Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36

Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36

Who hates having the best mouth-watering food with guilt-free cooking? In fact, you don’t have to use oils and fats to get the best taste of food. Luckily, we have griddles that basically grill food without the need to use oils, or use the minimum amount of oil. However, the taste is irresistible and cooking becomes so much fun. These are outdoor griddles suitable for professional chefs as well as beginners.

Griddles are a great option especially for crowds considering their larger size. Also, they are very easy to use and convenient as they are similar to ovens. Apart from this, griddles have different options to suit different needs. One main difference between griddles is the dimensions and cooking surface of the griddle. If you are looking for a griddle to save your life in the next BBQ or friends gathering, check our review of Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36.

Which Blackstone Griddle Size is Better for Tailgating – 28 or 36 inches?

When deciding between the Blackstone 28 and 36-inch griddles for tailgating, consider your cooking needs. The 28-inch option is more portable, while the 36-inch offers more cooking space. According to a blackstone tailgater grill review, both sizes are great for tailgating, so choose based on your specific requirements.

Blackstone 28 griddle review

Blackstone 28 griddle is a reliable one as it is capable of preparing large quantities of food considering its size. The cooking area is around 470sq inches. So, one can use it to cook burgers, poultry or meat and whatever sides at the same time. With two controllable burners, there is a possibility of adjusting the heat on each side according to what food is placed above. Thus, not all the food receives the same heat amount.

Cooking on this griddle is very easy, yet, professional. The griddle has a battery-powered ignition button. So, it doesn’t need electricity or matches to operate. Further, it is not a charcoal grill that requires charcoal and flammable oils every time one needs to cook. Alternatively, it is a gas griddle that connects to an oil tank similar to home ovens.

As for durability, Blackstone griddles are all of the good quality materials. The body is powder-coated stainless steel whereas the cooking top is cold-rolled steel. Hence, it can last for years of continuous use. Moreover, cleaning steel is an easy duty as food doesn’t always stick to this kind of cooking top. Further, if some little oil is used before cooking, cleaning becomes a breeze.

Blackstone 28 griddle is mainly for outdoor use. It provides a restaurant cooking style with a similar food taste. The two burners are 15,000 BTUs each where they have 6 adjustable heat options. Hence, there is an option to just warm the food or extremely cook it according to each one’s taste in food.

Moving to usability, the griddle has two wheels for transportation. Further, these wheels are lockable to secure in the griddle in its place. Also, it has a side shelf where cooking tools could be placed. However, this shelf sometimes gets hot when using the maximum heat on the burner directly next to the shelf. While the legs are foldable for hauling or storage, this griddle is not to be carried everywhere. It weighs around 75 pounds and the dimensions are 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches. Thus, it is better placed somewhere in the backyard and transported using the wheels. However, it is still a good option for camping and tailgating.


  • Adjustable heating zones
  • High-quality stainless steel body
  • Rear grease drainer
  • Foldable legs
  • Easy installation process


  • Battery-powered ignition is not durable
  • Flames put off in windy weather

Which Blackstone griddle size is better for cooking, the 28-inch or the 36-inch?

When it comes to choosing the right blackstone griddle cooking station size, it ultimately depends on your needs. The 28-inch is great for smaller gatherings and portability, while the 36-inch offers more cooking space for larger groups and versatility. Consider your typical usage and storage space before making a decision.

Blackstone 36 griddle review

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Another similar option from Blackstone with nearly most of the features but this time with a larger cooking top. With 720sq inches of, this griddle is the most practical option for large families and gatherings. Also, it has four heating zones allowing for cooking versatile options of food. Each of these zones is adjustable to suitable heat power. The total heating power this griddle offers is 60,000 BTUs with 15,000 BTUs for each of the four burners. To operate them, it needs a 20lb propane tank which resides under the left shelf.

Blackstone 36 griddle has two shelves on both sides. Considering its large size, the two shelves are there to aid more than one person in cooking. So, each one can place his oils, spices, and utensils while cooking. Also, there is another bottom shelf for placing other items not frequently used.

