Best Vegetable Slicer and Chopper

Best Vegetable Slicer and Chopper

No one, absolutely no one enjoys chopping onions. They’re fiddly, smelly, make your eyes sting, and lord forbid some onion juice gets in a cut on your finger!

Did you know that there is a fast and simple solution to this, and many other food chopping problems?

Put the enjoyment back into meal preparation by investing in the best vegetable slicer and chopper.

They are simple machines that make light work of dicing and slicing all of your fruit and vegetables into consistent uniform chunks.

Best Vegetable Slicer and Chopper (Top 10)

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1. Mueller Austria Pro Vegetable Chopper

Our first review is an Austrian-designed manual chopper that has 2 interchangeable, incredibly strong stainless steel blades.

Made from BPA-free plastic, it is hard to believe just how much cutting power this product has. It doesn’t rely on electrical power, just exceptional blades and a small burst of strength.

Unclip the lid to find a square pad of push teeth, these are used to force the food against the blades that sit opposite. There are 2, a 6.8mm, and a 13.6mm grid of blades. They slot into place easily and remain secure.

Ensure the food that needs to be chopped sits inside the cutting square. Anything that overlaps will make the technique difficult, if not impossible. So, chop everything into manageable portions and place it on the blade.

With one fast motion, pull the lid down. That is it, the food will be chopped and collected in the affixed storage tub. Move on to the next item, everything cuts quickly in one smooth operation.

Best feature

When not in use, the lid locks over the machine and keeps the cutting blade away from fingers. This prevents nasty accidents. The spare cutting blade is stored safely inside the collection tub. All the components strip down easily to make cleanup simpler. Run them under the running faucet or place everything in the dishwasher, it’s up to you.

Weighing less than 2lbs makes this the perfect kitchen gadget to use anywhere. Pack it in the trunk for weekend breaks, take it outside for camping trips and barbecues.


  • Durable construction
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Chops, slices, and dices multiple hard and soft vegetables
  • Very simple and fast operation
  • No assembly required


  • Frail people may struggle, you need a little strength
  • It is a little fiddly to hand wash

2. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper & Slicer

This vegetable chopper is of sturdy plastic construction, and like the previous review, features a collection tub beneath to save on cleanup time.

The tub also acts as storage for all of the loose parts including the 4-interchangeable blades. If you hate chopping vegetables, you should give this gadget a try. Food preparation is fast and efficient, it is even fun.

Most vegetables, soft or hard, can be cut, cubed, diced, and sliced, in a matter of moments.

Best feature

There are 4-ultra sharp blades. Each does a different job, one julienne and one cutting thicker slices. The third blades cuts ribbons, super-thin lengths of cucumber, and zucchini. The fourth blade is our favorite, it’s a spiraliser. This enables you to cut long noodle-type strips of vegetables for a low-carb, very decorative meal.

Slicing food is done via one swift motion, closing the lid down over the item and forcing it between your chosen blade. It takes a small amount of force to dice the entire vegetable in one swift operation.

The soft-grip handle and the non-slip rubber feet ensure the chopper is safe and comfortable to use. We love the versatility of this chopper, and just how little mess it makes. Cleaning it couldn’t be easier as it is dishwasher-safe.

Changing the blades over is simple, one snap to get them in place, a second snap will remove them. There is a safety clip to lock them into place and to cover the blade when it is being cleaned or stored.


  • BPA-free plastic, durable construction
  • 4-interchangeable blades
  • Versatile food types and slicing styles
  • Efficient and fast food preparation
  • Ultra-sharp steel blades
  • East to use, straight from the box


  • Soft fruit and veg can only be sliced with the smallest blade
  • It can sometimes struggle with sweet potatoes

3. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper Mandoline Slicer

The next vegetable chopper is from the same company, Fullstar, that featured in our last review. This slicer is made from the same materials and works in the same way, however, it has many more attachments.

