Best Hot Plate for Cooking

If your stove has ever been out of action and you have had to rely on a microwave for cooked meals, you will probably have felt very frustrated, and hungry!

best hot plate for cooking

Electric hotplates are a great short-term replacement as they do everything your stove can do, just 1 pan at a time.

The best hot plate for cooking is also ideal for a student’s dorm room, anywhere with no natural gas, an office, or even in a yard.

Anywhere that has a power outlet has the capability of cooking up a hot meal in minutes.

Best Hot Plate for Cooking (Top 10)

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1. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop – Best Electric Hot Plate

This hotplate is available for an amazingly low price that belies all of its capabilities. The surface is made from premium black crystal glass and is very tough, it is really difficult to scratch, even with heavy cast iron pots. It is an induction surface, and only compatible with true magnetic cookware. Once you pair the 2 together you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

The powerful motor heats the plate in record time, half the time of standard electric stoves. This makes it very efficient as cooking time is reduced.

Best feature

Everything is fully controllable at the touch of a finger. The digital screen displays all of the settings clearly, including a countdown timer that decreases minute by minute, from your chosen timing up to 170-minutes.

There are 10-temperature settings to choose from, 140f – 460f, along with 10-power settings that use between 200 and 1800w, depending on your chosen cooking style. The integrated fan constantly runs in the background to ensure there are no overheating issues.

We love the auto-detection function that powers the unit down within a minute of the removal of the pan. This is an excellent safety feature that prevents accidents should you forget to switch it off after use.

Cleanup really couldn’t be easier, induction heating prevents burning, so nothing will ever bake to the cooking surface. Once you have switched the power off, let the plate cool down a little and wipe it with a damp cloth. That is all it needs to return to pristine condition.

It is compact and portable, absolutely ideal for use in an RV or cabin. At such a great price, it is probably the best hot plate for boiling water on a low budget.


  • Affordable
  • Induction provides fast heat-up, saving on cooking time
  • Multiple heats and power settings
  • Digital countdown timer
  • Internal fan extends service-life


  • Only compatible with magnetic base cookware
  • Cookware must have a 5” – 11” base

2. IMUSA Electric Single Burner – Best Single Burner Hot Plate

Firstly, we need to recognize that this single-burner hotplate is available for a ridiculously low price, and as such, we shouldn’t expect it to perform as well as top-of-the-range products.

However, what it does do is heat up fast, very fast. The temperature control dial is marked high, medium, and low but this is just guidance. It can be set anywhere between these points, you may not know the exact temperature but you will get the idea.

Turn the dial right down to switch the hotplate off, at this point the bright LED will go out. Unplug at the outlet to ensure it doesn’t get knocked and accidentally switched back on.

Best feature

It is unbelievably lightweight, less than 2-pounds. This makes it ideal to carry along with you and use anywhere there is power, indoors and outdoors.

The drip tray beneath the coils is made from durable stainless steel and is easy to get to for cleaning. The little rubber feet at each corner are a great safety feature and keep the hotplate gripped to the counter. 

This is a useful little stove that is compatible with all cookware types. Measuring only 9” x 8” it is compact enough to carry along on all trips.


  • Very cheap
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compact and portable
  • Heats very fast and efficiently
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean


  • No power off switch
  • Not suitable for pots with bases bigger than 8”
  • Legs could be adjustable for stability

3. Duxtop Induction Burner – Best Portable Electric Burner

This is a sleek and modern-looking induction hotplate that would complement most kitchens and wouldn’t look out of place in a high-tech office setting.

It comes pre-loaded with huge 15-power settings enabling you to use between 200 and 1800w, whichever your meal requires. At 1800w be assured that full pots of water will boil in record time.

There are also 15-temperature settings, from 140f., great for keeping things warm, through to 460f. Which can get the heaviest cast iron wok sizzling nicely to make a delicious stir-fry.

Best feature

The control panel is marked and has a large screen that clearly shows temperatures and timings. The panel is set on a downward sloping angle – great for 2-reasons.

First of all, you can read it from a distance, you don’t need to keep going over and standing above it to read a flat panel.

Secondly, if you were to use a pan too large for the burner, the hot edge of the pan might obscure a  flat panel, and worse still, damage it.

