Can You Make Cookies Without Brown Sugar?

Are you planning to surprise your family with some cookies in the morning? Imagine waking up early only to realize that the recipe demands for brown sugar and you have none. You should not allow that to thwart your plan. If you have white sugar, it can act as an excellent substitute. If the recipe indicates that you need half a cup of brown sugar, use half a cup of the white sugar.

Can You Make Cookies Without Brown Sugar

Note that, there is a reason why a recipe is specific to the type of sugar to use. When baking or cooking, the reactions of different kinds of sugar are not the same. The taste will also be different from the intended one if you substitute.

What’s The Main Difference Between White and Brown Sugar?

Brown sugar is a combination of white sugar plus molasses, which makes the brown sugar to retain more moisture compared to the white sugar. White sugar has slightly more calories compared to brown sugar. Their mineral levels, chemistry and acidity are also different. That means when you use either in the recipe, the flavor and texture will be slightly different. In this case, using white sugar instead of brown sugar, your cookies will raise more. The brown sugar makes the cookies moister. Nevertheless, that should not hinder you from substituting the brown sugar for white sugar. The cooking will still be very delicious and crispy.

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

Knowing how to make Chocolate Chip Cookies at home is vital. You don’t have to rush to the store to buy cookies whenever you crave for them. You can also bake them for your visitors or your family without incurring much cost. So how do you make them without the brown sugar? Here are the ingredients that you require.

What You Need To Make Chocolate Chips Cookies

  • Flour-21/4 cups
  • Salt-1/2 teaspoon
  • Eggs-2
  • Baking soda-1 teaspoon
  • Unsalted Butter-I cup
  • White sugar-3/4 cup
  • Vanilla extracts-2 teaspoons
  • Jumbo semisweet chocolate chips-2 cups
  • White chocolate chips-1 cup
  • Chopped walnuts-1 1/2 cups

Step By Step Guide

Follow the steps below to guide you on how to make chocolate chip cookies homemade.

1. Start by preheating your oven up to 375 degrees F/190 Degrees C.

2. Take a medium bowl and combine the flour, baking soda and salt. Using a sieve /sifter sift the mixture through to reduce its clumping.

3. Using a large bowl, add butter and sugar and beat them together. Add the eggs each at a time and vanilla extract and beat them together until they completely combine. To form a soft dough, you need to blend the sifted ingredients. Add semisweet chocolate chips and stir. Then add white chocolate chips as well as walnuts gradually.

4. Using either a pre-greased or even a lined baking sheet, drop several spoonful’s of cookie dough and space them with at least an inch. If you place them together, the chances of running and joining together are high.

5. Put them in your preheated oven and bake them for 8-11 minutes. Bake them until they turn lightly golden. Avoid over baking them since they will turn dark brown and burnt. Remove them using a spatula and let them cool for 10 minutes in a cooking rank.

6. Eat them depending on your preferences. Either when hot and steamy or even when cooled and slightly crisp.

Use a wooden spoon to stir your cookie dough. It will remain with more air bubbles hence become airier.

Using Honey Instead Of Brown Sugar

You might realize that you don’t have either brown or white sugar but the only honey. Your plan of making cookies will still go on. Honey makes a perfect substitute for the brown sugar since its naturally sweet and viscous. Unlike white sugar, it can be a little bit tricky since you have to make a few adjustments.

In case the recipe indicates that you require two cups of brown sugar, then you will have to use 1 ¾ cups of honey. Sugar and honey have some differences. Compared to sugar, honey has more fructose. Its moist content is also higher. As a result, your end product will be moister and sweeter compared to when using sugar.

Note that, when using honey, your cookies will turn brown faster. To prevent the cookies from burning, minimize the temperatures by 25 degrees. If you are using a cup of honey when baking, you should add a quarter spoonful of baking soda. That will help to reduce acidity and food density.

When using honey, you have to do some calculation to get good results. It’s beneficial since your baked good will remain moister longer. If in your recipe you have liquid ingredients, you should minimize them by a quarter cup for every cup of honey you use.


  • What Makes Cookies Dry and Burnt?

It can be disappointing putting all these efforts on for the cookies to turn up dry or even burnt. Over mixing your dough, can cause it to harden and dry. So if you want the best result, don’t over mix it. If you note that the dough is getting dry, you can add some butter or water. Not only will that prevent the dough from drying but it will protect it from getting burnt as well.

Excessive heat can also cause the cookies to dry. Put a moderate heat. Also, if you overcook the cookies and remove them, they will continue cooking if the temperature in the house is high. The best option would be to remove them when undercooked so that even if they continue cooking, they will still be okay.

  • Why Are My Cookies Raw While The Edges Are Brown?

 If the oven is too hot, the edges will get heat faster. AS a result, the edges will turn brown faster. If you face such a challenge, remove them from the oven. Lower the oven’s temperatures. Let them cook while sitting on top of your oven. Another option is to freeze the dough first. Then bake it. It will cook slowly without spreading.

  • Why Does The Bottom Of Cookies Turn Out Burnt?

One of the main reasons why the bottom of your cookies gets burnt is if you roll too large cookies. If they are too large, the bottom will burn—the type of cookie tray you are also using matters. If you use a dark non-stick tray, your cookies will bake faster, causing the bottom to get burnt. The rack in your oven could also be another problem. The lower the rank, the faster it gathers the heat making your cookies cook faster.

  • Why Can’t My Cookies Get Off The Try?

Before using the cookie try, you should first spread non-stick greasing spray. Alternatively, you can use butter or margarine to protect your cookies from sticking. Assuming you forgot to spray and you note that they are sticking, here is what you should do. Let them first cool. Pick them slowly using a spatula. Mix the cookies with ice cream in case they break.

  • What causes the cookie dough to be crumbly?

Few reasons can make the dough crumbly. For instance, if the butter you are using is not at room temperature, expect the dough to be crumbly. The butter also must be soft when using it. The way you mix your ingredients matters. Apart from mixing them slowly, you should avoid over-mixing them. Failure to follow your recipe is another cause. Use the ingredients listed without using substitutes. For instance, if the recipe instructs you to use granulated sugar, you should never use caster sugar as an alternative.

  • How Do I Know If My Cookies Are Ready?

No one wants to risk removing the cookies before they are ready. That’s why you need to check if they are ready. Pick a toothpick. Stick it in the middle of the cookie. If chocolate comes out, your cookie is ready. But if you see batter, it’s not yet ready.

  • Can I Make Cookies Without Vanilla Extract?

If you check in your kitchen cabinet and realize that you don’t have vanilla extract, relax. You can cook without it. The only difference is that the taste will be different from a cookie made with vanilla extracts.


Worry less if your recipe requires brown sugar, and you have none. You can still use white sugar or honey. When using white sugar, use the same amount you could have used when using brown sugar. If you have to use honey, do some calculations to avoid putting excessive honey. The end product will still be sweet but will taste different from the cookie made with brown sugar. When cooking using honey, you require putting lesser heat to protect your cookies from getting burnt. When making the cookies dough, you should add your ingredients gradually. Avoid over-mixing since the dough will become hard. When you want to stir the ingredients, always use a wooden spoon. Don’t worry if you don’t have vanilla extract. You can still bake without it though the taste will be a bit different.

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