Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station 1554 36-Inch Griddle Reviews

Blackstone Griddle Cooking Station 1554 36-Inch Griddle Reviews

Outdoor cooking is a great way to reunite the whole family or friends at one place and relish mouth-watering delicacies. Whether you are cooking in bulk or not, a griddle would be your perfect companion in food preparation. Generally, a griddle comprises a flat and smooth surface for cooking and a source of heat present underneath it. Eventually, it facilitates hassle-free and quick cooking, especially when you are making dishes for a crowd.

Likewise, a griddle has a broader surface area for a convenient cooking experience. A great thing to consider about the griddles is that it has no sides that make it easier to flip the food. Apart from that, the open area prevents moisture tapping from adding more freshness, taste, and crispiness to the dish. Moreover, a griddle cooking station is suitable for both domestic as well as commercial use.

There are different types of griddles varying as per their respective functionalities. Further, the most common one is a cast iron or a non-stick griddle that the user has to place over a heated burner. On the other hand, some griddles can be set up into a range. In addition, there are also electric griddles that one has to plugin into the electricity source. If you are looking out for the best griddle options, then go through the following review of the Blackstone 4 burner griddle.

Which Blackstone Griddle product is best for outdoor cooking?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the Blackstone Griddle Charcoal Grill Combo is the best option. This versatile grill allows you to cook a variety of foods on its griddle top or use the charcoal grill for that classic BBQ flavor. It’s the perfect choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Blackstone griddle cooking station 1554 36-Inch

Blackstone’s 1554 griddle station with 4 burners is great for outdoor cooking sessions. In particular, it weighs around 120 pounds and the dimensions are 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches. Coming onto the build-up, it is made with alloy steel for long-lasting and reliable performance. More to say, the sleek black-colored griddle body looks stylish and is perfect for adding elegance to your modern kitchen.

In addition, there is a grease drain system to facilitate efficient grease management. Further, this propane griddle consists of a battery-driven push button for ignition to facilitate an easy start. Thus, it eliminates the need for charcoal, matches, or kerosene to cook the food. Apart from that, the flat top grill area is 720 square inches. You can cook a variety of dishes on the griddle, including the Teppanyaki cuisine as well.

There is a bottommost shelf along with two shelves located on the sides for food preparation and storage. In particular, the four controllable heat burners are made with stainless steel of 15,000 BTU. These burners produce a maximum of 60,000 BTUs that one can adjust as per the cooking requirement. Eventually, it adds to the versatility of the griddle.

However, this 4 burner Blackstone griddle comprises a black-colored steel frame with a concealing of powder for better durability. Besides, the thick cooktop is engineered with cold-rolled and premium-quality steel for a long-lasting application. Another impressive aspect of this 36 outdoor griddle is its four caster wheels of industrial strength for an effortless and hassle-free movability. You can also lock the two securing casters to keep them intact in one place.


  • Straightforward set-up system
  • Wide-ranging cooking options
  • Build with alloy steel for strength
  • 4 customizable heat zones


  • Grease tap located on the central rear part is not much efficient
  • Prone to rust if not cleaned properly after usage

Things to consider

Initially, it is challenging for the newbies to pick out the minor differences between the griddles. There is a different griddle for each purpose. Likewise, an electric griddle is best suitable for indoor use, whereas a propane-driven griddle is perfect for bulk cooking. Apart from it, the portable griddles are handy for outdoor cooking during camping. For this, you can go check out the Blackstone griddle portable range. Hence, it is vital to consider certain pivotal aspects before getting a griddle that suffices your requirements.

1. Types of the griddle

Each type of griddle has its specialty when it comes to functionality and cooking as well. Commonly, the following are the three types of griddles popular in the segment for their utility.

Gas griddle

A gas grill griddle has a bigger cooking surface and is helpful for restaurant owners. Gas griddles are comparatively expensive than the other ones in the market. Moreover, such types of griddles need gas and cannot operate without an outdoor griddles grill. A good thing to consider about gas griddles is that they are efficient in mass cooking without compromising the taste. Nevertheless, they are not compatible with domestic use.

Stove top griddle

A stove griddle is made up of cast iron or superior-quality aluminum. Usually, one has to place it on the top of the stove. Stove griddles are flat like cookie sheets that are not much thicker. Generally, people use them for charring the food properly. These types of griddles are compact and less expensive than their counterparts.

If you want a versatile kitchen appliance for low-profile grilling, the Blackstone flat griddle will work well. In particular, it has more space than pre-seasoned skillets. Some variants of stove griddles might even cover two stove burners at a time.

Electric griddle

Electric griddles are ideal for household use and consist of an in-built element of heat powered by electricity. These are portable and can be placed at any corner in your kitchen nearest to a power outlet. However, the best part is that you can store electric griddles in a secure place after using them. Furthermore, their surface is thinner than the commercial ones.

A majority of electric griddles are crafted with stainless steel and premium-grade aluminum for a non-sticky surface. However, one can discover various electric griddles in the market depending on their functionality and features. If you are looking for one, the electricity-driven portable Blackstone grill is a viable option in the segment.