The integrated timer is easy to set, it counts down in minutes from as high as 170-minutes and shuts off when it reaches zero. Another thing that a regular gas stove can’t do. The auto-detect function knows when there hasn’t been a pot on the burner for 60-seconds and cuts the power.

This is a nice-looking appliance that is compact and portable. It isn’t the lightest of the best portable electric stoves that we have reviewed, but it still only weighs around 6-pounds.


  • Multiple heats and power settings
  • Energy-efficient induction heat
  • Versatile enough for all cooking styles
  • Angled control panel
  • A warm air outlet dissipates heat
  • The smart system displays error codes


  • Only compatible with magnetic base cookware
  • The ventilation fan is relatively loud

4. Maxi-Matic Single Electric Plate Burner – Best Hot Plate For Boiling Water

This is a nice single-ring hotplate for small spaces. It heats up fast and due to the cast-iron plate, retains that heat consistently, and evenly distributes it.

It doesn’t matter what your pots and pans are made of, every style is compatible. Just ensure the base isn’t any bigger than the ring. It has a compact footprint and is light, it weighs less than 3-pounds. It uses little counter-space and can be slotted away easily for storage.

Best feature

The warming setting is made for keeping pots of chili, curries, and stews warm at a buffet station. What a great way to prevent constant return trips to the kitchen stove, just put the hotplate on the table with the rest of the food. It is also wonderful to keep a metal coffee carafe warm for hours.

The base has cool-touch technology. It warms a little but nothing to concern you. The rubber feet grip the surface well for safety. They don’t transfer any heat at all so there should be no worry about them marking the countertop.

The easy-to-operate dial sets off, warm, low, medium, and max for versatile cooking. All heats work well, maximum heat feels hotter than a regular gas stove, so this little hotplate has no difficulty boiling water quickly.


  • Compact and portable
  • Very easy to clean, non-stick cast iron plates
  • Sturdy, stable design
  • Ideal buffet and coffee pot warmer
  • 4-heat settings
  • Fast, efficient heating


  • Manufacturing smell will need to be burnt off before 1st use
  • The cast-iron plates take a while to cool down
  • The power button only stays lit until the temperature is reached

5. Ovente Electric Glass Infrared Burner – Best Budget Electric Burner

One of the most popular hot plate reviews so far, this has to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Other than the dial there is no plastic in sight. The main body is made from polished stainless steel and the single hotplate is of ceramic glass. Both of these materials ensure a long, durable service life for the machine. And they look great!

Unlike induction burners, it is compatible with all types of cookware, so you won’t need further expense in having to replace pots and pans. Use cookware with a similar size base to the 7” burner and it will sit sturdily and supply the best results.

The 7” burner is smooth which makes it very easy to clean. A simple wipe over with a damp dishcloth is all that is needed.

Best feature

The burner uses infra-red technology. It is exceptionally energy-efficient and the entire plate heats evenly. This is especially good when using frying pans or skillets as the heat spreads evenly creating no hot or cold spots. The plate glows and heats fast and accurately.

The temperature is controlled via a numbered dial.  The higher the number, the greater the heat, it couldn’t be easier to use.

There is an LED indicator light to alert you when the desired temperature has been reached. This is a classy-looking hotplate that weighs less than 3-pounds. It is perfect for students, offices, and for taking on trips.


  • Infra-red cooking technology
  • Compatible with all cookware materials
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • 5-temperature settings
  • Rubber feet provide excellent grip


  • Large pans don’t sit flush on the surface
  • The numbers wear off the dial with regular use.

6. Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop – Best Hot Plate for Cooking

If you’re looking for the best induction hotplate, this model is worthy of serious consideration. Firstly note the sleek design, it is slim for space-saving. It is pre-loaded with multiple settings suited to countless cooking styles. There are 20-power settings, from 100 – 1800w, these are ideal for boiling water fast.

Use one of the 20 temperature settings when you need greater control over your cooking, to prevent burning or overheating. The settings are responsive, accurate, and free from fluctuation.

Best feature

The sensor touch control pad is easy to use and displays everything on the digital screen. Once the settings are programmed, touch the lock function. This is a great feature to prevent children from adjusting times and ruining meals.

There is also a fast boil and a timer function. The timer can be set for up to 10-hours. The heating area is large, all of the heat will be evenly spread across the entire base of the cookware for perfect results.

