Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles

How many times have you gone to grab a cold beer, only to realize your partner has taken them out of the fridge to free up space for food?

No one wants to drink warm beer, and if you recognize this scenario, it is about time you considered buying the best mini fridge for beer bottles.

Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles

Imagine your own, dedicated fridge that keeps your beer at your chosen temperature, crisp and refreshing every time.

That’s just one of the uses for mini-fridges. They can all be used to store beverages in and certain styles, depending on their cooling method, are useful for keeping perishable food cool. If you choose a quiet model, mini-fridges are perfect for shared areas, nurseries, and office situations. 

We have researched and reviewed the best small refrigerator fridges available currently and share our findings to help you make the most informed buying decision.

Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles (TOP 10)

1. Danby Stainless Steel Beverage Center – Best Beverage Refrigerator For Beer Bottles

What better way to quench a raging thirst and impress your friends than to always have an ice-cold beer on hand?

With tough stainless steel construction, a safe tempered glass door, and a black body, this fridge certainly has eye-catching good looks.

The door has a recessed handle at the side and can be hung either left or right-handed. Each time you open it, a blue LED will illuminate to help you choose a drink.

Best feature

This thing can comfortably accommodate 120-cans. That’s enough to keep anyone going for a while or to ensure everyone is served perfectly cold beer at a party. There’s also room for 1 or 2 cans of soda amongst all of that beer!

The wire shelves are sturdy and you get the distinct impression that they won’t warp and will stand the test of time. They have a safety lip at the front to ensure no bottles or cans accidentally fall out as the door opens.

We love the safety lock with the key. This prevents any children from mistakenly drinking alcohol. Or grown-up children helping themselves. It is mechanically cooled and runs at temperatures between 43-57f.  Many owners have very safely modified the thermostat to run cooler if that is your choice. Full instructions are available online, however, be warned that it may invalidate your warranty.

This is an attractive fridge that will only enhance its surrounding, just be aware that you will require at least 5” of rear ventilation space if you choose to sit it beneath the counter.


  • Thermo-electric cooling system for quiet operation
  • Huge cubic capacity
  • Energy efficient
  • Lock and key feature
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Delivered double-packaged


  • Some thermostat modification may be required (by someone qualified)
  • Wire shelves make vertical wine bottle storage impossible

2. RCA FBA Black Mini Refrigerator – Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles

If you’re looking for a scaled-down version of a regular kitchen fridge that is available in a variety of vibrant colors, this is probably it.

With enough capacity to hold over 48-bottles of your favorite beer, this compact fridge is the ideal product for a games room or man cave, anywhere that friends and family gather to party and relax.

The powerful compressor works quietly to regulate the temperature inside the fridge. You set the desired temperature, via the 1-7-numbered dial, and, regardless of how warm it is outside, the interior of the beer fridge will maintain it consistently.

Best feature

The interior space of the fridge is used to maximum effect. There is a can dispenser and fully adjustable, easy-clean shelving to ensure every cubic inch is used to its potential.

Even the exterior of the fridge has space-saving on its mind, with a flush back to sit snugly against any wall. We love the contemporary design of the fridge with its smooth, sleek lines. The hidden handle is a nice touch, as is the ability to hang the door from either the left or the right.

This is the perfect mini-fridge to store food and beverages in, making it ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. There is even a small freezer compartment in which you can freeze the ice to keep the drinks cool.


  • Suitable for storing food and drinks
  • Easy-clean tempered glass shelves
  • Compressor cooled for precise temperature regulation
  • Available in a choice of colors


  • The door is solid unlike other beer fridges
  • No interior light

3. NewAir Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator – Best Beverage Mini Fridge

The NewAir free-standing beverage fridge can store up to 126 cans, that is enough for the biggest gathering, surely?

The 5 durable metal shelves are all fully adjustable to allow configuration in any style you desire. This allows you to stand 48-12oz bottles upright. Or you can mix the design so that the is a shelf for cans, one for small bottles, and plenty of room at the base for wine.

