carbohydrates. This health drink that contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals is not only specified for kids but it is considered as a health drink for younger people, who follow regular work out. This is one of the best possible alternatives for post-work-out restoration.


This is one more form of Nesquik that is sold in an easy-quick bottle. You have to add this to the milk to get the result. Each 1 tbsp contains 50 calories, 13 g carbohydrates, 30 mg sodium with no fat and cholesterol. This form of Nesquik has very little nutritious value as it doesn’t contain vitamin A and C, and no iron, and no extra calcium. Apart from a milkshake, it can be taken as ice cream or dessert topping.

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Is Nesquik Bad for Your Health?

The prime thing that makes Nesquik not good for you is its sugar contains. Taking a cup of Nesquik means you have to consume 30 g of sugar. As we all know that sugar is a kind of thing that invites too many diseases to your body. For instance, we all know sugar is the prime culprit that invites too many diseases to your body. Such as diabetes, weight gain or obesity, inflammation, etc.

Those who are suffering from diabetes, shouldn’t take this. Besides, regular intake of this chocolate drink results in weight gain especially for the kids that only can invite various health disorders. Therefore, this drink should not be taken on a daily basis to prevent obesity. Inflammation is responsible for many health issues like fatigue, achiness in different parts of your body, fertility problems, and many others.

Does Nesquik Need To Be Refrigerated?

Since Nesquik is found in three different forms, not all of them need to follow the same thing always.

For example, the Ready-to-Drink doesn’t need to be refrigerated before use as it is precisely pasteurized to keep in normal temperature for even more than a year. But once you have opened it, then it must be kept in the fridge to maintain its condition.

As for the Nesquik syrup, it doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup, therefore if you put it into a fridge you’ll certainly find it crystallized.

Even you can say the same thing about the Nesquik powder. Its shelf-life is longer than the other two. If the pack is unopened, then you can keep it for 1-10 years without being kept in the fridge. And if you open it then it can be stored for up to 18 months. In both cases, the fridge is not essential for maintaining its flavor, taste, and quality. Only you have to keep the powder away from moisture. A humid condition will make your powder wet and it begins to grow molds.

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What Happened If An Expired Nesquik is Taken?

Nesquik Ready-to-Drink is not a kind of drink that will not go bad with time. If it is taken after few years after the best before date, you won’t have to face any digestive problem or any other health issues. The Nesquik powder that can be stored indefinitely, can be consumed without bothering about the best before date. The only thing you may feel is that the drink may not taste the best. But if the drink is previously contaminated due to manufacturing fault, then it not only tastes bad but is harmful to your health.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I have tried to explore all about Nesquik with all its factors and features. I explain to you why it is good for not only kids but all ages. The taste, flavor, and of course the nutritional values these three things of this product cannot be compared. Nestle is considered the best for producing milk products around the world. And since Nesquik comes from the house of Nestle then it is the best. Any question? Certainly not!!!

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