Best Rated Electric Can Openers

Best Rated Electric Can Openers

If you are a busy person, you have most probably faced this situation. You are in a hurry and want to prepare a quick meal. So, you always have some of those ready-made food cans in your kitchen storage. Yet, it always takes time to open these cans and you have cut your fingers several times in an attempt to quickly open the can. Luckily, there is a practical solution to this problem you might have overlooked. That is electric can openers. This small kitchen equipment will open any cans in a few seconds without you doing any effort. So, read this review to know the best-rated electric can openers.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Can Opener – Best Rated Electric Can Openers

Hamilton is a pioneer in terms of electric can openers. This one is the top among other can openers as it possesses all the features anyone will need for smoothly opening the hardest cans. First, the mechanism of cans opening is the easiest. Just put the can under the opener appropriately and press gently on the button. Moreover, the cutting itself is very smooth. The can opener cuts from the sides leaving very smooth edges. Thus, you can remove the lid without cutting your fingers. Further, the lid will remain in its original state, so, you can reuse it again.

Moving to additional features, this can opener is an automatic one. This means it will stop automatically when it has opened all the cans from all sides. What’s more, Hamilton’s electric can opener opens all types of cans even the toughest of them. In addition, it comes with a pair of scissors to open bags or other soft stuff. Those scissors have a compartment at the back of the can opener. Considering all the features, we can simply say that this is one of the best rated electric can openers ever. Further, its color is black and silver which suits most modern kitchens.


  • Smooth touch
  • No sharp edges
  • Fits with modern décor


  • Scissors are not sharp

2. Hamilton Beach 76510 Automatic Can Opener – Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

Hamilton 76510 electric can opener is all that you need in your kitchen to prepare a quick ready meal. Open your canned food and bottled drink with this can opener and your quick meal is ready.  What makes us believe this can opener is a reliable product is the stainless steel blade. This will work efficiently every time you want to open any can. Further, it is detachable to ease the cleaning process. Moreover, the machine itself is tall enough to suit different can sizes.

Like the Hamilton product, it is automatic as you don’t need to continue pressing the button. This makes the opening process very convenient as it is just one click. Aside from this, it doesn’t produce loud sounds while opening cans like other electric openers. Adding to the versatile usability, it has a knife sharpener and bottle opener each with storage. Thus, you will never miss these small parts. Even the cord has its storage so, it won’t take much space when storing the can opener.


  • Hands-free operation
  • Opens all can sizes
  • Comes with a bottle opener and knife sharpener
  • Easy to clean


  • Material is plastic

3. BulbHead Original Safety Can Opener – Best Hand Held Electric Can Opener

If you search for electric can opener reviews, you will mostly find this one among the positive reviews. As the name suggests, it is a safety can opener. So, it is the safest to use for different reasons. First, it won’t leave sharp edges and you will never cut your finger. Second, the lever used for opening the lid is very gentle. Just a small push down and the can will open. You won’t need to squeeze anything or do any effort to remove the lid. To open the lid, push the lever back to its original position and it is open. Hence, original safety can express is the best option for those having any physical problems with their hands.

Further, safety can express works on all types of cans including heavy and odd-shaped ones. For big cans, you can open the lid with these smooth blades and reuse them again. Also, the blades will not touch the food inside. So, no need to worry about hygiene. Safety can express is ideal for most people. It just does its purpose most effectively. However, it would have been better if it came with a bottle opener as well.


  • Works on different cans types
  • Effortless operation
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Can leave metal splinters on top of the can

4. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener – Best Electric Can Opener for Seniors

If you want a product with a power-pierce cutting mechanism, Oster electric can opener is for you. Oster doesn’t only cut can lids effectively but also has a magnetic lid lifter to ease the process more. This magnet will hold the lid until you remove it yourself. Further, it has an automatic shut-off feature that shuts the machine once it opens the lid from all directions. With those two features, you just need to adjust the can under the cutting wheel and push the lever. Then, you can do whatever you want and come back to take your can.

Oster can opener also stands among others for the sharp stainless steel cutting wheel. It is sharp enough to cut any cans in the market. To make the product more attractive, they added a bottle opener and a knife sharpener. Bottle openers are very effective in this essence especially if you would take this can opener with you in a picnic or so. On the other side, the knife sharpener is also useful in many cases. However, the best thing about those different parts is that they are removable to clean easily. Finally, the cord is retractable with small storage at the back.


  • Stainless steel sharp cutting wheels
  • Bottle opener and knife sharpener
  • Retractable cord


  • Can leave sharp edges

5. Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener – Best White Electric Can Opener

If you are looking for an effective, yet affordable product, here is the one. The electric can opener from Amazon basics is the most practical option to get your cans opened and save your wallet. Although it is not expensive as other similar products, it is high-quality and durable. It resembles most premium electric can openers in quality and functionality. Moreover, it is very easy to use and can open different types of cans. However, for large cans, this product won’t be very efficient. Still, you may use it to open larger cans but you will need to complete the process with your hands.

Speaking about functionality, the blade is a sharp stainless steel one. With proper maintenance, this blade will not rust easily. Also, Amazon’s can opener has an anti-slipping base. Thus, it will never move or slip down from the table while operating. Further, the automatic shut-off and magnetic lid features are available in this can opener just like other top ones. However, Amazon’s can opener is better for being too compact and small, yet, durable. Its size allows for taking it within your luggage when traveling.


  • Compact design
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Anti-slip base


  • The cord is too short
  • Don’t open large cans

6. POHL SCHMITT Electric Can Opener – Best Heavy Duty Electric Can Opener

This is another affordable product which functions the same as more expensive ones. With an easy push-down lever and powerful motor, it will open most cans in a very simple way. Moreover, it has the same anti-sipping base as the previous product. So, it will stand still on any base. In addition, many folks have talked about the durability of the product. This means it will last for years of use. POHL electric can opener is not just a can opener, it has a knife sharpener and a bottle opener as well. Also, the cord has storage to keep the product contained when storing.

