Do Corn Tortillas Need To Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

Do Corn Tortillas Need To Be Refrigerated?

How would you feel when you find your lunchbox is filled with Corn Tortillas? Simply you would love to give a big hug in uttered joy to him or her who has done this favor for you. And now you’re ready to just gobble them all with some other dishes without sharing with anyone. Furthermore, you’ll feel amused by all those envious eyes staring at your lunchbox. But do you have any idea about Do Corn Tortillas Need To Be Refrigerated? Maybe not, otherwise, you would not start following this article so carefully. So, without wasting more of your precious time, let’s go through it to know corn tortillas much better than before.

How Long Do Corn Tortillas Last?

Well, to answer this question we have to get some idea about the way corn tortillas have been stored. Because this is an important factor for which the shelf life of corn tortillas varies. Such as-

  1. If your corn tortillas are stored in the pantry at room temperature, then they will last for 7-10 days.
  2. If they are kept in a refrigerator, they remain good for 6-8 weeks.
  3. And if you can place them in a freezer, then they may run for 6-8 months.

If you store-bought corn tortillas, you’ll find an expiry date printed on the package. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to discard them once the date is crossed. Still, you may have a week of time to consume, and trust me you wouldn’t find any trouble having them.

Do Corn Tortillas Go Bad?

Like many other organic products, corn tortillas also tend to go bad with time. But the exact time mostly depends on three things- the date of expiration, if preservatives are added or not, and the place where they have been stored.  If any one of them has not fallen into places the corn tortillas are bound to go bad.

How To Tell If Corn Tortillas Are Bad, Rotten, Or Spoiled?

Tortillas only last a few days or weeks after opening the package. Few signs confirm that your corn tortillas have gone bad.

  1. If you find your tortillas develop molds then certainly it’s spoiled. Besides, if there are some spots and also tortilla has changed its color to green tinges, it means the time has come to discard it.
  2. Take a small piece of it, if it smells a rotten or bad odor, then it is obviously spoiled, and you have no way left but to throw it away.
  3. Finally, take a smaller piece of tortilla and if it tastes rotten and dirty, that means it’s gone bad.

How To Store Tortillas To Extend Their Shelf Life?

To extend the tortilla’s shelf life, you have to follow several ways. Such as-

  1. If you want to store your corn tortillas in good condition at room temperature, then you should keep them in an airtight bag and then place them in the pantry.
  2. If you have homemade corn tortillas that tend to get wet and spoiled more quickly, you have to put them in a plastic bag wrapped in cloth once they are cooled. This’ll allow the tortillas to stay good for more of their shelf life.
  3.  If you want to store those homemade tortillas in a refrigerator, you have to separate them from one another using cooking papers. This will prevent the chances of fungus appearing between them and also maintain the much-needed freshness more than keeping in the pantry.
  4. If you have a good amount of tortillas that you may take more than a week to consume, then freezing is the only way to do so. Then you have to put all tortillas in a ziplock bag and then place it in a freezer to avoid them from being frozen in this way, they’ll last up to 6 months.

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Do Corn Tortillas Need To Be Refrigerated?

Usually, corn tortillas last up to a week at room temperature in the pantry, which suggests you don’t need to refrigerate them. But if you have tortillas in bulk and you have planned to consume them taking more time, then keeping them in a refrigerator would be the best option for you. Besides, you can preserve the quality of corn tortillas 3-4 times longer, you must refrigerate them as it helps to keep them soft and edible for a long time.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Refrigerating Corn Tortillas?


  1. Keeping corn tortillas in a refrigerator certainly adds more shelf life [3-4 times] to your tortillas.
  2. A refrigerator provides corn tortillas with the much-needed softness that you love while eating them.
  3. It is always a healthy affair to keep corn tortillas in a refrigerator so that they could maintain the nutrients better than leaving them at room temperature.


  1. If it’s homemade ones, then you have to allow them to cool first and then store them in a refrigerator. Unless a chance of a bad result may be noted.
  2. If it’s store-bought ones, then you have to confirm if they are previously refrigerated or not. Otherwise, chances of getting hard may possible after some days. And you’ll have to heat the tortillas before eating.

Do Corn Tortillas and Fish Sauce Have Similar Refrigeration Needs?

Yes, both corn tortillas and fish sauce storage and shelf life require refrigeration. Corn tortillas should be kept in the refrigerator to maintain freshness and prevent mold growth. Similarly, fish sauce also needs to be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its shelf life and maintain its quality.

What Are The Best Ways To Heat Fresh Corn Tortillas?

This is not a surprise that everyone wants to warm up their tortillas before consuming them. Heat makes the tortillas soft and also brings an additional flavor out to them. Three ways work to heat your tortillas convincingly.

Firstly, it is a tortilla warmer, the ceramic dishes that can be gently heated up on the stovetop and you can put tortillas in a stack, and it will reheat all of them in one go.

Secondly, it’s a griddle, a flat surface that you need to heat up to medium heat place your tortillas one after another on that surface and cook them for 30 seconds and then flip them and again cook for 30 seconds.

Finally, you can place all tortillas you have into a stainless steel skillet that is already placed on a stovetop. Then allow them to get warm using medium heat one side after another for 30 seconds on each side. This will keep your corn tortillas warm the moment you consider having them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Corn tortillas make you gain weight?

A tortilla provides 30-60 calories to your diet and all those calories are absorbed by your body as they come from nutrients. Therefore, you cannot blame all corn tortillas for your weight gain.

Which Is Better Corn Or Flour Tortillas?

Corn tortillas are healthier than flour tortillas as the former has fewer carbs, less fat contents, and much more fiber. Besides, they are gluten-free and keep you away from a celiac problem. Therefore, corn is always ahead of flour tortillas.

How Do You Make Corn Tortillas Taste Better?

If you want crispy tortillas, all you need to sprinkle some salt and then place them in a single layer between the dry paper towels, and finally send them into the microwave for 45 seconds and get them crispy as you wish. As for yummy and crunchy, you need to coat them with vegetable oil, sprinkle salt and then bake in a 450-degree oven until it turns brown and crisp.

Why The Corn Tortillas Cracking?

Well, the only factor behind this issue is your tortillas aren’t warm enough. If they are dry or too cool, the lards cannot bind together and it makes the tortilla break or crack. To avoid this make sure your tortillas are warm enough before consuming them.

The Last Bite

That’s all I have all about corn tortillas and possibly you may have now enough to know Do Corn Tortillas Need To Be Refrigerated? Thanks a lot for being with me for so long. See you soon!!!

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