Similar to the previous griddle, the material is stainless steel with a black powder coat for resisting corrosion. Also, the cooking top has the same material for easy cleaning. Blackstone griddles are constructed with practical use in mind. Thus, everything in the griddle was taken care of to provide the best cooking experience. Even more, post-cooking cleanup was considered, thus, there is a rear or a front grease drainer. Further, the top is removable to clean and place back in its place.

Moving to transportation, the griddle is actually 120 pounds which is very heavy to carry. Although the legs are foldable, hauling is still not a practical solution. Thus, there are four wheels for easy transportation. They also have lock casters to keep in place. The dimensions of the whole griddle are 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches. Therefore, it is large cooking equipment that needs much space. So, this griddle is not for camping or taking anywhere outside. It is better used outdoors but at home considering its large size and heavyweight.


  • Very large cooking surface
  • Four wheels for easy transportation
  • Adjustable heating power
  • Removable surface for easy cleaning


  • Side shelves are difficult to remove
  • Very heavyweight

Which one to choose Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36?

Both Blackstone options are perfect for outdoor settings. However, choosing one of them depends on the situation. If you are to choose between Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36, think of the place the first thing. It is important to mention that the material and overall features of both are quite the same. Also, the ignition system and fuel tank are identical. So, the difference between both lies in the size, weight, and heating zones.

For the dimensions, The 36 griddle is of course bigger which is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time according to the use. For those who usually grill when the whole family is there, this one will be a better option. Also, the four heating zones and controllable heat powers will allow cooking different types of food at the same time. So, this griddle is for a family, not a single person or couple.

On the other side, the 28 inches griddle can also feed a family but not a large one. It is lighter in weight and smaller in size. So, it is a better option for tailgating. However, it only has two wheels instead of four as the 36 inches option. Thus, transportation is not the easiest.

In general, both griddles are heavy-duty and relatively large in size. They are better used at home. But if you want to use it somewhere else, go for the 28 inches option.

Buying Guide

Blackstone griddles are great cooking kits we do recommend for all people. When you opt for one of these, there are some considerations to pick the most suitable option. Here are the main points you need to check.


Blackstone griddles are large ones for outdoor use. While there are other smaller options, they don’t give the same functionality as outdoor ones. So, decide first where you will place this griddle. Do you have space as a backyard or so? Also, is there a place for storage? If yes, then move to the next questions. How many people will be using this griddle? For very large families, we recommend going for the largest griddles to cook all the food at once. However, if the main use is just a family of four, for example, there is no need for such a large griddle that takes much space.


Griddles can have a variety of food options. However, it is likely that people use outdoor griddles for everyday meals. So, consider the frequency of using these griddles before investing your money in one of them. Some people might just need electric griddles to cook everyday lunch. Others may settle for a stovetop griddle. However, this won’t provide the same food taste as Blackstone outdoor griddles. Hence, it is a matter of preferences. Need to mention that Blackstone griddles are better used frequently to prevent corrosion.

Heat zones

Different griddles have different heating zones. We mentioned two options above one with two heating zones and the other with four. The idea here is the more heating zones, the more food options one can cook at the same time. For example, you can cook steak on one burner while another person prepares an omelet on the other. Needless to say that each type of food needs different heating power. Here comes the need for different heating zones.

Also, the larger the griddle size is, the more heating zones it should have. This is to ensure proper heat distribution among the whole cooking top of the griddle. Finally, consider the BTUs of the burner which is the unit that measures heat power. Typically, each burner can provide 15,000 BTUs. This is more than enough for cooking all types of food. Also, the heating power should be adjustable.


Every cooking equipment needs cleaning after use. Cleaning maintains the griddle and more importantly, prevents the accumulation of bacteria and fungus to avoid poisoning. So, before making a decision, one should think of the cleanup process.

Blackstone griddles mostly have steel tops that are easy to clean. Also, the grease drainers ease the cleaning process. However, there are some griddles with front grease drainers which is not the best option. In fact, rear grease drawers are better and provide the best grease draining.