The modern styling is enhanced with the glass door and integrated LED light. After dark, the fridge looks very impressive illuminated with a blue hue.

Best feature

The fridge is capable of achieving and maintaining a wide range of temperatures. At its lowest point of 34f. beer will have that icy cold, refreshing bite, all the way through 64f. which is the optimum temperature for serving red wine. How lovely to have 2-fridges alongside each other, the first to store red and the second to keep white wine at between 44-54f.

The fridge is compressor cooled, it is relatively quiet and maintains contains a consistent temperature. There is a simple dial to set the desired temperature. We love the additional basket storage in the fridge’s base, it is ideal for non-standard-shaped objects, such as cartons.

Compressor-cooled fridges operate in the same way that a traditional large fridge does, and, therefore, it is safe to store dairy and meats in this fridge.


  • Huge beverage storage capacity
  • Wide temperature range
  • Quiet operating compressor
  • Integral LED and glass door
  • 5-adjustable shelves
  • Solid construction, built to last


  • No freezer compartment
  • No digital temperature display
  • Needs a flat surface

4. Danby Black Compact All Refrigerator – Best Compact Beer Fridge

This is a compact fridge from Danby that isn’t designed to be built into a housing unit, instead, it is free-standing.

With a mechanical thermostat and environmentally friendly refrigerant, the fridge runs quietly making it ideal for shared spaces such as offices and dorm rooms. It is small enough to sit discreetly in a corner or on a countertop.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it has little in the way of storage space, you couldn’t be more wrong. It utilizes 2-shelves, 1 is full size and the second is half-width. This enables the user to keep tall bottles cool if the door space is already filled.

Best feature

As it is safe for perishable food storage and it runs quietly, this is a great little fridge for the office. It has plenty of space for fruit, meat, and dairy, plus a vertical can dispenser, you will be the envy of your colleagues. It is Energy Star compliant and very efficient, you can expect yearly running costs not to exceed $27.

It is a stylish fridge that is available in a variety of neutral tones. The matte-black finish looks classy and the scratch-resistant top makes an ideal surface for additional storage.


  • Well designed, solid construction
  • 0-40f temperature range
  • Auto-defrost
  • Energy-efficient
  • Sturdy shelves and door slots


  • Not to be used in an outside kitchen or garage – voided warranty
  • No freezer compartment
  • Not designed to be built-in

5. hOmeLabs Beverage Mini Refrigerator – Best Countertop Beverage Refrigerator

Firstly, the hOmeLabs mini fridge looks the business. With the contrast between black and silver steel and the double-paned glass doors, it is very easy on the eye and is far too smart to be hidden away in a garage. When installed beneath a counter, with the correct ventilation, this fridge looks like part of an expensive fitted kitchen.

It has a large interior capacity that is capable of cooling 120-cans at any one time. The racks are finished in chrome and are very substantial and heavy. You get the feeling they won’t warp over time, even if they are constantly asked to hold multiple bottles.

The shelves can be moved around to suit your needs, enabling storage of multiple large and small bottles, cans, or a combination of all 3.

Best feature

Inside the door at the top of the fridge is a control panel. There are simple touch button controls that enable the user to easily adjust the temperature and choose whether they want the white LED interior light left on or off. All of your chosen settings are displayed on the digital screen. It also has a memory function that, on the occasion of a power loss, will restore the temperature to its last known setting.

The temperature is controlled via a whisper-quiet compressor that combines with a convection fan to supply consistent airflow around the fridge. This helps to maintain a constant, even temperature in every part of the fridge.


