Best Manual Can Opener Reviews

Best Manual Can Opener Reviews

A metal can opener is an essential kitchen appliance. It becomes handy when you need access to tinned food. A can opener can be either manual or electric. In this guide, we will review the manual can opener. After reading the best manual can opener reviews, you will discover one thing. The best manual tin opener should open metal cans no matter their shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it should create a smooth edge to avoid hand injuries. To help you select it, here is a detailed guide for you.

Best Manual Can Opener Reviews (Top 10)

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1. Rosle Stainless Steel Can Opener – Best Manual Can Opener Reviews

Rosle USA 12757 boasts stainless steel construction; so, it is durable and hygienic. Rosle can opener can be a good choice for people with hand arthritis. First, it has an ergonomic thumbscrew that allows easy turning. Secondly, it has a lateral cutting wheel that creates smooth edges to avoid hand injuries. Additionally, the Rosle can opener has pliers that grip onto the rim of the can. Then, it lifts the lid from the can after cutting. Due to proper positioning, the pliers do not touch food. Moreover, storage is easy and the tin opener comes with a hanging ring.

People who have been using Rosle Stainless Steel can opener for a while can attest that it works well. In addition to opening cans of all sizes and shapes, it does not create a mess. Soon after opening, you will realize that the food is clean. Rosle can opener does not touch food and therefore cannot contaminate it. Concerning cleaning, Rosle can opener is the easiest to maintain. You can wipe it with a wet cloth or wash it with rinse clean water. Since it is a stainless steel appliance, it cannot rust easily. Unlike a traditional can opener, the Rosle tin opener clamps the lid from the top. So it has a unique design that helps it work properly.


  • User-friendly tin opener
  • Durable
  • No sharp edges
  • An ergonomic design


  • Its longevity is questionable

2. Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Can Opener – Best Smooth Edge Can Opener

After browsing tons of manual can opener reviews, you probably did not find what you wanted. But do you know that Kuhn Rikon5-in-1 could be ideal for you? Firstly, you can use it to open up to five different items: beer caps, standard cans, ring-pull cans, screw-top bottles, and jars. Moreover, it uses lock-on technology to grip the lid. Also, the opener has a long handle to improve grip. Besides, it is a safe tin opener that does not serrate the rim as it opens the tin. And, to avoid cross-contamination, the opener cuts into the lip without touching food. There is also a small pair of pliers that removes the lid once the opener finishes its work.

It is not easy to find a can opener that can do so much work at once. When you buy this product, you will have a multipurpose tool. You will not need to clamp it on, making the task effortless. Since this can opener does not create a sharp edge, it can be a good pick for someone with hand arthritis. It also suits someone who has healthy hands. Besides, the opener does not make contact with the contents of the can. So it is the most hygienic can opener for someone who wants to prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, you do not have to lift the lid with your aching hand because there are pincers for that work.


  • It is easy to clean
  • This tin opener is idiot-proof
  • Offers five uses
  • It avoids food contact


  • The lock mechanism is not fully reliable

3. Made in USA Can Opener – Most Durable Can Opener

Are you searching for a local can opener? If so, you can purchase the Made in USA stainless steel can opener. Its black handle is comfortable and easy to grip. The opener cuts and removes the lid from the rim of the can with ease. This is exactly what you need if you have hand arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. The stainless steel blade is sharp enough to cut into the metal lid quickly. Also, the manufacturer claims that it is a durable tin opener that could last 40 years. Although nobody has used it for long, it seems durable.

If your hands are too weak due to arthritis or another problem, perhaps you should avoid this tin opener. According to some sources, it can be hard to get the can opener to close onto the can. So you may have to apply some force to break the seal, which can hurt you. Nevertheless, you might enjoy how the crank arm works. It allows you to turn the handle without having to move your wrist. Again, this is a bonus point if you have mild arthritis. Overall, this might out to be the best can opener you have ever purchased. The only problem you could encounter is corrosion. To keep the can opener from rusting, dry it well after cleaning.


