Does Chocolate Syrup Need to Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

Does Chocolate Syrup Need to Be Refrigerated?

How long chocolate syrup can last without going bad depends on a variety of factors, such as the due date, the ingredients used, and how the chocolate syrup is stored. If the chocolate syrup is not stored properly then it can go bad very quickly, although probably not as quickly as some other food items.

It is important to remember that chocolate syrup, like other condiments, does not have an expiration date mentioned on the label but a best before date. It means that the syrup can be used even after that date passes but the quality of the syrup will slowly deteriorate.

What is Chocolate Syrup?

Chocolate syrup is a sweet condiment having a distinct chocolate flavor. It can be a thin runny to a thick, needs to be spooned sauce. It is made basically from unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar, corn syrup, and water. Other ingredients can include malt, vanilla extract. It is used as a topping of choice for many desserts like pudding, ice cream, etc. It can also be blended with ice cream and milk to make a chocolate milkshake, or with just milk to make chocolate milk.

If you are getting confused between chocolate sauce and chocolate syrup, then know that these two are different from each other. Chocolate sauce is made from just chocolate and cream, while chocolate syrup has corn syrup added to it. Chocolate syrup is different from plain chocolate sauce because it is thinner in texture, can seem a little runny, and can form into crystals. The chocolate sauce tends to be thicker and has a stronger chocolate and cream taste.

How Do You Make Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup Freeze?

There are two types of chocolate syrup; Homemade or store brought. In the case of a store-bought Hershey’s chocolate syrup, it is better not to freeze it. The best option is to store it in the fridge with a clean airtight lid (after it has been opened).

Hershey’s chocolate syrup incorporates some good preservatives and gums when it is being manufactured, which allows it to last at least 18 months or more in the refrigerator.  If you still want to put it in your refrigerator be warned that the syrup will turn into a thick tar-like consistency, and will not go back to being the way it was, liquid and smooth. If you try to warm it and thaw it out, then you will end up with syrup with a grainy and lumpy consistency.

How to Refrigerate Chocolate Syrup? Step by Step Guide

If you have a store brought chocolate syrup then it is recommended that the bottle be stored in a cool dark place, away from sunlight, until it has been opened. After the bottle is opened, then it can be kept in the fridge or the cupboard, depending on the brand and quality of the syrup. It is best to keep it in the fridge in a tightly sealed container so that the quality does not deteriorate quickly.

In the case of a homemade syrup, then follow the steps to store it in the fridge.

  • After you have made the chocolate syrup, let it cool in a glass container.
  • Pour it into a glass jar or a container with a lid.
  • Seal it to prevent bacteria and mold.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator.

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Does chocolate syrup need to be refrigerated after opening?

It is best to refrigerate a syrup after opening it to prevent the introduction of bacteria and other germs into the syrup.

How Long Does Chocolate Syrup Last?

Any product has a different life span depending on the brand, best before date, conditions of the storage, and the way it was stored. The below table shows the life span of a closed to open bottle of chocolate syrup.

Chocolate syrupHow long it can last
Unopened1 to 2 years
Opened12-18 months
Homemade2-3 months

For best flavor, it is best to use a store-bought chocolate syrup within 12 months and to keep them refrigerated so that they can retain their consistency and taste. The homemade syrup does not have added preservatives and thus needs to be kept sealed in the fridge and used within a few months for the best quality.

Does chocolate syrup go bad?

Chocolate syrup can last for a long time, but even it eventually goes bad. The syrup first degrades in quality and taste, before finally spoiling. Even if the best date of the chocolate has passed, it is possible to still use the chocolate if it is not bad. It is thus important to know when your syrup is no longer edible. You need to be aware and keep an eye on the color, texture, and smell of the syrup. If any of these changes, then assume the syrup has gone bad. You also need to keep an eye on mold or moss, which can be easily avoided if the syrup is kept in a sealed container. 

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What happens if I don’t refrigerate my syrup?

It depends on the syrup you are using. Hershey chocolate syrup recommends that you keep it in the fridge after opening, while the NESQUIK syrup has a relatively low count of fructose corn syrup and should not be refrigerated, as it will cause crystallization, and is recommended to be stored at room temperature. Other store bought syrups, and homemade syrups, will lose their quality and taste faster if they are not in a refrigerator.


Do I have to refrigerate Hershey’s caramel syrup?

Hershey’s caramel sauce does not need to be refrigerated as long as you use clean utensils each time you dip and it does not leave any food debris in the sauce.

What temperature does chocolate syrup freeze?

The chocolate syrup has a high quantity of sugar and added preservatives (in case of store bought syrup) and thus requires a very low temperature, around -5 to -11 degrees centigrade, and a long time to freeze.

How long is the chocolate syrup good for you?

Chocolate syrup is best for 6 months for a store bought syrup and one month for homemade syrup. After this time, the quality of the syrup will begin to degrade.

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