Do You Need to Refrigerate Cucumbers? Does It Go Bad?

Do You Need to Refrigerate Cucumbers? Does It Go Bad?

Cucumbers are among the healthiest and most popular vegetables with healthcare and culinary applications. They can be munched on, added to salads, blended with smoothies, or applied in skincare routines. 

But Do You Need to Refrigerate Cucumbers? It depends, cucumbers have a comparatively short lifespan, and they can be preserved in the refrigerator for 1 -2 weeks without them going bad. However, they can last for approximately the same time period at room temperature. The key to preserving this vegetable is to ensure that its storage conditions are optimal. This article will break down the proper storage processes while answering other important cucumber storage questions.

How Long Do Cucumbers Last in the Fridge?

Cucumbers will generally last for 1 – 2 weeks in the fridge before they start to soften if properly washed and stored. Cucumbers have high water content, and as such, they tend to soften quickly. This is why it is recommended that you dry and wrap them before putting them in the fridge to prevent further moisture accumulation. 

The lifespan of cucumbers is hugely dependent on the storage conditions. Furthermore, you should place cucumbers in the warmest areas of your fridge, at the middle rack towards the front. The rear part of refrigerator compartments and bottom compartments are the coldest. Regardless of refrigeration, you should use cucumbers as soon as you can, whilst still in the best condition.

How Long Do Cucumbers Last?

When refrigerated, cucumbers can last for up to two weeks, after which they’ll soften and become less desirable. Frozen cucumbers can last for months, but the result is usually not best for eating due to the change in texture and taste it will undergo in the freezer. Cucumber should last for up to one week if kept away from direct sun at room temperature. 

How Long Do Cucumbers Last?

As discussed earlier, the lifespan of cucumbers is determined by storage conditions. However, the storage form also has a role to play. Cut cucumbers will remain in good conditions for only a couple of days, unlike whole cucumbers.

Cucumber TypeRoom TemperatureRefrigeratorFreezer
Whole Cucumber1 week1 – 2 weeks6 – 9 months
Sliced Cucumber48 hours4 -5 days2 weeks
Cut Cucumber3 – 5 days1 week2 weeks

Should You Wash Cucumbers for Storing?

Yes, you should wash cucumbers before storing them, even if they come packaged from the store. You don’t want to take any chances and leave any grime or dirt on cucumbers.

However, you need to ensure that cucumbers are entirely dry before you store them. Asides from the fact that they naturally have high moisture content, they could easily become soggy or develop mold faster when you store the wet.

Do You Need to Refrigerate Cucumbers?

Refrigeration is still one of the best ways to preserve cucumbers, as they tend to last a bit longer in the fridge than at room temperature. Although they last longer when frozen, they are usually not able to retain their solid and crunchy nature when thawed. However, cucumbers should be refrigerated with care. They are prone to chilling injury, and as such, they should be packaged and stored in the warmest areas inside the fridge.

How Should You Store Cucumbers?

Cucumbers don’t have the natural longevity of oranges or cabbages. Nonetheless, how you store them will influence how long they remain good and consumable. Whether you choose to store it in the fridge, the freezer, or at room temperature, here’s how you should go about it.

1. Store in the fridge

  • Wash the cucumbers properly
  • Dry thoroughly with paper towels
  • Wrap cucumbers with plastic wrap or put in a slightly opened zip-top plastic bag
  • Store in the warmest part of the fridge

2. Store at room temperature

Storing uncut cucumbers at room temperature doesn’t require much. Simply wash them, dry them, and put them in a vegetable bowl on your countertop, away from direct sunlight and separated from other fruits.

3. Freeze

  • Wash to get rid of dirt
  • Put the cucumber in a sealable bag or airtight container and freeze

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How Do You Keep Cucumbers Crisp?

The simple idea behind keeping your cucumber crisp is to wash, dry thoroughly, and keep them well packaged. A good cucumber should remain firm and crispy for at least a week in the fridge or at room temperature. Freezing should not be a consideration if you want to retain crispness in your cucumbers. Also, you want to make sure that you put the cucumbers in a container or sealable bag before refrigerating them to protect them from the air in the fridge, as that could make them soften faster.

Can You Freeze Cucumbers for Later Use?

While you can freeze them for later use, frozen cucumbers are best consumed in blended form in smoothies, soups, and gazpachos. When frozen, the moisture content turns to ice which thaws to produce a somewhat wilted and mushy texture when brought out of the freezer.

How Can You Tell if a Cucumber is Bad?

You can often tell what condition a cucumber is in by visual inspection and by feeling it up. A good cucumber should be firm to touch and not squishy. When you discover soft spots or when the entire cucumber loses its crispness and firmness, you likely have a bad cucumber. Visible mold growth and slimy skin are some other signs that could indicate a cucumber has gone bad.

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What Can I Do With Soft Cucumbers?

If only a part of the cucumber goes soft, you can cut off that part and eat the firm part. However, when an entire cucumber goes soft, you’ll agree that it doesn’t feel good to munch on. As such, you may want to avoid eating a soft cucumber or using it in your salad. However, a soft cucumber is not necessarily spoiled and can be used in smoothies and soups.


Cucumbers can be quite tricky to store, mostly because they are prone to going soft or drying out quickly. To get the best out of them, it is important that you learn how to store them properly. The overall highlight is – refrigeration is quite important to cucumber preservation, even if it only extends the lifespan by a small margin. We hope you now know how to go about refrigerating your cucumber and can now differentiate between good and bad cucumbers.

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