Do Apricots Need To Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

Do Apricots Need To Be Refrigerated? Does It Go Bad?

Our today’s topic is APRICOT a kind of fruit with its unique taste, quality, and benefits that make it different from others and it earns enormous followers all around. Therefore, this question certainly comes to mind; Do Apricots Need To Be Refrigerated? The reason behind this question is nothing but to know if it can be stored properly for longer use. So, now let’s start the whole matter from the very beginning and see what more information can be collected out of it.

What Are Apricots?

The fruit apricots can be kept in the same bracket as stone fruits. This juicy flesh, sweet or tart flavored, 1 ½ “-2” sized yellow to orange colored, soft and velvety skinned fruits surrounds a hard stone at the center. The ripe apricots are precisely eaten raw, but they also can be used in cooking, or even dried.

According to the sources, the majority of harvested apricots are dried and they are sold in cans. Only 1/4th of the harvested fresh apricots come to the market. But the canned apricots are found more flavored than the fresh ones as they are left on the trees for more times to allow them to ripen and that helps to develop more flavor naturally.

How Long Do Apricots Last?

The shelf life of fresh apricots largely depends on the storage condition of the fruit. It varies among pantries, refrigerators, and freezers. The whole apricots stay good for 1-3 days in a pantry, 3-5 days in a refrigerator, and up to 5 months in a freezer. Besides, if you cut them into pieces, then they will remain good in the pantry for only 2 hours.

But if you have dried apricots, keep them in a refrigerator for extended life of 6 months. As for canned apricots, you have to keep them in a cool, dry place, perhaps the pantry would be quite alright for you. But if the can is opened, you have to place the residue in a refrigerator keeping it in a covered container and try to finish it within 4 days.

Do Aptricots Need To Be Refrigerated?

According to USDA [United States Department of Agriculture] safety recommendations, which always suggest what is the better way to preserve any foodstuff, apricots no matter if it is fresh or dried always require a cool place to last for much longer.

As dried fruits have less moisture than fresh ones, hence it doesn’t go so bad easily. Therefore, keeping them in a refrigerator means you can add some more life to them and allow them to remain fresh for quite some time. As mostly you prefer to store dried apricots for further use, then it is obvious that you would go to keep them in your refrigerator. Here the apricots will remain well for 6-12 months.

If you have unripe apricots then put them in a paper bag before keeping them in a refrigerator. And for ripe ones, you need to put them in a plastic bag or container and then place it in the refrigerator. But in all cases, bring back apricots to the normal temperature before using.

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Are Dried Apricots Bad For You?

Dried apricots contain high fiber and more nutrients than fresh ones. But intake of too much fiber may cause you to have gas, constipation, abdominal cramp, and even diarrhea. Besides, apricots are high in a sugar called fructose and calories, so they cannot be recommended to consume in excess. It can give you stomach aches if you eat this dried fruit too much. It can safely be taken in small amounts with some other nutritious foods.

Are Dried Apricots Good For Your Skin?

As I have already said that dried apricots have more nutrients than fresh ones, they supply a good amount of vitamin A that works as antioxidants that come useful for your health in many ways. Especially,  help to reduce the risk of free-radical damage and retain the original structure of your skin and also slow the aging process of your skin.

Do Apricots Go Bad?

Well, this is the factor that mainly depends on the way you’re storing them. If you store it inappropriately then it cannot stay good for its valid time. Such as, if you keep the fresh one under direct sunlight, and allow excessive air to come in touch with them then it’ll spoil quickly. If it’s dried apricots then they may stay well for a maximum of one year, and after that, if you notice that they have earned a bad smell and develop dark spots, then it’s time to discard them.

How Do You Store Fresh Apricots?

Usually, farmers harvest unripe apricots and they will continue to ripen with time. If you find the apricots in that condition, store them at room temperature, away from sunlight and other sources of heat. To speed up the ripening process, you have to put them in a zipper bag and then leave the bag on the countertop of your kitchen for2-3 days.

Do Apricots Need To Be Refrigerated?

Once they ripen place them in a refrigerator. But here you may consume it within a week, unless the cold temperature may change its flavor and texture.

Can You Freeze Fresh Apricots?

Yes, you should not hesitate to keep your fresh apricots in a freezer. But before that, you have to go through a process. Such as-

  1. Wash all the fresh apricots you have and cut them into halves or slice them.
  2. Make a solution using ½ tbsp of ascorbic acid for every 6 tbsp of cold water and make a coat on the fruits so that you can prevent apricots from darkening.
  3.  Now add ½ cup of sugar to each quart[1.13 ltrs] of fruit and stir the whole mixture until sugar is dissolved.
  4. After that, put the whole mixture into an airtight container and then place the container into the freezer for 24 hours.
  5. Finally, put all the apricots into a freezer bag and place then the bag again in the freezer. This bag protects the apricots from being frozen.

If you can follow the steps properly, then the apricots will remain at their best for 12-18 months easily. Even you safely use them beyond that time.

frequently asked questions

How Many Dried Apricots Should Be Eaten A Day?

As I have told you, due to having various nutrients this fruit either fresh or dried can be considered a healthy affair, but as it is enriched with calories and sugar, you cannot intake more than 7-8 apricots a day.

How Do You Store Apricots At Home?

Here you have to follow an interesting way to store apricots at your place. Keep both fresh and dried apricots altogether in a glass jar and sealed the container and allow them to stay for 7-10 days. The moisture that is released by the fresh ones is absorbed by the dried counterparts. Only you have to shake the jar to separate the pieces.

How Long Does Apricot Last Once Open?

Apricots, if kept in an airtight sealed jar will be at their top quality in the pantry for 6 months. Once it’s opened you have to place it in a refrigerator in the same airtight jar and here you’ll get an extra 6 months of time.

Are Dried Apricots A Laxative?

Dried apricots are enriched with fiber that works on your digestive fluids to make your stool soft and in this way, it gives you relief from constipation.

Wrapping Up

Fruits are no less than an integral part of our life. However, the choices are different but the worth cannot be denied. Same you can say for apricots. Therefore, Do Apricots Need To Be Refrigerated? This is an essential question as you can consume this fruit time and again, so it must be stored at your place.

So, the time has arrived to pull the curtain down. See you soon!! Have a nice time!!

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