  • Holds 120-cans or 60-wine bottles
  • Delivered in excellent protective packaging
  • Exceptionally quiet
  • Very energy efficient
  • 1-touch temperature control pad with digital display


  • Not suitable for storing perishable foods
  • The fan takes up storage space on the highest shelf
  • Not the cheapest fridge in our reviews

6. NewAir Beverage Small Mini Refrigerator – Best Small Beer Cooler

This is the second NewAir mini fridge that we will review, it is the baby brother of the first. Although it is smaller, it can still hold 90 beer cans or soda. If you choose to configure the chrome shelves differently, they can hold multiple large and small bottles.

It is a very attractive fridge with a glass door that displays the contents to perfection, particularly if you switch the interior LED light on. Each shelf has a raised lip at the front and back to ensure your drinks remain intact.

Best feature

The fridge has one of the lowest temperature settings available, a crisp 34f. This ensures your beer is kept consistently cold and has that refreshing bite each time you open a bottle.

It is a compressor-cooled fridge that runs fairly quietly. The contents remain consistently cold, regardless of the exterior temperature. This makes it the best fridge for garages. As it is rear-vented, it shouldn’t be tucked beneath a counter. Instead, it should hold pride of place above the counter, in a free-standing situation.

It is a slick-looking drinks cooler that is deceptively large inside. Its strong, stainless steel construction will guarantee years of use as an integral part of every gathering.


  • Excellent customer service for the life of the fridge
  • 84-can capacity
  • Chills drinks to frosty 34f.
  • Quiet compressor cooling system
  • Easy to use temperature control dial
  • Integral LED lighting


  • Not designed for under the counter
  • Not frost-free
  • No door lock (useful when storing alcohol)

7. Danby Contemporary Classic Refrigerator – Best Beer Refrigerator

This compact mini fridge has a sleek Midnight black finish that would look at home in the most modern kitchen setting. Designed to be used as a stand-alone appliance, it has a scratch-resistant worktop that can add valuable workspace in a room where space is at a premium. The black matte contrasts beautifully with the brilliant white LED each time you open the fridge.

The door can be hung from either side and has a contemporary chrome and rubber grip handle. Unlike some mini-fridges, it is solid, often a good preference if you don’t wish to advertise the contents to any visitors.

Inside the fridge is much like a scaled-down version of a standard, under-counter fridge. There are copious amounts of space for various-sized bottles and a vertical 8-can drinks holder.

Best feature

It is exceptionally energy-efficient. Look for the yellow Energy Star rating in the package. This shows that this large capacity fridge costs just $31 per annum to run.

It is safe to store all of your perishable foods and has a vegetable crisper in the base. Cleaning it couldn’t be easier, all of the adjustable shelves are made of glass and require nothing more than a simple wipe with soapy water. It will automatically run a frost-free cycle to prevent the build-up of ice and stop the thermostat from operating correctly.

This is a highly recommended compact fridge that boasts lots of storage space. It even comes with a key-locking mechanism to keep prying hands away from your beer.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy clean interior
  • Energy-efficient
  • 0-40f, east to set temperature range
  • Auto-defrost cycle
  • Large storage capacity


  • The warranty is voided if used in an outdoor kitchen
  • No freezer compartment

8. Midea Stainless Steel Refrigerator – Best Compact Drink Refrigerator

This is a dependable mini fridge that is simply a scaled-down model of a regular fridge. Many compact models concentrate their storage space on cans, however, the Midea fridge has dedicated tall bottle storage inside the door.

It is made from stainless steel and can either have the steel front door or be finished in brilliant white with its lovely clean, fresh lines.  The door can be hung from either side to suit those who are left or right-handed and adjustable feet anchor it to the floor, even when it is slightly uneven.

Best feature

It is designed for stand-alone use and would look great in a home office situation. It is cooled by a mechanical thermostat with easy-to-control temperature adjustment. The motor runs very quietly, so this is possibly the best mini-fridge for taking to the office and storing lunches and refreshments in. There are wire shelves that can be adjusted to your desired height to make the most of the storage space.

