Does Fish Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated? & Does It Go Bad?

Does Fish Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated?

You can blame Thailand!! No, not for the exotic locations, lavishing nightlife, picturesque sea beaches, shopping malls, but the foods that this south-east Asian country offers, simply make you crazy. You’ll find yourself in an uncontrollable mood to gobble everything that comes to you. Especially the fish-oriented foods or dishes are not less than the best compared with that comes from other places. If you still have not tested any of them, then it’ll be harder for you to understand why Thai foods are globally popular among those who are simply fond of different types of dishes.

This time I am going to unfold my magic box to draw out a very special kind of foodstuff that is not at all a prime meal but plays a lead role to make your food tastier and you simply love it. It is a kind of fish sauce that comes from Thailand and here it is called Nam Pla.

Does Fish Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated? Perhaps this would be a thing that we all should need to know so that you can get a better idea about the storing of this sauce. Now it’s time to start from the very beginning to make out the whole issue better.

What Is Fish Sauce?

If you love to have Thai cuisine, then the fish sauce is not an unknown element for you. In fact, most of the Thai cuisines are extensively added with this liquid condiment. If it is noodles, roasted veggies, or cooked meat adding this sauce means you’re surely going to find some delicate salty, little sweet, umami, and savory flavor in the dishes that you love to have. Apart from that, this sauce is also used as a marinade for fish and meat and dressing sauce.

How Fish Sauce Is Prepared?

Fish sauce is nothing but a mixture of fish and salt that has been allowed for fermentation for up to 2 years. Small fish like anchovies mixed with a good amount of salt and water, is kept in a barrel and then slowly pressed to extract the liquid. Now, this mixture is preserved for a year or two so that the fish are fermented properly only to let the bacteria living in the fish break them down, and in this way, the fish sauce is prepared. This bold, briny, golden-colored sauce is now ready for use.

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How Long Does Fish Sauce Last?

Perhaps this is one of the most vital things that you need to know about this sauce. It precisely depends on the storage condition. As it is a fermented product, therefore, normally an unopened fish sauce has a longer shelf life. But if you want to extend it should be kept in a cool and dark place away from the direct sunlight. This can allow you to use this sauce comfortably for 3-4 years at room temperature, well over the expiry date. If the bottle is opened, then also you can use it safely for months. But if you want to use a homemade fish sauce then you have to use it within a week for not having any preservatives, this kind of sauce may not last long.

Does Fish Sauce Go Bad?

As I said above, the well-being of fish sauce mostly depends upon the way you store it. If it’s not stored properly it can go bad after some time. Especially if the bottle is opened, then you have to be extra careful about storing it. If the bottle is kept in the sunlight for a long time or if it is placed beside the oven or any other hot things for a long period, then there would be an outside chance the sauce may get bad.

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How To Say Fish Sauce Has Gone Bad?

Although fish sauce rarely goes bad, somehow due to bad storage if it may have been gone bad. A bad sauce may get darker instead of golden and clear. Besides, some crystals may be seen in the bottle and the sauce develops off-smell, all these signs give you an impression that you should discard the sauce immediately.

Does Fish Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated?

These days people have the easiest way to preserve foods is to keep them in a refrigerator. It keeps them in a good state and extends their shelf life so that they can be consumed for the longest time. Now you have to look if fish sauce can follow the same way or not.

All I can say is fish sauce doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Because it contains the amount of salt that prevents the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. But still, it is your personal choice if you want to refrigerate it or not. Because keeping this sauce in a refrigerator doesn’t make any harm to this condiment. Even after opening the bottle, it is quite okay to keep it at room temperature and as I said earlier, the only thing that should be followed is to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. If the fish sauce is a homemade one then also refrigerating would be the best thing for a longer life of your fish sauce.

What Can You Use Instead Of Fish Sauce?

Although the fish sauce is a balanced diet and has many nutritious values, some reasons make some of you look for substitutes for fish sauce. Those who are vegans who do not consume meat or seafood or who have seafood allergies or don’t like to have fish sauce should go for alternatives. Here are some of the popular substitutes that may draw your attention.

  1. Soy Sauce
  2. Tamari
  3. Worcestershire Sauce
  4. Oyster Sauce
  5. Hoisin Sauce

All these what is noted here are equally better in taste, quality, and flavor and provide almost the same nutrition. Besides, except for the oyster sauce, the other sauces are prepared to keep in mind the vegans.

Which Is Healthier Soy Sauce Or Fish Sauce?

The fish sauce contains many vital nutrients and minerals that come from fish organs. Apart from that, you can get vitamin A and D including Iodine to make the whole liquid good for your health. On the other hand, soy sauce also contains some nutrients but still, fish sauce is considered a good substitute for soy sauce.

Final Words

Fish sauce is not only a condiment or an ingredient that requires only to add some extra flavor and taste to your foods, but it is also good for your health. Those who use this liquid quite frequently must get some benefits out of that. Therefore, it is very relevant to know how it can be preserved in the long run. This is what I have tried to provide you with all that you need to know. Now it’s time to say Good-Bye, hope to see you soon.

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