Does Cherry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

“Hi!! Would you love to have cherry”?

“Yeah, why not”.

“And what about pie”?

“Wow!! I could die for it.”

“Stay alive, this time I am going to present you a combination of these two”. So guys, here it is- CHERRY PIE!!!

All that I’ve said above might not have happened anywhere, but you couldn’t deny the fact that comes out of it. Really, having cherry pie is not less than an amazing experience for sure. In this article, I am up for a perfect answer to a question: Does Cherry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated? So let’s go and find out everything you can all about cherry pie.

What Is Cherry Pie?

Whenever you think of any American dessert with all its taste and unique flavour, the cherry pie will definitely take centre stage. Made of cherries, sugar, and pastry this delicious pie can be served with ice cream or whipped cream. But the most unique thing about it is, in the USA it is served on Independence Day or any Memorable Day for its patriotic tricolour-red, white, and blue.

Cherry pie is prepared or baked using a cherry filling. Usually, it’s made with sour cherries instead of sweet ones. You can find it in many stores within your reach and even you can prepare it all by yourself.


Put the bottom pie crust on a baking sheet with aluminium foil underneath into a 9” pie pan and then place it in a preheated oven [400°F]. Allow the crust to bake for 8 minutes until the pie crust turns brown. Then remove the baked crust from the oven and allow it to cool for 5 minutes. Now prepare a cherry mix in a bowl that includes cherries, sugar, cornstarch, and almond extract and pour them into the pie pan. After that, cover the mixture with the top crust and press the edges to seal, and again cut the top with a sharp knife to make vents. Finally, place the whole thing on a baking sheet fully covered and then allow it to bake for 30 minutes in the oven. In this way, your cherry pie is prepared. You need to let it stay on a wire rack until it gets cool.

How Long Does Freshly Baked Cherry Pie Last?

Well, the answer to this question largely depends on the way you store the pie. A freshly baked cherry pie should be kept in a dry place, and at room temperature, it may last for a maximum of 2 days. If you’re considering refrigeration, then I can say, it can stay good in a refrigerator for a good 4-5 days if the pie is loosely wrapped with plastic or aluminum foil. And if you’re looking for an extended period, then you should keep it in a freezer where it can easily be stored for 6-8 months.

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Can Cherry Be Left Out Overnight?

For having acidic content and a lot of sugar that works as preservatives, your homemade cherry pie can sit out at room temperature for a day or two. But the pie mustn’t contain eggs and any other dairy products unless it may last up to 4-6 hours. Even if you have store-bought cherry pie, then also you can keep it on the countertop for up to 2 days safely. But it would be better for you to place the pie in a refrigerator to extend its shelf life.

How Can You Say If The Cherry Pie Is Bad?

There is no specific test to know if your cherry pie has gone bad. It’s your sense that helps you to feel about it. Such as, if you find some brown or black spots appear on the filling or some bubbles emerge in the pastry, even if it has an off smell, then you should throw it away.

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Cherry Pie?

If the food that you’ve taken is contaminated with bacteria and some other kind of microbes may cause food poisoning. If the bottom crust is undercooked or the pie has crossed the time limit, then it can make you sick.

How Long Can You Keep An Opened Can Of Cherry Pie Filling?

The cherry pie filling is a mixture of different kinds of ingredients including cherries, sugar, and preservatives. Therefore, if you need to keep the filling open, then you must think of refrigerating it. Saving in a covered glass or a plastic container, you can place the cherry pie filling in a refrigerator for more than 2 weeks safely for further use.

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Does Cherry Pie Need To Be Refrigerated?

Unlike some other types of pie cherry pie is not vulnerable at room temperature. For having acidic content it can stay good at room temperature for a good 3-4 hours, even for some extra hours. But if you have to keep it for days, then you have a better idea to keep it in a refrigerator. Besides, some cherry pie contains eggs and dairy products. In that case, it is very much possible for your pie to get ruined due to the invasion of bacteria at room temperature. If that is so, then you place it in a refrigerator without wasting much time.

How Long Does Cherry Pie Last in the Fridge?

Keeping cherry pie in a refrigerator would be one of the best ideas to maintain its quality for a longer period. Usually, the pie can stay good in a refrigerator for 4-5 days. But you have to keep in mind a few things to get the best out of it. Such as keeping all of them in an airtight plastic container so that the chill inside could not ruin their texture. Besides, you may place each pie into a plastic wrap individually before placing them in the refrigerator.

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Can Cherry Pie Be Frozen?

Suppose you have made a bunch of cherry pies and a good number of pies remain unused, then you must be looking to store them for later use. If you wish to finish it within a couple of days, then keeping them in a fridge is a good option. But if you have to store them for months and also without losing their taste and texture, then a freezer must be useful to meet the purpose. No matter if it’s baked or unbaked, you can freeze it and the cherry pie will last up to 6 months. But before going for freezing you have to follow some vital things.

  1. Make sure your pie is fully cooled before placing it in a freezer.
  2. Cut the pie into pieces and wrap them each with a freezer wrap and cover the wrap with aluminium foil.
  3. Now place them in a freezer bag and try to squeeze out air as much as you can and only then keep the bag in the freezer.

How Can You Reheat A Cherry Pie?

If you have leftover cherry pie sitting out or you’ve taken out a pie from the refrigerator, you have to reheat it to make it crispy and delicious again. To reheat your cherry pie you can use a microwave or oven. If you have a microwave, then you can heat the pie for 30 seconds to get the desired result. As for the oven, you have to preheat it to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and then let the pie inside for 15 minutes. But if the pie is taken out of a freezer, then you will need to reheat it for 30 minutes or defrost it in advance. In all cases, allow the pie to stand for 2-3 minutes before serving.

Here are a few things to be watched out for in this matter. Never use a metal pie pan in a microwave to keep the whole matter safe for the dessert as well as the machine. Once you reheat your pie, never go to refreeze it again.

What Pies Do Not Need To Be Refrigerated?

There are some kind of pie that doesn’t require refrigerated as they have some acidic contains that stay good for hours at room temperature. Even their natural taste and flavor can be lost if they are kept in a refrigerator for a longer period. Pecan pie and some other fruit pies such as cherry, peach, or apple taste better at room temperature. But you have to finish them within hours to get the best result. You can keep them in a refrigerator not more than for 2 days so that the quality remains intact.

The Final Words

If you’re looking for a merry time it’s always a pie time. Either for welcoming or thanksgiving for any purpose the preference will be the same. And if it’s a cherry pie, then you love to have them at one go. No matter where you are from, the appeal of this dessert is never going to be less anymore. All I can expect this article will reach successfully those who get maddened to see cherry pie served at the table. Enjoy yourself!!!

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