2. Plate material of the griddle

Commonly, steel and cast iron are the two most preferable plate materials through which a griddle is made. Out of these both, steel is better as it heats up faster than the cast iron. In addition, it also distributes the heat uniformly for exceptional results while cooking. Besides, it provides a non-stick and easy-to-clean surface that eases the job during food preparation.

However, do not opt for the thinner steel plates as they do not retain heat for longer. Instead, you can prefer the griddle plates made with chromed steel. On the other hand, the cast iron is a thicker material that takes more time to heat up than steel. Eventually, it does not spread the heat consistently, unlike the steel-plated griddles.

3. Thickness of the plate

te next important thing to consider is the thickness of the plate. Usually, a thing might is responsive while altering the temperature and is less expensive too. Moreover, it quickly adapts to the temperature, thus consuming lesser energy. However, thin plates tend to warp if the temperature is too high and distributes the heat unevenly. Consequently, it leads to cold and hot spots.

Contrary to this, the thick plates do not warp and have excellent heat retention capabilities. These dispense the heat evenly but are less responsive to temperature changes. As a result of this, thick plates utilize more energy to attain the anticipated temperature.

Why choose a blackstone grill?

A Blackstone grill is known for its excellent quality and the larger cooking surface. Apart from that, it is versatile that allows the user to cook various cuisines with ease. One of the most36 impressive outdoor aspects of a Blackstone griddle station is its shallower sides that do not trap moisture while you cook. Ultimately, it adds a delectable taste and more crispiness to your food, thus enhancing the flavor.

Talking about durability, the Blackstone grills are engineered with superior-quality steel. Along with that, it comprises thicker plates for better heat retention while cooking. More to say, each Blackstone cooking burner has the feature of heat customization for low to high cooking. What else will the chef inside you need?

Features to consider while choosing a blackstone grill

There is a wide range of Blackstone cooking station variants available in the market. Because of this, it has become challenging to select the best one from the collection. However, do look for the following features to make your purchase fruitful.

Overall cooking area

Firstly, check out the total area of the cooking surface and compare it with your requirements. For nuclear families, a 17-inch grill would be perfect. On the contrary, a 36-inch grill would be more suitable for the joint families as it facilitates bulk cooking.


Before getting a grill, assess its BTU as it determines the cooking efficiency. Usually, a grill’s power is measurable in BTUs. In particular, the larger grills require more BTUs to heat the complete cooking area. Ideally, one should go for the grill with each of the four burners producing around 15,000 BTUs.

Weight and dimensions

If you want to move around the grill quite often, consider the lightweight models for easier movability. For this, a tabletop grill of 17 to 22-inch would be suitable. Contrarily, if you want to keep the grill intact in one place, opt for weightier models, such as the 36-inch ones.

While assessing the dimensions, it will depend on the number of people you are cooking for. If you are cooking for three to five people, a smaller griddle will suffice. Contrary to this, a larger griddle will be the best option if you cook for more than six people.

How to clean your blackstone griddle?

If you own a Blackstone griddle station, it is essential to keep it clean. Otherwise, it will make the surface area messier and hamper the performance. Below mentioned is the proper way through which you can clean and maintain the griddle after usage.

  • Initially, allow the griddle to cool down entirely once the cooking is done
  • Scrape the cooking surface using a scraper or a spatula of metal
  • Take a paper towel or dishcloth and wipe down the residues
  • If the food is stuck on the surface, pour a reasonable amount of water when it is warm to take out the stubborn residues
  • Take a scouring pad by Blackstone and rub it over the surface
  • Afterward, take paper towels and rinse off the leftover water
  • Now, use a cloth and dry the surface gently
  • Apply oil coating on the surface to keep it in top condition in between the application

What customers are saying?

According to the Blackstone grills reviews, the customers have to say the following:

  • In terms of size and dimension, the 36-inch Blackstone griddle reflects perfection
  • Cleaning process and maintenance is straightforward and quick
  • Seals the flavor and adds more crispiness to the food
  • Excellent cooking appliance for the campers as it prepares breakfast within minutes
  • Ideal for large families as it contains more space along with four burners
  • Professional performance and convenient assembling makes the 36-inch griddle worth the price
  • Bigger surface area with flawless heat retention and distribution

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is there a need to season the griddle?

If you want your griddle to last for a longer duration, then you need to season it. Likewise, it requires proper maintenance and utmost care. A proper seasoning gives a naturally stick-resistant surface to the grill and safeguards it from unsolicited moistness, resulting in the accumulation of rust.

2. What should you do during cooking on the griddle?

First of all, rub a thin layer of cooking oil on the griddle when you start cooking. Once you have finished, clean it, season it, and spread it with a clean cotton cloth to prepare for subsequent use.

3. How much time does a griddle take to heat?

Usually, a griddle takes at least 10-15 minutes to heat up. Likewise, you have to heat it properly to get optimum results.

4. Is Blackstone griddle worth buying?

Blackstone griddle is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a large one. In this regard, you need to oil it perfectly to avoid the accumulation of corrosion.

5. Is Blackstone the brand you are looking for?

Are you looking to get hold of one of the best griddles, then look no further as Blackstone is undoubtedly a good brand in the market that focuses on griddles, along with its accessories and covers, etc. Furthermore, the products are crafted in the US and designed to enhance the quality, sturdiness, and long-lastingness.

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