Blackstone Tailgater Grill/Griddle Combo Review

Cooking the best meals is not a skill that only depends on the cook. The tools and equipment cooks use are part of the overall cooking practice. Thus, professional chefs rely on professional equipment to deliver delectable food. One of the essential equipment for cooking need is a grill or a griddle. In fact, grills and griddles enable easy cooking as they just need to place the food on top of them.

Furthermore, grills and griddles are essential for tailgating and camping. Tailgating is so much fun but it will never be a good experience without appetizing food. Thus, a portable gas or charcoal grill is a must for these kinds of adventures. Grills and griddles are different but they both serve the same purpose. The most common type used now for outdoor events is the gas griddles. However, there are so many of them today. Also, grills and griddles are sold separately as they are two different products. If you are looking for the best tailgater grill or griddle, here is a mind-reliving option. Blackstone tailgater grill/griddle combo will serve both purposes without compensating for any of the features of both. Check below for Blackstone tailgater’s review.

Blackstone Tailgater Grill/Griddle Combo Review

Call it a griddle, a grill, or a tailgater, it actually serves all purposes. Blackstone grill griddle combo is a piece of unique cooking equipment as it combines all the good features you are looking for. First of all, it is divided into two parts, a grill, and a griddle. The grill is 17X17X9 whereas the griddle is 17x17x3. Although the griddle seems smaller than other similar options, its size is still good enough to cook a full meal. Considering the fact that it has both a grill and a griddle, it is comparable to other products. Blackstone’s tailgater is a good option for families who have different cooking styles.

Blackstone tailgater grill/griddle has a powder-coated chrome material for resisting heat effects. It comes compact in two portable bags. So, it is easily stored, carried, and taken anywhere outdoors. One bag holds the griddle and the smaller one is for the grill. Similar to the tailgater itself, the bags have good quality material. Thus, it can withstand different weather conditions and protect the grill/griddle inside. In addition, installation is just a breeze. The legs are foldable, so, it is a minute or so and the griddle is ready to cook.

For preparing various options of foods, this griddle has two burners. The first with 15,000 BTUs and the second with 20,000 BTUs. Worth mentioning that the smaller one is for the griddle while the other is for the grill. Both can work together for bulk cooking or use each alone for less food. Therefore, one can choose how he likes his food better.

Blackstone tailgater gas grill/griddle is a real package as it comes with different tools. The package includes five other cooking tools every professional needs in cooking. Two grade spatulas with appropriate sizes to flip food. One scraper with a dual function; either chopping food as meat or scrapping the grease from the griddle. All of these tools are stainless steel for long-lasting products. Further, they can be washed in the dishwasher after each use. Not only that but also there are two fine tip bottles for various uses. You can use them for spices or even for cooking oil as they will never leak.


  • Grill & griddle at the same time
  • Comes with 5 tools
  • Easily stored and transported
  • Suitable size for large families
  • Easy setup


  • Flames put off in windy conditions
  • No wheels to transport

Buying guide

With the plenty of grills and griddles available in the market, customers get confused when choosing a reliable outdoor option. While all of them will cook food, they don’t all have the same features. Choosing the best product needs some time to review the available options to make a decision. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a grill or griddle.

Grill or griddle

The first question to ask is whether you need a grill or a griddle. While many people use the two terms interchangeably, there is a difference between both. Blackstone tailgater grill/griddle combo shows this difference.

The griddle is a flat cooking top usually cast iron to heat faster. The griddle is suitable for cooking things like an omelet, toast with cheese, or pancakes. Also, you can cook other things on a grill as they are similar to pans placed on top of a cooker.

On the other side, grills have ridges that leave those lines on the grilled food. Those are better for cooking burgers, steak, and tortillas. Grills leave the food juicy and mouth-watering.

According on how you prefer your food, you can choose between grills and griddles. Luckily, there is an option that has both as a combo. This works best for sharing where each person can cook on one side. Alternatively, those who love to change their food taste every now and then can use this option as well.


Different grills and griddles come in different sizes. What matters here is the cooking area. Generally, the larger size the better. However, smaller families or couples don’t need a very large cooking area unless they will be using it for parties and gatherings. Larger sizes are more difficult to store and carry. Thus, it is about who and how you will use it.

Also, the overall size of the grill/griddle plays a role in picking the best product. Typically, griddles high-quality griddles have foldable legs to reduce the size when storing.

Type of grill/griddle

There are different types of grills and griddles. For example, countertop grills with smaller sizes to fit in the kitchen. In addition, the charcoal grills which give this irresistible food taste and smell. Also, gas griddles and grills are a good option for BBQ and tailgating. Finally, there are electric grills and griddles which are more practical and easier to use indoors.

According to the purpose, you should be able to choose from these options. Electric equipment is the best for everyday use but they won’t help outdoors.

Charcoal and gas griddles are the go-for option for outdoors and camping. Some people love the charcoal smell, however, gas ones are easier and faster.


How to install the Blackstone tailgater griddle grill combo?

First, open the larger bag which includes the main body. Straighten the legs which are only half legs. The other halves have to be inserted. To insert them, you should level the four legs and tighten each half using the screws. An easy way to do so is to flip the whole thing over and tighten one of the legs. After that, flip the tailgater again and level the other legs then tighten them.

Next, take off the grill in the smaller bag. Place it in its position and lock it tightly. Do the same thing with the griddle and off you go. The only thing remaining is to clean both the griddle and grill and then start using them.

Do you need cooking oil for the griddle?

Preferably yes. When using a griddle, it is better to put a thin layer of cooking oil to prevent food from sticking. Also, it gives food a better taste. However, some people use their griddles or grills without any oil. It still works but if food is left too much time, it might stick. Thus, cleaning becomes harder.

Is it healthy to cook on griddles/grills?

Absolutely yes. Grills and griddles are healthier alternatives to frying pans as they don’t need much oil.

Which is better grills or griddles?

It depends on how you like your food. Some people prefer grills as they believe they are healthier than griddles. In fact, the difference in terms of health is not that much as they both have the same working mechanism. However, grills reduce the food oil as it drips out from food when it is grilled. Maybe that’s why people believe it is healthier.

The difference is in the final taste of food. Griddles are better for fast and half-cooked food as toast, butter, and cheese. Whereas grills are better for fatty food as meat, chicken, and burgers. Yet, both griddles and grills can be used for the same purposes if there is no other option. So, griddles and grills are both good options and both are better than fryers.


With a product like the Blackstone grill and griddle combo, you don’t need to choose between a grill and a griddle. Now, you can have both in one product from a reliable brand name as Blackstone. If you have never used a gas grill or griddle before, we strongly recommend this option to try both. If you love family and friends gathering, why don’t you pamper yourselves and have some mouth-watering grilled food? Even if you are a traveler or a camper, this could be your friend. In brief, it is an all-in-one solution for different purposes.

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