Induction cooking is efficient, much more so than gas or electric cooking. The warming function is perfect for keeping recipes perfect for serving. The low temperature won’t further cook your meal, instead, it will keep it to temperature and hold it that way for up to 30-minutes. The perfectly smooth glass surface is non-stick, so cleaning is an absolute breeze.


  • Sensor touchpad operation
  • 20-temperature and power settings
  • Safety auto-detection function
  • 10-hour timer function
  • Child safety lock


  • Only magnetic base cookware is compatible
  • The fan runs constantly and is quite loud

7. Proctor Silex Single Burner – Best Countertop Burners

This is an inexpensive and lightweight burner that has the power and heat to cook just about anything you ask of it. It reaches heat and manages to sustain it well. Although there are no temperatures on the dial, you can adjust it anywhere between high and low.

The power-on LED remains lit at all times during use, this is a handy safety feature. However, there is no way to switch it off from the unit, you must remember to unplug the power cord from the socket after use.

Best feature

Power comes via an electric coil, it’s a very fast and efficient way of heating. This style of hotplate is notoriously more awkward to clean. However, on this model, the coil simply lifts out to enable you to wipe out the drip tray underneath. It is made of durable stainless steel so don’t use any abrasive products on it,  they may scratch it.

There are legs in every corner, each with a rubberized grip at its base. This will keep your hotplate steady on the countertop.

We love the raised legs as no heat transfers through them, hence protecting your countertop from scorch marks. It is a well-made electric hotplate, durable, and reliable. Weighing at a little over 2-pounds makes it simple to handle and easy enough to take along anywhere.


  • Also available with 1200w output
  • Compact and portable
  • Stainless steel drip tray for durability
  • Removable coil for easy cleanup
  • Reaches the desired heat quickly


  • It must be unplugged when not in use
  • No automatic shut-off function
  • There is no way of knowing the exact temperature

8. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Single Burner – Best Cast Iron Hot Plate

The first thing we liked about the Cuisinart hotplate was its clean, classic lines. The brushed stainless steel housing already looks substantial and easy to clean. It is a solid and relatively heavy appliance that still manages to look elegant.

The cooking plate itself is made from cast iron, famed for its heat retention. This will give you fabulously even cooking results. It does, however, make it weigh a little more than non-cast hotplates. It weighs a little over 8-pounds and still maintains a small footprint.

It is ideal for adding an extra burner when you’re cooking for large crowds. It is also very easy to clean. The burner is flat, smooth, and non-stick. Just give it a quick wipe over and it’s done.

Best feature

Most of the electric hot plates in our reviews have a power LED to let you know that the plates are hot. Some lights go out when the temperature that you set is reached. That can make for a nasty accident. The burner on this hotplate doesn’t change color, regardless of how hot it gets.

Thankfully Cuisinart has installed a second light. The first, the power light, stays illuminated all of the time that the hotplate is in use. The second is a ‘ready’ light, that informs the user when it has reached the desired temperature.

Another nice feature is the 3-feet power cord, short enough to not be a hazard.

The thermostat is adjustable through 6-settings, from minimum-low-high. Use the minimum setting as you would use a warming plate. Keep a pot of coffee on there without fear of it ‘cooking’ or use it to keep food warm on a buffet table.


  • Heavy-duty cast-iron cooking plate
  • Compatible with all cookware, including induction
  • Fully adjustable, accurate thermostat
  • Twin warning lights
  • Anti-slip feet


  • It needs to be ‘burnt-in’ before first use – expect some odor
  • Heavier than other models
  • The cooking plate takes a while to cool down

9. Cuisinart Cast-Iron Burner – Best Double Burner Hot Plate

This is the first twin-burner hotplate that we have looked at. Cuisinart has added a second, smaller cooking plate to the single-burner model, providing much more versatility.

Instead of cooking everything in 1-pan, you can now use 2, side by side. The housing is made from brushed stainless steel with low-profile cooking plates, making it very easy to keep clean. Just a wipe with a damp cloth will do the job.

The burners are made from heavy-duty stainless steel which has natural non-stick properties along with excellent heat retention abilities.