The vast amount of blades and accessories make cutting all hard or soft fruits, vegetables, and cheese, in any style possible. There are 2 different sized chopping blades, 2-spiralisers, and 3-versatile blades. These can slice and julienne from paper-thin to broad ribbons. There is also a stainless steel handheld peeler to use if you prefer to remove the skin from veggies before chopping them.

We love the egg-separator and slicer, and the juicing blade is also great. They both snap into place just as the blades do, and any eggs, or juice created collects in the large tray beneath.

Best feature

There are so many attachments that you’d think they might be easily lost or misplaced. Not so, this set comes with a blade organizer. Each attachment neatly clips into place until it is next needed. The whole tray is stored safely inside the unit when not in use.

Again, the blades are incredibly sharp, dangerously so. Supplied with your best vegetable chopper and slicer is a kitchen safety glove. We recommend that you use it all time to prevent accidents.


  • Large 11-blade set
  • Chops, slices, juices, peels, juliennes, chips, grates, and shreds
  • Safety glove supplied
  • Blade organizer included
  • Durable, ABS-plastic construction with stainless steel blades


  • Onion skin can get caught in the grid blade
  • Shorter people struggle to get enough leverage

4. Chef’n VeggiChop Food Chopper

This manual food chopper is a genius in the kitchen. It is so simple to use and is safe for older and younger hands. The blades are inside the chopping pot so the only time anyone should come into contact with them is for cleaning. This should be done with care, as they have sharp, clean edges.

Once you have filled the chopper with the ingredients, small pieces of onion, nuts, fruits, herbs, or vegetables, simply click the lid shut.   Once it is locked tight pull the hoop a few times which will cause the blades to spin.

It’s simple, the more times you pull, the finer the chop. For a more coarse chop, pull fewer times.

It is surprisingly capable and makes light work of food prep. No noisy motors to run or big pieces of machinery to clean down. Just disassemble this little chopper and put it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Best feature

The unit is so lightweight that taking it anywhere is a cinch. Pop it in the RV or the trunk and prepare fresh and healthy sides and salads on your travels.

This is the best vegetable chopper for small amounts. It is so quick and easy to use and gives great results. The blades are sharp and remain so for very long periods. If you’ve chopped too much, use the enclosed lid to store the contents in the fridge.


  • Very easy to use
  • Chops fine and coarse
  • No noisy motor
  • Ideal for older people
  • Available in 3-colors
  • It makes perfect salsa, hummus, and guacamole 


  • It doesn’t hold large amounts
  • It can only chop, not slice or grate

5. Brieftons Manual Food & Vegetable Chopper

If you’re just looking for a small vegetable chopper that takes the tears out of chopping onions, then this may be it.

The machine is handheld and consists of a pull cord style blade, chopping tub, and lid. Its powerful blades can efficiently chop through fruits, vegetables, herbs, and nuts to make gorgeous salads and recipe ingredients.

Best feature

You might not believe the results you can get from a manual chopper, one that doesn’t even need a battery. The pull cord mechanism enables the blades to rotate fast and mince your food. Just by adding liquid and repeating the operation, your chopper turns into a blender and makes smooth sauces and soups.

The stainless steel blades are tougher than you might think. A few hard pulls of the cord can turn ice cubes into crushed ice for the perfect cocktails. The blades won’t dull and will stay sharp for a multitude of uses.

We love how little mess it creates and that everything except for the lid is safe on the top rack of the dishwasher. The lid can be wiped over with a cloth and a little detergent.


  • Excellent value for money
  • No batteries required
  • Chops, minces, and blends
  • The rubberized base grips the counter
  • Powerful operation, extra-sharp blades


  • The lid isn’t dishwasher safe
  • The bowl is quite small

6. Sedhoom Vegetable Chopper & Food Chopper

If you love making food look pretty on the plate then this is the model for you. There is a huge amount of cutting styles and thicknesses achievable for fruit, veggies, cheese, eggs, and lots of things in between.

To list the blades would take too long but suffice to say you can dice, slice, julienne, spiralize, ribbon, and shred with it. Each blade snaps into place in a second and pops out just as easily.