The door is solid, so the contents of the fridge are hidden from passers-by. It is an energy-efficient little fridge that is Energy Star rated. With settable temperatures as low as 32-35.6f. it not only cools to frosty-cold, but it also runs smoothly and quietly whilst costing very little.


  • Food safe
  • 32 – 35.6f temperature range
  • Energy efficient
  • Low-noise
  • Door storage space
  • Reversible door
  • Tiny freezer compartment


  • No auto-defrost function
  • The base tilts, reducing storage at the bottom of the fridge
  • Should be plugged into a surge protector

9. RCA Black Cubic Foot Fridge – Best Beer Bottle Mini Fridge

If you’re looking for the best beverage cooler for beer bottles, this is worthy of consideration. It is very compact, yet has plenty of interior storage space. It couldn’t be more perfect for keeping in the office to store your lunches and drinks. It even has door storage space for those healthy salad dressings and a 2-liter soda bottle.

It is compressor cooled and runs very quietly, even the sound of the compressor cycle is barely noticeable, and wouldn’t distract co-workers. Even in hot climates, the compressor works hard to keep a consistent interior temperature.

Best feature

The small integrated freezer compartment is fabulous, and it comes with an ice cube tray. Be the envy of your friends as you sip ice-cooled drinks on a hot day. The back is flush, enabling it to sit up against a wall with no difficulty, and if it is matte-black, it is very modern and discreet.

This fridge is a small and convenient way to store both food and drinks. The boss shouldn’t kick up a fuss as it is efficient and has a low energy consumption rating.


  • Safe for perishable food storage
  • Compressor temperature regulation
  • Low noise
  • Compact, perfect for space-restricted areas
  • 2-shelves plus door basket storage


  • No interior light
  • Temperature control is in the bottom corner

10. Antarctic Star Beverage Refrigerator – Best Glass Front Mini Beer Fridge

If you’re looking for a cooler that will not only preserve your wine but also beautifully age it, the Antarctic refrigerator cabinet should be your first port of call. With its classic, elegant design and compact good looks, we can’t think of anywhere better for a wine connoisseur to display its collection.

The tempered glass door and soft blue LED light is the prime setting to highlight the collection to perfection.

Best feature

The optimum conditions to store wine in involve more than just temperature. Lighting and moisture control, this cooler supplies all 3.

The double-paned, tempered glass door provides a tight-fitting seal to keep out air and block UV rays. The LED light emits the perfect light tone and the easily controlled thermostat can be set between 40-61f. It is said that 55f is the closest temperature to perfect for aging fine wines.

If you choose to use the cooler as a regular mini-fridge, that is also possible. All of the shelves are adjustable to maximize available space. White wine bottles can lie horizontally, this by no means compromises the quality of the wine. There is storage space for 17 full-sized bottles or a combination of bottles and cans.

With its thermoelectric cooling system, you can be guaranteed no vibrations and quiet running, making this an ideal mini-fridge for shared spaces. This is a beautiful piece of fully functional kitchenware that will only enhance its surroundings.


  • Designed to age wine to perfection
  • Reinforced glass door supplies perfect light and humidity
  • Legs and shelving are adjustable
  • 40-61f temperature range
  • Reversible door


  • For free-standing use only
  • Doesn’t get as cool as some other brands

What to Look for in the Best Beer Bottle Fridge?

Mini-fridges have varying features that differ between models. Consider each one before deciding which best suits your requirements.


The storage capabilities are measured in cubic feet but most brands will give you a guideline to how many standard-sized drink cans it will hold. If you want to store both bottles and cans, look for a fridge with removable shelves that you can configure to gain maximum storage space.


If you will only store beverages, all of the fridges in our review are very capable. However, not all of them are safe to store perishable food in, due to the cooling method causing temperature fluctuation.


Many mini-fridges are free-standing and are not designed to be built into house units or sat beneath counters. This is due to inadequate ventilation issues.

Some manufacturers state that warranties will be voided if the fridge is kept in an outside kitchen or garage. Many other brands suggest a garage is a perfectly safe and fun environment to store a fridge.