Best feature

Two-burners might mean twice as much cooking space but countless more possibilities. You can make meal combinations easily. In the first pan, there could be fresh pasta boiling away while the second could be used for the sauce. Or maybe make a pot of spicy curry and use the second burner to cook the rice and keep it warm.

Both burners work independently of the other, with their thermostat and twin power, and ready lights.

Both have dials for adjusting the temperature, there are 5-variable settings.

This is a durable double hotplate that is ideal for use where there is no other cooking source. It is ideal for gathering and can be used anywhere there is a power outlet. We think it is the perfect addition to any RV or boat.


  • Powerful 1800w performance
  • Durable brushed stainless steel housing
  • Designated controls for each burner, work independently
  • Short cord and rubber feet for safety
  • Consistent, accurate heating


  • Larger and heavier than a single-burner hotplate
  • The small burner takes too long to boil water
  • Takes a while to heat to maximum temperature

10. Rosewill 5 Pre-Programmed Induction – Best Ceramic Hot Plate

This is the final one of our high-quality hot plates, and it is another induction burner. We recommend induction-style cooking as it is safer, faster, and more efficient.

This appliance looks sleek and modern with its Grade A crystal class cooking surface with gold trim. It has very slim and has a flat profile to make cleaning easy. There are a large digital screen and multiple sensor-touch buttons to operate it. Don’t be over-awed by these, the buttons are marked and easy to understand.

There are 8-temperature settings between 150 and 450f. There are also 8-power modes reaching between 300 and 1800w. That is incredibly powerful and will enable a full pot of water to boil in the fastest time.

Best feature

We love 5-preset programs. With 1-touch of button timings and temperatures will automatically set for optimum results. The settings are hot pot, fry, warm milk, fry, and soup.

There are multiple safety features; induction plates don’t get hot, they cook via magnets and therefore the burners remain safe.

There is an automatic shut-off function should it overheat, and audible beep sounds every time the pan is lifted off. This is a reminder to turn the unit off if you’ve finished cooking. The cooking area is large, proved by the large stainless steel 3.5qt pot that is supplied with the hotplate. There is also a magnetic strip for you to test all of your other cookware.

Induction is energy efficient, unlike other styles, no heat gets wasted, it is all directed into the cookware. This reduces cooking time and saves money.


  • Very fast and efficient cooking
  • 5 pre-set functions for convenience
  • Large screen displays settings clearly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High wattage for fast cooking


  • Only compatible with magnetic base cookware
  • Always switches on at 1200w, not ideal for boats or RVs with battery power

Features to Look for the Best Budget Hot Plate for Cooking

Electric hotplates have many similarities but it is their differences that make each model stand out from the next.

Understanding the key features of the various appliances can help you to make the best buying decision.

Heating source

Induction is the most energy-efficient of all the coking sources. Flat, glass surfaces provide fast and even heating and can be accurately controlled. The most modern style with many safety features, including auto-detection and touchpad sensors. Induction hotplates are only compatible with cookware that has a magnetic base.

Cast-iron heat plates are smooth surfaces with natural non-stick surfaces rendering them easy to clean. They heat fast and that heat gets evenly distributed. They are durable with long service life. It often takes them some time to cool down.

Infra-red heat looks like a glowing toughened glass panel. Any type of cookware is safe to use on it and as the surface is so smooth, it wipes clean in seconds. If not treated with care the cooking surface can scratch.

Coil-type electric hotplates are commonplace. They heat well and excel at boiling pots of water, fast. They usually have a stainless steel drip tray to collect any fluids. They are more awkward to clean.

Number of burners

Featured in our hot plates review are models with single and double-burners. Consider your requirements as 2 burner plates are more expensive.


The featured hotplates vary in output from 1000 – 1800w. Machines with higher output boil things faster.

Some hotplates have adjustable settings to enable you to choose your optimal wattage. To have total control over your cooking you should combine wattage and temperature selection.

Temperature control 

Some models have digital touchpads with preprogrammed temperature settings. This enables accurate and precise control.

Other models have a dial with numerical or high, medium, and low markings. Although you are not aware of the exact temperature, this style is usually more than adequate.

Operating temperatures vary from low heat, 100 to 140-degrees f. for warming and 180 – 200f. for simmering, through 460-degrees f. for boiling.


Single-burner hotplates usually weigh less than 3lbs and have small footprints making them easy to transport.