When not in use all of the accessories store neatly inside the container away from harm. There is a handguard included that secures food that you need to slice. This blade works like a mandoline as you pass the food back and forth across the blade. The guard shields your fingers. Four rubber feet keep the chopper sturdily gripped to the counter.

Best feature

Included in the set is a pair of kitchen safety gloves, a necessity when cleaning the razor-sharp blades. There is also a claw, the specialist tool to clean the nooks and crannies perfectly to keep your food slicer hygienic and safe. There is also a handy brush to get into all of the harder-to-reach places, and a stainless steel peeler if you prefer to remove skins before chopping.

This is a durable machine made from strong, non-toxic plastic. Everything that you slice is caught in the container below causing little mess to clean up.

If you don’t possess great knife skills, this is the product for you. You will fool everyone into thinking you’re a master sous chef!


  • A huge set of multiple cutting utensils
  • Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades
  • You can create multiple slicing styles
  • Strong enough for tough, fibrous vegetables
  • Delicate enough to mince garlic and herbs


  • Requires some strength to pull the arm down
  • You need to be a Jenga master to store everything in the container

7. Gourmia GMS9280 Mini Slicer

If you’re tired of using lots of knives and chopping boards when making a small portion of hummus or salsa, then take a look at this mini food chopper.

It holds just enough to make a single portion or side orders. The dynamic blade’s power through onions, nuts, even tough carrots easily. The lock and seal lid keeps everything safely inside, even the onion odor, so no more watery eyes.

The pull cord spins the blades. Just a few short, sharp pulls chop your food to a coarse consistency, pull it a few more times to achieve finer, medium dice. For tiny pieces and purees, keep on pulling. Think of the workout your arm is getting.

Best feature

Nothing is better and healthier than fresh baby food for your toddler. This chopper holds just enough for a couple of portions of dinner. Pulling the cord more than 20-times will give the food a smooth, pureed consistency, perfect for younger babies when first being weaned. As they get older, pull the cord fewer times to leave the cooled, cooked vegetables with a slightly chunkier texture.

This is a versatile machine that fits into the palm of a hand. It is light, portable, and takes up very little storage space. Cleaning it is easy, a lot easier than multiple knives and chopping boards.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Tough blades
  • Requires no batteries
  • Easy and effortless to use
  • Chops, purees, and blades


  • The lid isn’t dishwasher-safe
  • It doesn’t cut uniform pieces, better at dicing tiny pieces

8. T-fal Hand-Powered Food Chopper

This is a modern little food chopper that makes slicing onions fun!

The lid seals in the odor and the pull cord roughly chop the onion in a matter of seconds. The lid has to be hand washed but the rest of the chopper is safe to pop into the dishwasher.

Best feature

It is so easy to use and foods can be roughly chopped with just 1 or 2-pulls of the cord. Pull it a couple more times for a medium chop, and an extra few pulls will give you a very fine chop.

It works on all hard foods, you will be surprised by its power and toughness. Make the perfect salsa and add a little chicken or bacon for a twist on a favorite. The blades are so sharp that they can handle it.

It’s the ideal size to make individual portions of baby food, just let the ingredients cool down before you give them a quick blitz. More pulls will give you a smooth pulp consistency, just one or 2-pulls will be sufficient for chunkier food for older babies.

This is a great piece of kit for any kitchen. It couldn’t be simpler to use or to clean. It is fast and efficient and requires no power.


  • Modern good looks
  • Handy size for chopping onions
  • Very fast and efficient
  • You are in total control at all times
  • Clear plastic tub to supervise chopping


  • It is only useful for chopping and mincing
  • Small capacity

9. Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

This may well be the best vegetable cutting machine in our reviews. It is simple and effortless to operate, requires, no power, and is capable of a million and 1 things! Well, almost.

Instead of a pull cord to power the blades, there is a large crank handle. Once the food is all inside the tub, spin the handle as many times as you like until you reach the texture you need. It’s easy to keep an eye on things as the bowl is made of sturdy, clear plastic. If you need to add more ingredients, just pop them into the spout opening and continue turning. The blades are concealed during operation and are therefore safer.