  • Durable
  • A sharp blade that cuts smoothly
  • It looks beautiful and stylish
  • Comes from the USA


  • It might rust

4. OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener – Best Safety Can Opener

Oxo’s Good Grip is a top-rated manual can opener. If you want to access your canned food quickly, get this can opener. The opener comes with a sharp stainless steel cutting wheel that works fast. Also, the Oxo Good Grip tin opener offers a magnet lock that lifts the lid off the brim and disposes of it for you. As you don’t have to touch the lid, you can keep your arthritic hands safe. Besides, there is a large turning knob that is easy to grip when you have hand arthritis. Furthermore, there is a window that can help you align the can with the can opener.

While it may seem slightly expensive for a manual can opener, you will love how it works. It makes a full rotation with ease and leaves behind a decent cut. Although it may leave behind slight imperfections along the edge, they are not enough to harm you. Besides, the crank is easy to turn and feels comfortable to use. Also, the crank is solid enough to last longer. Some people found it hard to attach the can opener to wide or flat cans. As soon as you learn how to use this can opener properly, the rest of the work will be easy. We can therefore recommend buying this manual can opener. The tin opener will work better than some poor-quality look-likes.


  • Ideal for arthritic hands
  • A magnetic arm lifts the hand for you
  • Handles don’t slip
  • A sharp stainless steel cutting wheel


  • It is not cheap

5. Zyliss 20362 Manual Handheld Can Opener – Top Rated Can Opener

If you need a product that can fit well onto the can, then select this can opener by Zyliss. Squeeze and puncture the top. See how perfectly the locking mechanism will lock the cutting wheel in place to ensure a smooth, consistent cut. So your hands won’t strain. The turning handle consists of a soft-touch design for minimizing fatigue. The stainless steel cutting wheel does a quick and thorough job. Additionally, the included magnet lifts the lid for you. To release the lid, pull the lever beneath the can opener to avoid creating a mess.

As is the norm, a manual can opener requires physical effort to work. When you have arthritis in your hands, Zyliss can be a good choice. Although its crank requires slight squeezing to work, you can manage if your condition is not severe. This tin opener locks into a suitable position when you exert some pressure. As well, it continues to cut the can as long as you are turning the handle. Since the handle does not slip, you can grasp it until the cutter makes a 360 degrees movement. In addition to having the best features, this tin opener is durable. As long as you maintain it well, it will last longer.


  • Non-slip handle for arthritic hands
  • Easy to use
  • A magnet ensures easy lid lifting and dumping


  • It is not a cheap can opener

6. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener – Best Can Opener

OXO made sure that the handles are perfect. These have a thick cushion for your comfort. They are non-slip too to ensure a good grip when wet. Still, handles have a large size to ensure they fit properly in your hand. As well as being a can opener, this appliance can open bottles. The dual-purpose is an advantage to you. The sharp cutting wheel features a stainless steel material. Thus it is sturdy and durable. About maintenance, it is the easiest as you only have to clean it with your hands.

For someone with hand arthritis, fibromyalgia, or carpal tunnel syndrome, OXO 28081 can opener can be a good choice. Your condition makes easy things difficult and painful. So here is an OXO tin opener that can alleviate your pain. You will no longer hurt your hands when using a manual tin opener when you buy this one. Handling will be easier because of the way the manufacturer made the handles. And it is easy to clean and maintain. All you should do is clean with your hands. Once you rinse it, dry it with a towel to avoid rust. This OXO can opener will give you value for your money because it is durable.


  • Consists of soft, large, and comfortable handles
  • For opening metal cans and bottles
  • Durable construction


  • It is hard to return if it does not work

7. OXO SteeL Can Opener – Best Stainless Steel Can Opener

You will be so glad after buying this can opener by OXO. The construction material for it is indeed stainless steel. Also, it boasts an innovative design, it is worth the price. The cutting blade will not only cut smooth edges but will also offer longevity. Due to smooth edges, you can open as many metal cans as possible without hurting your hands. In addition, handles feature thick cushioning to ensure a comfortable grip. And to clean it and retain the beauty of the sleek stainless steel, avoid dishwasher use. It will be best to clean with your hands only.