Most fridges are made from durable steel, some are stainless steel with scratch-resistant properties.

While some models have tempered glass doors to grandly display the fridge’s contents, others replicate a regular fridge and have a solid door.


Mini-fridges can’t run silently, but often it is important to find one that runs very quietly.

Bedrooms, nurseries, and office spaces are popular rooms for mini-fridge but require near silence. Choose a fridge with a quiet running motor, where the fan doesn’t need to kick in too often.


Some mini-fridges feature small freezer compartments at the top, just big enough to freeze ice cubes and store a frozen lunch. Not all models offer this feature

Types of Cooling Systems

Mini-fridges usually employ one of 2 methods to keep cool, thermoelectric, or compressor cooling. There is a third method, absorption, but this is most often used in full-size refrigeration systems.

1. Thermo Electric

This system works well in very small spaces and allows for very fine temperature control.

However, because it is based on variable temperatures, it is not safe to store perishable food, just beverages. It relies on an electric current passing between two metals. Where the conductors join, a temperature change occurs, creating cool air.

Thermoelectric fridges are usually quieter as they don’t require a fan to keep them cool.


  • Better for the environment
  • Ideally suited to rooms with a year-round, steady temperature
  • Precision control

2. Compressor 

The system is employed by air-conditioning systems and most household fridges, therefore rendering it safe for food storage.

A chemical refrigerant that turns liquids into a gas at low temperatures is used. When the gas expands, it absorbs heat.

Compressor-cooled fridges are often too noisy for shared spaces and bedrooms as the vibration as it cycles in can create some noise.


  • Suits rooms with extreme temperature variants
  • Makes carbonated drinks extra-cold
  • Ideal for spaces where noise isn’t a factor

3. Absorption

The quietest cooling system of the 3-methods. Just as thermo-electric, absorption also cools via a heat source and a refrigerant, usually water. It gets condensed and then evaporated, which causes a cooling effect.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How many beer bottles fit in a mini-fridge?

A: It differs between models and depends on the fridge’s interior capacity, usually measured in cubic feet. Fridges with adjustable shelving are best as you can configure them in such a way that bottles can remain vertical.

Even the smallest mini-fridges can comfortably hold 24-bottles, some hold many more.

Q: What are the sizes of mini-fridges?

A: They vary depending on each model. Our reviews clearly state the dimensions of each model and its storage capacity.

Q: How long do mini-fridges last?

A: As with all electrical kitchen appliances, you should expect a long service life from your mini-fridge. Depending on brand and construction you should easily expect 5-10 years of reliable service, even longer if you maintain it well.

Q: Are mini-fridges safe?

A: Absolutely, providing you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some brands are not designed to be built into housing units as they may overheat. These styles should be stood in a free-standing position only. Try to plug the fridge directly into the power socket and not rely on an extension cable.

And finally, never use a mini-fridge outdoors. They are designed to be used safely indoors only.

Q: Do mini-fridges use a lot of electricity?

A: Each model will display its efficiency rating but as a rule, their running costs are very low.

Q: Which is the best small beer fridge for fermenting beer?

A: Regular home brewers will know that temperature control is the most important step in the fermentation process. Storing your beer in conditions that are too warm will harm the flavors and yeast growth. Storing it too cold may prevent the fermentation process from starting, or drag it out for way too long.

The best way to gain total control is to store the beer in a mini-fridge with a digital electronic thermostat controller. The adjustable buttons and LCD readout will ensure the vat is always at the optimum temperature.

Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles – Our Conclusion

Mini-fridges do an excellent job of keeping drinks cool in small spaces and unconventional locations.

The best mini refrigerator for beer bottles can be an attractive piece of furniture, a conversational point on your wet bar, or a pride of place in the garage. Just ready for those days when nothing but an ice-cold beer will do, and walking back to the kitchen seems a very long journey. Cheers!

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