Best feature

The chopper is also supplied with various inserts, 3 different-sized mandoline slicers that sit atop the bowl. The blades are seriously sharp on each of these so please use the included food holder.

There is also a whipping blade, an egg separator, and a juicer. Whatever you are making collects in the bowl beneath, if you don’t want to use it all then pop the lid on and store it in the fridge.

This product does most things that an expensive food processor does, but at a fraction of the cost, with no noise and without the need for power. It is easy to clean and storage is simple as it is light and easy to carry.

We love this food chopper, it makes light work of onions, hard and soft vegetables. It whisks eggs to make the fluffiest eggs and slices platters full of salads uniformly for perfect presentation.


  • Strong blades that won’t rust or warp
  • Simple crank handle operation
  • Multiple accessories for slicing, juicing, and juliennes
  • No power required, the more you spin, the finer the texture
  • Spout to add food and liquids without removing the lid


  • Not suitable for crushing ice
  • Works better when weighted down with your free hand

10. Alligator Vegetable Chopper

If you’re looking for the best vegetable dicing machines and don’t fancy a plastic model, take a look at this model.

Other than the collector box, it is made entirely from stainless steel and looks like an impressive piece of kit to be left on display in a kitchen. It has 3-interchangeable inserts that enable slicing and dicing in multiple sizes.

The blades are so strong that they power through hard and fibrous vegetables with ease, even sweet potatoes. As long as you cut the food into manageable size pieces, the Alligator will chop them.

Best feature

It couldn’t be easier to use this slicer, unlike some of the bulkier plastic models, not a great deal of leverage is required. Once the food is in place, your weight will hold it in place, and the superior strength of the stainless steel will enable you to add a little weight and the blades do the rest of the work. It is effortless.

With each slice, the food-safe container collects and stores the ingredients. No more chasing tiny bits of garlic or chilies around a chopping board. Chunky chips and French fries are both easy to cut, as are soft and hard fruits, vegetables, and even cheese.

This is a durable, high-quality kitchen tool that can be passed down through generations.


  • All stainless steel construction, more durable than plastic
  • Warp, bend, and rust-resistant
  • 3-ultra-sharp changeable blades
  • Beveled blades for greater efficiency
  • Professional-grade


  • The most expensive reviewed
  • The storage container could be bigger

Things to consider when the best vegetable chopper

Don’t just order the first food chopper you see, you will be surprised at the variation in styles, mechanisms, and capabilities.  While some just slice and chop, others can spiralize and julienne vegetables to enhance food presentation.


Metal-constructed models are going to be most robust than plastic models, but that doesn’t mean that plastic ones aren’t built to last.

All of the plastic should be BPA-free, which means no toxins or chemicals that could react with food and become harmful.


The machines that have interchangeable blades provide more slicing options but even the tools with one blade are functional. The blades should be made of stainless steel for the best slicing results.


Take into consideration pressure, pull cord, and crank handle styles when choosing your food chopper. Read the differences between the models further in the article.

Models vary greatly in size, consider what you will be using them for.


Each model varies in what is included with their product.

Brands that supply multiple cutting blades including spiralizer, julienne blades, and ribbon cutters are great for multiple uses.

Some vegetable choppers come with handheld peelers, juicers, and egg separators. One model has whisks supplied; this machine is more like a manual food processor it has that many options.


Although the manufacturers have done their utmost to prevent accidents, the user must remember that these blades are incredibly sharp. Safety gloves should be warn when removing blades to clean.

Anti-slip bases on some products help maintain grip whilst the machine is in use.

Inserts that can be fully removed during storage are a great idea, or blade guards add a level of security.

Ease of use and cleaning

Most of our reviewed choppers can be used straight from the box and require little assembly.

Many parts are dishwasher safe, those that aren’t can be safely hand-washed as long as they are thoroughly dried.

Types of manual vegetable choppers

Our review of the best vegetable dicer and choppers feature 3 different styles of the machine.

Pull cord powered

This is where the blade is on a post inside a mixing bowl. A powerful pull cord is situated in the lid and when pulled, enables the blades to spin. The coarse or fineness of the chop depends on how many times the cord is pulled.