This step is crucial to avoid rust. People who clean this can opener in their dishwasher may notice rust around the hinge area. As a consequence, you should wash the can opener with soapy water and a piece of cloth. After that, rinse with clean water and dry it well. As long as it has no rust, this can opener functions well. But if it rusts, it gets stiff. Another positive point about it is that it stays sharp. Even if you use it every day, this can opener will not become blunt. Therefore it can be reliable as long as you maintain it well.


  • Feature a good design
  • Will last longer
  • A large turning knob for arthritic hands
  • Cushioned handles can eliminate strain on hands


  • Poor cleaning can lead to rusting

8. PrinChef Manual Can Opener – Best Hand Can Opener

If you are searching for a high-quality manual can opener, select this one. Not only is it made with heavy-duty metal. The metallic part boasts an electroplated coating that will keep it from rusting; so, it will last longer. After one cutting rotation, the magnet will lift the lid and throw it into the trash bin. Hence, you can avoid injury to the fingers. Big, non-slip handles will increase comfort for someone who has arthritic hands. As well, you can use this tin opener to cut metal tin tops or remove bottle tops.

It is hard to find a can opener like this that can do two things at once. As if this is enough, Princhef can opener provides a multi-use magnet. It is a built-in magnet that can become a storing tool if you stick it onto the fridge. Furthermore, it provides a sharp blade that will stay sharp for a long time. Also, this can opener comes with flexible gear that helps the sharp cutting blade create a smooth edge. In one try, the blade can open the can without leaving behind a sharp inner edge. So you can scoop your food without the fear of hurting yourself. As this can opener can open any can no matter its shape, size, or kind, you can buy it confidently.


  • A free after-sale-service
  • Perfect for arthritic hands
  • It is easy to clean and store


  • Rusting could occur if damage occurs to the coated area

9. PAKITNER Safe Cut Manual Can Opener – Best Rated Can Opener

Pakitner’s can opener is just the right one if you want a high-quality product. As the construction material for the blade is stainless steel, it cannot corrode or break. Moreover, the blade creates a smooth cut over the edge of the can. So it is safe to use. Also, the tin opener comes with an idiot-proof turning knob and a reliable crank handle. Hence, it is comfortable for someone with small hands. Further, this can opener is lightweight and portable. You can place it in the drawer or hang it on the wall. Additionally, it does not touch food and therefore cannot contaminate it.

We can recommend this can opener because of being easy to use. If you want to teach a kid how to cut into metal cans, this can opener is an ideal choice. Your kids will not have a problem holding the crank handle. It requires minimal physical effort too, which is a plus when your children want to use it. As the cutting blade is sharp, it cuts quickly to ensure that you open several cans in no time at all. We also love the easy method of cleaning. Turn on your tap water and clean your can opener properly. After that, dry it well to minimize the odds of rust occurring.


  • It is easy to clean with tap water
  • Easy to store
  • Cuts smoothly
  • Portable design


  • It is not an easy one to use if you have sick hands

10. Weetiee Magnet Manual Can Openers – Best Handheld Can Opener

Seniors require the safest can opener on the market. The Weetiee can opener meets this standard without effort. A large turning knob is easy to hold while the cutting blade requires less human effort to work. Apart from creating no metal shavings, the blade leaves behind an even inner edge on the can. As the knob works without resistance, it is the best choice for seniors and women. Besides, the included magnet will lift the lid off the rim of the can.