Moreover, griddles with removable tops make cleaning far easier. These can be placed under running water just as you clean any cooking pots and stovetop griddles.


Many people go for outdoor griddle for camping or tailgating. If you are one of those people, think of transportation before you buy. What we mean by transportation is how the griddle moves from one place to the other. Usually, they have foldable legs to ease hauling from one side and storage from the other side. However, for heavy-duty griddles like Blackstone ones, it is difficult to carry even with foldable legs.

That’s why they have wheels. Look for the options with four wheels as they are the most practical among all. The two-wheel option is also great provided that the griddle is not very heavy.


The material makes a difference in how long will the griddle last. High-quality materials can last for years with proper maintenance. Stainless steel material is a good one for outdoor griddles. Since these griddles are placed outdoors in the sun, they need special treatment to prevent rust and corrosion. That’s why they have a chrome powder coat.

The cooking top is either cast iron or cold-rolled steel. Both are good materials for rust prevention and easy cleaning. Yet, cast iron is heavier, so, it is not very practical for larger griddles with removable tops.

Additional features

After you have checked all the previous points, check for other add-ons. For example, the number of shelves the griddle comes with. Shelves will be very handy while cooking as you won’t cook in the kitchen where everything is around. So, you will need those shelves to place your cooking kits.

Also, hooks and handles are practical solutions to hang spatulas, spoons, and forks. While all of these features are not a must in a perfect griddle, they can make a difference. However, it is important to check if these extra parts get hot while cooking or not. At the end, shelves and handles will be of no use if they become hot.


Last but not least, the price. Generally, more features and higher quality mean a higher price. But if it is for a reliable product which lasts for years, it is really worth the price. Overall, you can get a high-quality griddle that satisfies all your needs at an affordable price.


What is a griddle used for?

Griddles are cooking equipment used for cooking a plethora of food types. Generally, any type of food that you can cook on a stovetop griddle can be cooked on Blackstone outdoor griddles. For example, juicy burgers, fish, vegetables, chicken, pancakes, bacon, and everything else is applicable for cooking on a griddle. The best thing about these griddles is that they offer a very nice taste without too much fat and oil.

How to use a griddle?

Using a griddle is not something difficult even for beginner chefs. First of all, you need to install the griddle. Usually, griddles come with a manual with the installation instructions which are just bolting on the legs. Next, you need to season the griddle before using it. Seasoning is the most crucial step before using as it helps to maintain the griddle.

For seasoning, connect the fuel tank to the griddle and power the ignition button. Leave it for minutes to heat the top and then pour some oil. After that, distribute the oil properly on the whole top and sides using paper towels. Leave it for around two minutes and then repeat the previous steps again for around 15 minutes.

After seasoning, you can start cooking on the griddle with no issues at all. Just put a little amount of cooking oil to prevent food from sticking then, place whatever food on the griddle top. Don’t forget to adjust the burner heat level according to the kind of food you will cook.

What are the different types of griddles?

In general, we can categorize griddles into three main types. The first is the electric griddles which use a source of electricity to operate. These are similar to toasters and other home appliances and they are not very large in size. Electric griddles are the most practical solution for busy people.

Next, the tabletop griddles are the ones used on the stove or cook. They have the same material as cooking pots and they work exactly the same. However, they usually need some cooking oil as food tends to stick on these griddles. Stovetop or tabletop griddles are the cheapest options.

Finally, outdoor griddles include the Blackstone two options we mentioned above. They work with gas tanks and they are larger in size. Further, they have similar cooking top material as the stovetop options. However, they are larger in size. Outdoor griddles are better for tailgating, gatherings, picnics, and larger events.


With this comprehensive review, you can now choose between Blackstone griddle 28 vs 36. With the large cooking surface and temperature control, you are able to cook the best food with no cooking experience. Both options are good for the outdoors. It is only about the number of people who will eat and where you will place this griddle. Overall, we are sure you and your family or friends will get addicted to whatever option you choose. Once you see food sizzling on top of the griddle, you will know you have made the right decision.

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