Their compact design is ideal for limited space and for carrying between places. It also makes storage easier.

Ease of cleaning

Glass-topped hotplates require little more than a quick wipe over with a damp cloth to get them clean. Cast-iron plates are smooth and non-stick so they clean just as easily.

Electric coil-style plates tend to be a little more fiddly.

How to Get the Best Results From Your Hotplate?

To ensure perfect results every time you use a hotplate you should only use the recommended style of cookware.

Try to match the base of the pan with the same diameter size as the cooking plate. This maintains even heat across the entire cooking surface. A large pan that overhangs won’t have equal heat at the edges, it may also be unbalanced and unsafe.

Before the first use, most manufacturers recommend you turn the burner on and leave it running for 5-minutes in a well-ventilated room. This may produce a little smoke and a burning odor. There is no concern for alarm, it is simply the manufacturer’s protective coating burning off.

It is to be expected and is harmless. Never use abrasive cleaners when you have finished cooking. There is no need, all cooking surfaces will easily wipe clean.

Handy hint…

Does your kitchen fill with unwanted smells when you fry fish, or do you get grease splatter everywhere when you cook bacon?

Why not try a portable hotplate and sit out in the fresh air, maybe in the yard or on the porch to cook them?

All you need is an extension cable and a little sunshine!

Safety features of the hot plates

Anything that produces heat for cooking should be used with caution and kept out of the reach of children.

Most manufacturers insist on installing multiple safety features on their products to prevent accidents.

1. Anti-slip feet

Rubber feet are designed to grip the countertop and stay put. You need to trust that your hot pan is not going anywhere during the cooking process.

2. Short power cord

Longer cables become a hazard when accidentally caught or tripped over. The hotplate, saucepan, and it’s piping hot contents could cause dreadful burns.

3. Lock function

Some models feature a function to set timings and temperatures and to lock them in.

This prevents them from being turned up mistakenly, allowing things to burn, overheat, and ruin.

4. Power light

All of the products in our electric hot plate reviews have a power light to let you know when the unit is switched on, as it isn’t always evident from looking at the burner.

In some models, the light distinguishes when the desired temperature is reached.

This could prove dangerous if the user were to think the hotplate was switched off and cool.

5. Auto-detection

Our favorite feature on induction hotplates. It automatically senses when there is no saucepan on the plate and shuts down power within 60-seconds.

6. Overheating protection

Usually in the form of fans to protect the motor from getting too hot.

Some models also have a sensor that will cut out all power when a fault is detected.

7. Diagnostic error messaging system

Those models with a digital screen can display an error code to help troubleshoot an issue.

They also make you aware of any high or low-voltage concerns.

Did you know…..?

Hot plates are widely used in scientific labs instead of Bunsen burners?

They are preferred as they give the user greater control and accurate temperature settings. Of course, they are more intricate models than the basic kitchen style and are more expensive.

However, they look similar and work on the same principle.

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Hot plate vs stove – which is best?

A hot plate can be used anywhere that a stove is impractical. You can cook just about anything that you can cook on a stove, that requires just one, or maybe 2 burners.

Choosing which is the better of these 2 cooking appliances depends on several factors including where and what they are going to be used for.

After all, a single burner hotplate would be useless as the only cooking method in a large family kitchen and a 4-burner stove would be very out of place in a student’s dorm room!

  • The best uses for a hot plate are varied.
  • Where there is no natural gas supply
  • As a buffet or coffee pot warmer
  • For use in compact spaces such as dorms, offices, and hotel rooms
  • For outdoor use with an extension cable
  • For everyday use when 1-pan cooking is required
  • Can be used as an electric kettle
  • Ideal to use where there are no other cooking facilities

A full-size stove is a virtual necessity in every family kitchen, and even then a hotplate is an excellent accompaniment. If the idea of having just one small appliance to clean after cooking eggs, then you should get a hotplate. Cleaning a stove can take minutes, cleaning a hotplate takes seconds.

Hot plates win in the convenience, portability, and affordability stakes.

Difference between induction and hot plate?

They have different dimensions, with an induction being lengthier, shorter, and lighter than the hot plate.

Again, the Induction surface contains ceramic glass, while the hotplate surface has a circular metallic plate, and some have a coil. That means when cooking, the induction surface won’t get hot.

