Best Left Handed Can Opener

Best Left Handed Can Opener

One of the most important objects in a kitchen is a can opener. However, left-handed people often have to apply more effort with conventional kitchen utensils. To avoid these problems, here you can find the best left-handed can opener.

Of course, this means less time and effort when opening any kind of can. This way, left-handed cooks will be able to make a wide variety of delicious recipes with less stress and effort. Let’s see then, the best characteristics of each option.

3 Best Left Handed Can Opener

1. Left Handed Manual Can Opener

Key Features

  • Built-in bottle opener
  • Easy and fast turning
  • Eye-catching design

When it comes to cooking and using different kitchen utensils, it is necessary to consider each design. In this case, it is a manual can opener that is ideal for left-handed people. This way, left-handed people will not need to adapt to a conventional kitchen utensil for right-handed people. Of course, this provides great ease when opening any type of can.

So it is possible to take the grip handles with the right hand and use the turning knob with the left hand. At the same time, the design of this kitchen tool is prepared so that the cook does not have to apply too much force in this task. This is why it is a great acquisition for left-handed people or a great gift.

Also, the orange grip handle is perfect for finding this can opener anywhere. It is a very eye-catching design that prevents the cook from wasting too much time looking for this can opener. Besides, a hole has also been incorporated into each of the grab handles. So, it’s possible to use these holes to organize this kitchen tool for viewing.

While the counter-clockwise rotation is very easy and quick to use, it is not the only good feature of this tool. It is also necessary to mention that a bottle opener has been incorporated into the final design of this manual can opener. Of course, this is excellent for saving a lot of space in the kitchen.

Instead of 2 kitchen utensils, it will be sufficient to use only this manual can opener. At the same time, the design of this manual can opener allows the cook to save a lot of time.

Whether the cook needs the can opener or the bottle opener, these two functions are available in one object. Finally, the cost-benefit ratio is very balanced so that each cook does not have to spend a lot of money.


  • Easy and effortless operation
  • 2 utensils in one object
  • Safe and comfortable grip handle


  • Somewhat small holes

2. Westmark Monopol Can Opener

Key Features

  • Stainless steel inside
  • Highly resistant plastic on the outside
  • Integrated lid holding clamps

Another excellent utensil for everyday use in a kitchen is this safety can opener for left-handed people. Here people who enjoy cooking safely and reliably should opt for this can opener. In principle, it is one of the options that allows you to open cans without leaving any sharp edges anywhere. Of course, this is excellent to avoid cutting yourself with sharp edges.

That is why clean and precise cuts can be obtained when opening any type of can. Of course, this means that the can opener does not touch the food inside each can at any time. So, this provides greater safety and maintains the good quality of each food used by the cook. This operation also prevents the can opener from getting dirty.

On top of that, the integrated tweezers on this can opener save a lot of time and effort when it comes to opening all the necessary cans. When this can opener holds the lid then the food inside can be used more quickly. Besides, it is a pair of tweezers that are very easy and convenient to use in any type of recipe.

Additionally, the rotating knob provides a rugged design and large size. This undoubtedly provides greater ease when using this can opener. The rugged design even provides greater safety of use when the cook has wet hands. So, the can opener does not slide with wet hands.

Finally, the comfortable grip handle design is combined with a hole in the bottom. This way, using this can opener was very comfortable at all times. At the same time, the hole allows this kitchen utensil to be visible on a hook. This is why many users indicate that it is the best left-hand can opener.


  • Large, rugged rotary knob
  • Integrated tweezers that prevent the lid from falling off
  • Clean cuts without sharp edges


  • Utensil something big

3. Nogent Classic Left Handed Tin Can Opener

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Safe grip handles
  • Extended shelf life

Finally, we can mention this can opener that provides a classic design within the world of kitchen utensils. Of course, here practicality is one of the characteristics that stand out in this can opener. In principle, high-quality stainless steel has been incorporated into this kitchen utensil that can last a lifetime. Also, the compact design prevents the cook from spending too much space in the storage of this kitchen tool. So, it’s one of the best options to take with you on a trip or a day of camping. This way, the user will not need too much space to store this kitchen tool along with other pieces.

Although it is necessary to apply some force, the truth is that the high resistance materials prevent rusting. So, this kitchen gadget does not deteriorate over time due to its simple and clear design. Also, left-handed people will be able to open a large number of cans using only this kitchen gadget.


  • Compact and comfortable design
  • Heavy-duty tool
  • Compatible with any type of can


  • Force is required

Best overall – westmark monopol can opener

According to our review, we can mention that the best can opener for left-handers, in general, is the westmark monopol can opener. Here it is necessary to consider that it is one of the most complete and efficient options that it is possible to have in the kitchen. The operation of this kitchen tool avoids creating sharp and dangerous edges for anyone.

Besides, this implement combines the best stainless steel with high durability plastic. That’s why it’s a perfect left-handed can opener that incorporates an extended life span. The operation of this can opener can even hold each lid to prevent it from falling into the can. This simple aspect saves a lot of time and avoids the bad mood of the cook.

Buying guide

To make any user’s decision much more precise and accurate, we can mention here some important aspects to consider. In this way, it will be easier to find the top-rated left-handed can opener.

How it works: In principle, it is possible to find two types of can openers. The most convenient are those that include a rotating knob. This way, the user should not apply force when opening a can. On the other hand, the classic design only includes a grip handle on the can opener. Thus, the user must apply force when opening a can.

Materials: In some cases, a can opener is only made of stainless steel. In other cases, a sturdy rubber grip handle can also be incorporated. Even the most convenient options add high-strength plastic to complete the design of a can opener.

Incorporation of tweezers: Of course not all can openers can incorporate tweezers. However, the options that do are much more convenient. Tweezers allow you to hold a lid after the cut is complete. This prevents the lid from falling into the can.

Additional functions: Some options may offer other functions besides the main one. Some can openers may also include a bottle opener to provide greater ease in the kitchen.

Comfort and storage: The design of the handle grip is what may offer greater or lesser comfort when using a can opener. Also, the hole at the end of the grip handle allows the cook to hang a can opener in the kitchen. This way, the kitchen utensil is always at hand. However, not all can openers include this option.


1. Can openers for lefties?

As with other objects, openers can offer a left-handed design or a conventional design for right-handed people. Of course, left-handed people should opt for a left-handed can opener because of the greater comfort for them. These left-handed can openers are part of a wide variety of left-handed cooking utensils.

2. What is the best hand can opener?

In general, the best hand can opener for left-handers is one that can be adapted to each of the user’s needs. To do so, it is necessary to consider the basic aspects that we have mentioned above in this kitchen implement.

3. Can opener that cuts the top off?

All can openers have the ability to completely cut the top off. However, only a few options can hold the lid after the complete cut-off. Of course, this prevents the lid from falling into the can.


After finding the best left-hand can opener the realization of many recipes will be easier. It is an important complement because many foods today are canned.

Besides, left-handed people will have to apply less effort than conventional kitchen utensils. The result will be meals that are more delicious and easier to make.

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