There is no need to grasp the lid with your hand. Hence, this manual can opener can be ideal for someone with weak hands. Besides, this can opener has a compact design to simplify storage. When you want to go camping for a few days, you can carry this tin opener without problems because it consumes a small space. Furthermore, it is a four-in-one can opener that can also open a bottle. Still, it can work like a lever and a storage tool due to the magnet. So, attach the included magnet to a fridge; it will hold metal things perfectly. When it comes to cleaning, this is still the most appropriate can opener. All you should do is rinse it well under running tap water while wiping it with a piece of cloth. Lastly, if you encounter a problem with this can opener, call the manufacturer at once for a quick response.


  • A multipurpose magnet
  • Great customer care service
  • Good for seniors and women
  • A big turning knob


  • It may not last as long as promised

What to Look for in a Manual Can Opener?

When looking to buy a manual can opener, consider the materials used for blade construction. Stainless steel is sturdy and does not rust easily. So it is one of the best choices. As for the handle, high-grade rubber can make it non-slip and durable. Textured hard plastic can improve the grip as well. In addition to the material, select a manual cans opener that is user-friendly and convenient.

Who Should Buy a Manual Can Opener?

A manual can opener requires effort to use. Therefore, it suits best a person who has strong hands. However, some manual tin openers are ideal for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, hand arthritis, or hand deformity. Also, if you don’t open cans frequently, a manual tin opener will do.

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The Most Important Factors to Consider

Before making a purchase decision, you should think about some factors.

Handles – First, you should ensure that handles are soft, comfortable, and non-slip. Grip from rubber or textured plastic handles is usually good.
Crank– Usually, a crank that is easy to turn comes attached to one of the handles. It helps with the turning of the traction gear.
Traction gear – A tiny, circular metal wheel with some notches for increased grip on the rim of the can.
Cutting wheel – This should be sharp and safe to use. Mainly, manufacturers make it with stainless steel to avoid rust.

How Do You Open a Can With a Manual Can Opener?

It is easy to use a can opener. First, find the right angle for opening the tin. Then, place the metal tin on a bench or countertop. With the turning handle facing away from the can, open the manual opener’s wings a little. After that, fit the cutting wheel inside the rim of the can. Close the wings so they can hold the cutting wheel or blade in place. Then, hold the can with the right hand. With your left hand, squeeze the wings together to lock handles and puncture the lid with the cutting wheel. Turn the knob with your right hand to help the can opener cut the lid all around in one rotation. Finally, remove the lid from the can.

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What Is the Right Way to Use a Manual Can Opener?

Once you buy a tin opener, it will come with an instruction manual so you can avoid guessing. Still, some manufacturers include pictures with their product descriptions. Others have a video that shows exactly how their item works. Hence, the usage information is available to you if you are willing to read it.

Manual Can Opener Maintenance

Mostly, the manufacturer states how you should maintain their can opener. When it catches food particles and grease, don’t store it that way. Instead, throw it in the dishwasher if it is safe to do so. Alternatively, wash it with warm soapy water; rinse with clean water. Dry it well to avoid rust.

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Our Buying Guide

There is quite a lot you have learned so far. A few more buying tips for you won’t hurt. So here they are:

1. Consider usage frequency. If you have to open a lot of cans daily, buy a tin opener that can keep your hands comfortable, less tired, and safe.

2. Choose a tin opener that is easy to use. You should not struggle to get a can opener to fit onto the can. As you select the can, therefore, read the manual can opener reviews first. Also, get a manual opener with gears for easier turning motion.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I get a duo-purpose can opener?

Yes, some products come with a vegetable peeler while others have a built-in bottle opener.

2. Are manual tin openers good for weak or arthritic hands?

Yes, they are, but you have to take the time to select the best ones.

Best Manual Can Opener Reviews – Our Conclusion

Now you can confidently shop for the best manual tin opener. As there are several types of manual openers, focus on comfort and functionality. Ensure that the can opener you select eventually is easy to turn. Above all, look for the most affordable yet functional manual can opener. And if you have any questions concerning a can opener, call the manufacturer directly. Lastly, read as many product reviews as possible before buying the best can opener manual product online.

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