These are easy and safe to use choppers, our only concern would be the cord wearing thin over time.

Crank handle

We like this style of food chopper for its safety. The food to be sliced is stored within an enclosed tub around a pillar blade. The large crank handle on the lid should be turned to revolve the blades. The more revolutions that the blade completes denotes the texture of the food. Lots of cranks can turn foods to a pureed consistency, fewer will give you a chunky texture.

This type of chopper usually has multiple uses and comes with accessories to whip, slice, and juice.

Our concern is the total plastic construction might not give the kitchen tool a service life as long as other machines.

Pressure push

This style of food chopper features a grid-style blade where the food sits. The user pulls an arm over and a set of pillars on a pad forces the food through the blades, resulting in neat slices, cubes, or juliennes.

These slicers offer versatility in thickness and shapes of cutting, they also have functional collector/storage boxes.

The biggest concern is the short burst of energy the user needs to close the arm over the food. Although the blade does the majority of the work, the user needs to be tall enough to have some leverage and a little upper body strength.

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Which is best – electric or manual vegetable choppers?

Each has its advantages and depends upon budget and requirements.

Let’s take a look.

Best electric food chopper advantages & disadvantages


  • Efficient
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Large capacity
  • Safe
  • Slices wider range of food 


  • Expensive
  • Noisy
  • Not portable
  • Large footprint
  • Heavy
  • A lot of effort for single portions

Best manual food chopper advantages & disadvantages


  • Requires no power
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for smaller portions
  • Quiet to run


  • Requires some physicality
  • Most models just slice and chop
  • Plastic models aren’t as durable as electric
  • Harder to get uniform slices

The choice is personal, although, both models achieve great results.

In our opinion, a manual slicer is safer, less expensive, and does almost everything that an electric one can do.

The best vegetable dicer includes multiple cutting blades for the highest variety of food preparation.

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Handy hints to get the best out of your manual vegetable chopper

Before you begin using your vegetable chopper, have a read of our suggestions.

1. Cut any foods into manageable-sized pieces. Any food left overhanging the edge of a blade that won’t cut will make a mess and might damage the blade.

2. Don’t overfill a tub-style chopper. You are better off making 2-smaller batches than spending ages trying to dice the entire contents in 1-attempt.

3. Occasionally use a food-grade oil to lubricate the blades. This will keep them in tip-top condition and razor-sharp for longer.

4. Don’t use hot ingredients. You may damage the blade and the bowl.

5. Crushing ice is just too much to ask of some vegetable choppers. Refer to the instruction manual to see if your tool is up to the job.

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1. Can a food chopper be used as a blender?

A chopper and a blender are usually 2-different pieces of equipment. 

However, some of our reviewed vegetable choppers, particularly the corded ones, can be puree foods.

Increase the number of pulls and maybe add a drop or two of liquid and you will make a smoother mix.

2. Can you use a vegetable chopper to grate cheese?

Not unless your machine has a separate grating attachment. Soft cheese tends to clog around the blades and make them difficult to clean. Harder cheese can be diced on those models with the correct accessory.

3. Which is the best material for the blades of a vegetable slicer?

All of our featured reviews have stainless steel blades. Not only is it more robust and durable, but it is also food-grade and harmless to ingredients.

Stainless steel can be sharpened should it ever need to be. It also gives the sharpest, cleanest cutting edge that is rust and warp-resistant.

4. Why should I buy a manual vegetable chopper?

If you find standing chopping vegetable night after night, a long and boring task, a chopper can make it fun.

 It takes a fraction of the time to chop huge quantities of fruit and vegetables. You will automatically begin to eat healthier as everyone queues up to take a turn with your new gadget.

They are cheaper, lighter, and easier to store than their electric counterparts.

Best Vegetable Slicer and Chopper – Our Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews of the best chopper for vegetables, we hope we have helped you to make the most informed buying decision.

Always use your new kitchen gadget with caution and enjoy the ease at which your meal preparation has become.

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