[Some Awesome Features] Blackstone 28 Griddle Review

Blackstone 28 Griddle Review

Having a BBQ anytime near? Forget about the charcoal grills as they are a bit old-fashioned. Today, there are food griddles that replace these grills for a more practical cooking option. Griddles are similar in structure to ovens. However, the difference is that griddles don’t need cooking pots or other things to put food in. They already have a flat cooking top where food is placed directly for the most mouth-watering dishes ever.

Additionally, food griddles are wider and more practical than ovens or cookers as they can cook larger amounts of food at the same time. Given their wider size, more food can be placed on the cooking top for faster meal preparation.

There are different types of griddles and grills in general. Stovetop griddles for serving the same as cooking pots. These are suitable for small servings and quick food. The other type is charcoal grills which most people know for BBQ parties and events. In addition, there are the electric grills which resemble air fryers and other appliances. They use electricity for faster and more practical cooking. However, the griddles we are talking about here are completely different as they offer many advantages. From one side, they are more practical than charcoal grills and operate with fuel tanks. On the other side, they deliver delicious and sapid meals. To know more, check this Blackstone 28 griddle review

Blackstone 28 Griddle Review

The brand is a reliable one for food griddles and this one is not an exception. Blackstone 28 inch griddle will give a professional cooking experience with an end result similar to that of restaurants. Starting with the material, it is stainless steel to prevent corrosion and suit outdoor settings. Further, the 470sq inches grill is just perfect for cooking various food even for a family.

Moving to usability, the griddle is a practical option for inside or outside cooking. The dimensions are 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches, so, it doesn’t need too much storage space. Moreover, the weight is 75 pounds which seems a bit heavy. However, the griddle is not supposed to be carried as it has four legs and wheels. Coming to the best part, the legs are foldable. Thus, it either stands on four to facilitate cooking or lies on a counter in the kitchen.

Furthermore, there are two side shelves which are also foldable to take less space. One of those shelves is a bit deeper with raised edges to hold bottles, whereas the other is flat for storing other food preparation tools. Not only that but also there is another bottom shelf for extra storage. As for the fuel tank, the Blackstone griddle has a 20lb tank which fits nicely under the griddle. In fact, this griddle has all that it takes for holding all food preparation items and tools.

Speaking of cooking, it comes with two burners with 15,000 BTU each. So, the total cooking power is 30,000 BTU which is good enough for cooking a well-done steak. One can control the cooking burners according to his taste in food. Hence, this griddle gives different options; medium, well-done, and slightly raw food. For igniting the grill, there is an ignition button that just needs batteries. With this button, the grill starts and the burners are ready to cook the best meals.

Finally, with the black powder coat and the cold-rolled steel top, Blackstone’s griddle is the easiest to clean. Hence, it is will last for years and function the same as the first days of use.


  • Practical use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Foldable parts for easy storage
  • High-quality material


  • Side tray gets hot when used
  • Ignition system sometimes fails

Why choose a Blackstone 28 inch griddle?

After reading Blackstone 28 outdoor griddle review, we can say this griddle is one of the top products in the market. The variety of features it has makes it a practical solution for everyday cooking. Even if it is not for a BBQ party, Blackstone’s griddle can do pretty well at home.

The dimensions and size are suitable for use in the kitchen. Also, it can serve a small family at one time. Actually, customers have said they could cook vegetables, steak, and chicken at the same time. So, the griddle can prepare a delicious meal in a few minutes.

Furthermore, the three shelves can hold all the tools on. Thus, you have everything around you; cooking oil, spices, spoons, and other utilities. Blackstone 28 inch griddle is suitable for professional cooks as well as beginners who never used grills before.

Buying guide 

Griddles have many different types which suit different needs. However, the end purpose for any griddle is to get food cooked well. So, the first thing to check is the product, namely, the food it cooks. After that come a number of points to consider when buying a food griddle either for indoors or outdoors.


The first and most important thing to check in the griddle is the material. When we say material, we mean every part of the griddle from the cooking top to the wheels. As for the cooking top, it should have good heat-conducting material. Also, it has to be grease-resistant for a hassle-free cleaning process. Thus, stainless steel is a perfect option here.

Also, the overall material of the griddle is important for the longevity of the product. Griddles with a chrome powder coat are anti-rust and corrosion. This is crucial as the griddle will be placed in the sun most of the time.

Usability features 

Since food griddles are meant to ease the cooking process, they should have some features to do so. For example, shelves to hold other items and wheels to ease transportation. Moreover, how they work is also part of the features. The best option is surely the ones with batteries as they are the easiest and most practical.


Burners will distribute the heat to the whole cooking top. Thus, they need to have a good BTU to diffuse the heat properly. Some griddles come with two burners and others have three or four. Griddles with four burners give more heating power, thus, they are suitable for family cooking. What’s more important, is the ability to use only one of the burners to cook for fewer people. In this case, griddles with two burners are better as they won’t consume much fuel.


The dimensions are as important as other considerations for different reasons. First, the amount of food you will cook decides which dimensions are suitable. For large families, they need larger griddles to cook all at once. On the other side, smaller griddles are better for storage. Also, smaller griddles can be taken on road trips and camping as they don’t take much space.


How to use Blackstone’s griddle?

Blackstone’s griddles require a very easy installation process. Assembly is not a hassle as it is just about bolting on the legs and fuel tank. Then, one should season the griddle before cooking. Once you start cooking, just ignite the griddle with the easy ignition system and leave it for around 10 minutes to heat. Then, it is ready to receive food.

What types of food do griddles cook?

Actually, anything! Food griddles can cook any food whether it is just some sautéed vegetables or grilled meat and burgers. The versatility those cooking burners offer allows for controlling the degree of cooking. So, the food comes as you want it to taste.

How to maintain Blackstone’s griddle?

The first thing to do is to season the griddle before using it. Each of Blackstone’s griddles comes with proper seasoning instructions. Further, you should clean the griddle after each use to maintain it.

What is BTU?

BTU is short for a British thermal unit. This is the unit that measures the heat amount coming from the griddle and other cooking apparatus. For food griddles, larger griddles with more burners have more BTUs. However, we don’t need much heat to cook the food or it will burn. In general, each burner of the griddle should have 15,000 BTUs. This is a suitable average whereas the number of burners each griddle comes with increases the overall BTUs of the griddle.


After reading this Blackstone 28 inch griddle review now, everything about food griddles is clear. Thus, you can comfortably give it a try. If you are a professional chef or a food lover in general, this griddle will take your interest to a whole new level. You can rely on Blackstone’s products for restaurants’ cooking styles. On the other side, if you are new to cooking, it will ease things out and help you develop a new cooking skill. With plenty of room to cook a bunch of things, this griddle is a lifesaver in many family gathering situations. With this one, you can actually cook anything and it will taste good. Try it once and you will love your food and moreover, love cooking your own food.

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