Blackstone Griddle And Charcoal Grill Combo Review

Cooking enthusiasts always want to try new flavors and cooking styles. Charcoal grills are a bit classical way of grilling food. On the other side, gas griddles offer a slightly different taste as fats and grease drip out of the food resulting in a more well-done taste.

For outdoor cooking experience, gas and charcoal grills or griddles can be used to prepare a complete meal. Forget about restaurant food and consider these wonderful cooking tools. While there are many options as we just mentioned some of them, the Blackstone griddle and charcoal grill combo is one of the top picks. It has many features that make outdoor cooking a lovely experience even for beginners.

Perhaps the main feature for this one is combining the charcoal grill and gas griddle in one product. Below, you will find a detailed review of the Blackstone griddle charcoal grill combo. After you read all the details, you can decide whether this combo is a good choice for you or not.

Blackstone Griddle And Charcoal Grill Combo Review

Combining both a charcoal grill and a flat griddle, Blackstone’s combo griddle and grill is a combo option. So, you don’t need to choose between charcoal and gas. Never settle down for the taste of the food you prefer. With a griddle and a charcoal grill, you got both at the same time. The grill for traditional grilled food is similar to that of restaurants. On the other side, the griddle is more practical and easier to use, yet, serving a delicious taste as well. What’s more, you can use both sides for a perfect meal combining grilled meat or chicken with griddled sautéed vegetables and sides.

Starting with the charcoal part, the dimensions of the grate are 16 x 15.75 inches. This can accommodate 6 medium-sized burgers. Also, the grate is adjustable, thus, you can control how done your food is. The hook for holding the grate comes within the package for changing the grate levels while cooking. For placing the charcoal, there is a retractable drawer to prevent messing up the whole area around. Further, this drawer can be removed easily to get rid of used charcoal.

Moving to the grill, it is 17 x 15.7 inches. The material of the cooking top is steel which is very easy to clean. Moreover, there is a grease drainer at the backside to get rid of the grease once it accumulates. Thus, facilitating the cleaning process more. The ignition system of the griddle is also adjustable just like the grill. Hence, giving the opportunity for cooking a variety of food options. With a 12,000 BTU burner and adjustable levels, Blackstone’s combo gives versatility in cooking and preparing grilled food.

As for the whole griddle and grill, the dimensions are 50.5 x 21.25 x 35.75 inches. These are suitable for outdoor settings where the height provides a comfortable standing position while cooking. Similarly, the weight is around 30 pounds which weighs less than other similar products but is still a heavy-duty cooking appliance. For transportation, one doesn’t need to lift the griddle as it has wheels. Wheels are functional here as most of the time, the griddle will be placed outdoors. However, there is no need to worry about rust as the material has an anti-rusting black powder coat.

Blackstone griddle charcoal grill combo comes with two shelves, one at the bottom with nearly the same length of the whole griddle. So, any less usable cooking equipment could be placed there. Whereas the other one is on the griddle side for placing oils and spatulas for example. Further, there are handles on the front side for attaching other cooking tools. No worries about heat as the griddle is well-isolated. So, heat will never reach the side shelf or the bottom one. Moreover, if you choose to use only one side, the grill or the griddle, the other side won’t get over-heated.

Blackstone charcoal grill and griddle combo operate on a propane gas tank. The adapter Hose comes within the package. However, you need to buy a tank to use the griddle.


  • Griddle and charcoal grill
  • Has wheels for transportation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good quality material to prevent rust


  • The side shelf is not very durable
  • Legs are not foldable

Buying guide

How many outdoor grills and griddles options are available? Too many and each has different features, pros, and cons. To help you choose the most suitable one, here are a few guidelines to consider before buying.


Grills and griddles have different designs. Here, we are talking about outdoor grills and griddles regardless of the electric or stovetop ones used at home. Some options work on gas only. Others need charcoal. For outdoor settings, both gas and charcoal grills are good. It depends on how you like your food. Fortunately, there are options with both a charcoal grill and a griddle as a combo of Blackstone griddle & charcoal grill. Others may combine a gas griddle and grill in the same product as well.


Griddles are not meant to stay for a few times of use. Alternatively, they should last for years. So, when buying a griddle, always pick a high-quality product that lasts for years. The material here is an important factor to consider. Mostly, griddles have cast iron or stainless steel cooking tops. Whereas the body material is stainless steel with a coat to prevent rust and corrosion.


Performance is determined by the ability to cook food without burning it or taking all day to cook. The burners actually indicate the efficiency of the griddle performance. Burners have BTU power which is the British thermal units. These measure the power of the burners and how much heat can they generate for food preparation.

Also, the number of burners is worth considering in this essence. If the griddle is wide, it should have more than one burner to distribute heat equally on all sides. Otherwise, it will cook what is placed directly on the burner while the sides will be left uncooked.


Since griddles and grills are outdoor equipment, they need to be easily transported. The ones with wheels are very practical in case you move them a lot. Some options come with cases to uninstall and store inside these cases. Then, it is easy to carry inside the case. In addition, foldable legs allow for easy storage and portability.


1. How to season the grill?

Rotate the igniter button to half and wait for minutes till the grill heats. Pour some oil in the middle of the griddle. Make sure to pour an adequate amount that covers the whole griddle. Use paper towels to distribute the oil all over the griddle. Don’t forget the raised edges as well. Be careful while doing so as the griddle is supposed to be hot now. Hence, you should use more than one layer of paper towels to prevent heat from reaching your hands. Wait for a couple of minutes and then repeat the same process again four or five times. When you find a change in the color of the griddle, then it means the seasoning is successful.

2. How to protect the griddle and grill from rust?

To maintain the griddle, you should season it well before using it. If it is kept without use for a long time, you should season it just like the first time. However, it is better to use it frequently to prevent rust.

The next thing to do is to put it away from the sun and wind. If you have to place it outdoors all the time, consider buying a cover for the whole griddle.

Finally, always make sure that you clean it after each use. Never leave grease on top of the griddle. Also, remove the ashes that remain from the charcoal after use.

3. Are charcoal grills bad for your health?

Generally, we cannot say charcoal is all dangerous for health. However, some people may do certain practices which cause the charcoal to become dangerous. For example, cooking in a closed area with charcoal. This causes carbon monoxide to accumulate and spread in the area. Consequently, it may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning which is very dangerous and can cause death.

Additionally, the way some people use to ignite charcoal may have some dangerous effects. Using too much oil or gasoline can lead to serious burns. So, it is better to learn first how to ignite charcoal or get someone else to do it for you.


Tailgaters, campers, and adventurers will all love this one from Blackstone. No more disputes about whether to get a charcoal grill for the taste or a gas griddle for the faster preparation process. With the Blackstone griddle charcoal grill combo, you have both in the same product. So, each person can use his preferable option and you will all get delectable meals. Blackstone combo is a great investment for yourself. Similarly, it can be a creative and impressive gift for a food lover.

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