POHL can opener also has a magnet to hold lids. Yet, this magnet is very powerful and will hold lids even the heaviest of them. This reduces mess from one side and protects your hands from the other side. In brief, this electric can opener is a one-for-all product. It is a reliable and affordable one and will save you a lot of time. Finally, it has elegant black color. Yet, some people may hate it as it sometimes leaves fingerprints.


  • Cord hides in the backside
  • Has a knife sharpener and bottle opener
  • Anti-slipping feet


  • Doesn’t open all can sizes
  • The black color may show fingerprints

Features to Look for in the Best Rated Electric Can Openers

Electric can openers generally function the same way. There are a few things to look for if you would like to get a top-quality product.

Easy push-button – The first thing to look for is how you will use the can opener. Good electric can openers have an easy push-down button that requires only a gentle push to operate.

Automatic shut-off – Most electric can openers are automatic. That is they just need this small push down and they will work on their own.

Magnet lid lifter – Since they work automatically, they must have this magnet to hold the lid up when the can is open. So, they won’t cause a mess if the lid fell off.

Cutting wheel or blades  – This is one of the most important things to look for. The can opener should have very sharp blades or a cutting wheel to open any can type.

Additional features – Some electric can openers will come with a knife sharpener or a bottle opener. Although these are not required, it is nice to have them within the purchase.

Types of Electric Can Openers

There are not many types of electric can openers. Yet, you may find ones that stand on the countertop and others placed under the cabinet.

Free-standing electric can openers are more common than other types as they are easier and more practical. If you got of these, you can place them easily anywhere. All you need is just an electric source as they work with electricity.

As for the under the cabinet option, they function the same. Yet, they are not easily moved from one place to the other. So, these will remain in their place in the kitchen unless you moved the whole cabinet.

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Why Should You Buy an Electric Can Opener?

Electric can openers do a great job and save a lot of time. In addition, they protect your hands from cuts from the sharp edges of can lids.

Also, people with arthritis or problems with their hands will benefit a lot from this gadget. They don’t need to worry anymore about who will open the food cans for them.

Finally, they can be useful for people who travel a lot and want to take some canned food with them. Even more, those who have pets will need this thing as most pet food is canned.

Can Electric Can Openers Cut You?

Mostly, they won’t. However, poorly designed electric can openers can cut you. So, we always recommend you invest in a high-quality product that functions perfectly. Those usually leave no sharp edges in the can or the lid. Thus, there is no possibility that they will cut your fingers.

Can Electric Can Openers Rust?

Rust is an issue only for the blades or the cutting wheels. However, these blades are usually stainless steel to prevent rust. Manufacturers considered this point so no need to worry about it if you had a high-quality product.

However, you still need to maintain your can opener to ensure it will last for longer times. For example, you have to make sure there is no food remaining within the cutting wheels or blades. Also, check for corrosion now and then.

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What Is the Benefit of Battery Powered vs Electric & Manual?

You need something to make opening cans easier for you. Surely, these are no the manual ones. So, the options here are limited to electric and battery-powered electric cans. The advantages to the ones with batteries lie in the practicality of use. These don’t need an electric source close to them. So, you can use them anywhere even in your car.

Power Piercing Cut Technology

Some can openers work with piercing cut technology. This technology resembles that of laser cutting. The cutting wheel makes a starting cut point in the middle of the can lid and continues cutting all around the lid. The idea of having such a technology in a can opener is to leave smooth edges. Along with a lid magnet, both features offer a very practical kitchen gadget.

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Benefits of Using the Electric Can Opener

Electric can openers have several benefits. They make an everyday task in the kitchen very easy with just a button click. You need no effort or time to open metal cans.

Also, they are handy and fit anywhere. You can take them when you travel, especially if you got the models which work with batteries.

More importantly, they prevent injury which is something no one will disagree on.

Maintenance Guide for Electric Can Openers

To make your can opener last for longer times, you should be careful with maintenance procedures. Clean the blades after each use. To do so, use little soap and water to clean any food that remains. If the blades are detachable, then it is easy to clean. On the other side, if they are not, you can use a small brush to do the cleaning.

To prevent rust, dry the blades and don’t leave any moisture. Further, you can use white vinegar to remove any rust on stainless steel.

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Our Buying Guide

Finally, here are some tips to consider when making the final decision to get the best can opener electric model.

1. Make sure of the lifespan. Make sure that the electric can opener will last for a long time. Check the warranty if possible. Also, the material and quality are good points that indicate it will last for a long time.
2. Choose a product that is easy to clean. For example, the ones with detachable blades are the easiest to clean. However, you can still get other models and clean using a toothbrush.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why are electric can openers so expensive?

Electric can openers are more expensive than manual ones because they are easier to use. They work with a kind of technology, so, they cost more. Also, they come with additional features such as knife sharpeners and bottle openers. However, you can still get a product at an affordable price.

2. How long does an electric can opener usually last?

If you do the proper maintenance, your can opener will last for a long time. It can last for almost 5 years or so.

3.  Do electric can openers need to be washed?

Yes, the blades need washing after each use. Hence, we recommend you get the detachable models.

4.  What Do You Want from an Electric Can Opener?

The basic and main requirement of the best electric can openers is to open cans without any hassle and to prevent injury.

Best Rated Electric Can Openers – Our Conclusion

Now, after you have enough information about electric can openers, you can make up your mind. Consider every point we mentioned here in this read. Also, check the price as it might be a contributing factor to your decision.

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