You can control the temperature of induction to allow food to cook at the right temperature. Controlling the temperature isn’t possible with the hot plate and can quickly burn you if you touch the hot surface. 

Difference between single and multi-Burner?

A single gas burner is a portable cookware, and you can use it anywhere. It occupies less space, is made of stainless steel, and is easy to use. Multi burner takes ample space and is not portable to carry around. However, it’s convenient since you can cook different dishes at the same time. 

How does an electric burner work?

The electric burner comes with a set of coils and a burner control switch that regulates the amount of heat going through the coil. The coils get hot and turn orange. 

Is a battery-powered stove a good idea?

Many people have adapted to the culture of camping and other outdoor activities. They want to minimize the cost of buying food instead want to cook. But how will they cook in the jungle using an electric stovetop yet there is no electric source? That’s where the battery-powered stove comes in handy. They have external batteries charged by a solar panel. You can use these battery-powered stoves for cooking food, warming water, and other things. They are easy to clean and are portable. 

Are hot plates good for small places and countertops?

They are compact with small footprints. Most single burners have dimensions of less than 10″ x 10″. This ensures they use little space and are easily stored. As they are light they are ideal to handle and transport. In situations where no natural gas is available, only a limited amount of cooking is done, or there is no access to a stove, a hotplate can be an absolute godsend. We think that adjustable legs are beneficial to hotplates, particularly when countertops are uneven. They require stability to supply the best results most safely.

Are hotplates efficient?

It depends on what cooking source you are using. Cooking by induction is easily the most energy-efficient style. It is up to 84% more efficient than a normal electric coil stove, saving both time and money. Electric hotplates might not heat a pan full of water as quickly as a regular stove but, you are only using limited energy to heat one ring and not 4.

How to clean a hot plate?

Follow these steps below.

  1. Take a toothbrush, warm water and a sponge/soft cloth and get ready.
  2. Safety is the primary goal when cleaning the hot plate. Begin by unplugging it to avoid getting burnt or electrocuted. 
  3. Dampen the toothbrush and use it to scrub off any food spills. Wipe the coil and the surface with clean, warm water and avoid leaving cloth particles on the coil. 
  4. Lift the heating surface and wipe any food particles on the surface using a soft cloth/sponge. 

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is it safe to use a large skillet on an electric hotplate?

We recommend using a pan that is closest in size to the plate itself for the best results. This will provide more even heating and consistent heating, dispelling hot or cold spots.

Large pans can cause an imbalance and, if the feet aren’t sturdy, cause the pans and their contents to spill.

2. Can you put metal on a hotplate?

The heating source that you have chosen defines which metals are compatible with it. For instance, the best induction hotplates can only be used with magnetic-based cookware, such as cast iron and some stainless steel.

Gas, infra-red, and coil electric hotplates are usually compatible with all metals, including aluminum and copper.

3. Are hotplates good for cooking on?

Absolutely. Remember you are limited to 1-pan cooking but there are many techniques to choose from.

Most hotplates are good for frying, simmering, boiling, deep-frying, and sautéing.

4. Can you cook chicken on a hot plate?

There is no reason why not. If you can wait while oil gets up to temperature, most hotplates will make delicious fried chicken.

Or you can shred previously cooked chicken and make a tasty stir-fry.

5. What temperature is simmer on an electric hotplate?

The same as any other electric stove, simmering takes place at between 180 and 200-degrees f. This is between low and medium settings.

6. How long does it take for a hot plate to cool?

A hot plate can cause severe burns to your hands. Confirms with the manual how long it takes to cool. If the manual isn’t available, give it 20 minutes to cool. 

7. Does induction boil water faster?

Induction is known for speed and efficiency and only takes around 4 minutes to boil water. 

8. Will a Portable Electric Burner Boil Water?

You can boil water using the portable electric burner though you have to wait for at least seven minutes for the water to boil.

Best Hot Plate for Cooking – Our Conclusion

If you need to add extra cooking or heating capacity to any size of the kitchen, then consider investing in a hotplate.

For an affordable cooking solution on the go, you will struggle to beat the convenience of the best-rated hot plates. Compact enough to store anywhere, portable enough to carry along on trips.

Who needs to order up expensive room service when you can cook up a storm in your hotel room?

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