Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use

Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use

Many of us will have seen the large, powerful meat slicing machines in the deli’s and often bought mouth-watering wafer-thin slices of meat.

If you have ever attempted to recreate this at home, maybe for a tapas supper, you will know that a kitchen knife just won’t do the job.

Producing uniform slices of meats, cheeses, and vegetables is an impossible task, no matter which thickness you require.

This is why we recommend investing in the best commercial meat slicer for home use. A scaled-down model of the machines seen in stores, but with equal capabilities and at a budget-friendly price.

Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use (Top 10)

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1. Chef’s Choice 6150000 Slicer – Best Choice Meat Slicer

The Chef’s Choice slicer is a machine capable of cutting through a huge variety of foods, from soft bread to frozen meat.

Slicing wafer-thin meat is achievable; the adjuster dial is easy to operate and has settings from deli through ¾ ” thick. It is a delight to use for vegetables, perfect potato slices for a cobbler, onions without the tears, and soft tomatoes for the perfect salad.

The slicing carriage has a large surface and can hold almost 10″, which is a large ham, roast, or home-baked loaf of bread.

A serving tray is supplied, so catch your sliced food and carry it directly to the table.

The strong stainless steel blade is serrated and is operated via a series of high-powered gears, giving it huge torque. It runs quietly and has integrated fans to prevent it from overheating.

There are many safety features. The interment on/off switch enables the power to be cut quickly. The blade is kept protected by slide-over blade-safe. Even the power cord has a designated storage tray to keep it hidden out of sight.

Best feature

This slicer is very easy to use. There is no force needed as the blade does all of the work. It truly takes minimal effort, you will be left with barely any waste, the metal meat pusher ensures every last morsel is sliced.

We love that all of the stainless steel parts, including the food carriage and pusher, blade, and deflector can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. These parts are dishwasher safe or can be washed in soapy water. The remainder of the machine can then be wiped over with a cloth.

Weighing less than 12lbs means it is substantial yet 1-person could carry the slicer, remember to keep some cabinet space free as it measures 15 x 11 x 11-inches. This is a very well-made and substantial meat slicer for the price.


  • Multiple safety features
  • Easy, friction-free operation
  • Powerful, high torque motor
  • Many components are dishwasher safe


  • The gears are made from heavy-duty plastic, not metal
  • Only a serrated blade supplied, smooth one available separately

2. Chef’sChoice Food Slicer 609 – Electric Meat Slicer For Home Use

This Chef’sChoice food slicer has a slightly less powerful motor than the one featured in our previous review, but don’t let this put you off.

The tough gears provide very high torque which enables the machine to power its way easily through a variety of foods.

The 7″ serrated blade makes light work of many foods, particularly frozen meat cuts and coarse bread and vegetables. If it’s the paper-thin cuts of smoked meat that you desire, we recommend fitting the non-serrated blade. This will soon have you slicing multiple, exceptionally thin slices, all uniform and ready to serve at the best dinner parties.

Best feature

Operating the machine is a breeze. It requires no assembly and can be used straight from the box. The handguard is a smart design to keep fingers protected as the blade rotates.

Cleaning the machine involves stripping off the stainless steel parts, although the blade can be left in place as long as you are careful when wiping it. The loose parts are dishwasher safe, the rest can be wiped over.

You can create slices of various foods up to ¾” thick, spin the settings dial to adjust the thickness. The slicing surface will hold a ham or block of cheese up to 9.5” long, perfect for those roasts to serve or to have as leftovers on sandwiches. The motor won’t overheat, there is a system of fans to cool it down.


  • High-torque motor
  • Extremely sharp serrated blade
  • Easy to use, straight from the box
  • Slices most foods up to a ¾” thickness
  • Lightweight, less than 10lbs


  • non-serrated blade available at an extra cost
  • The plastic catching tray needs to be bigger

3. Elite Platinum EMT-503B Meat Slicer – Best Compact Meat Slicer

If you’re on the lookout for the best home meat slicer that won’t break the bank, then this is worthy of consideration.

It is compact and light so if you’re running out of storage space for all of your kitchen gadgets, this one can be easily stored in a cabinet. It comes with a serrated blade that cuts crusty home-baked bread into even slices, tough smoked meats, cheese, and vegetables into uniform pieces.

You can make a variety of thinly sliced vegetables to make your version of chips, much healthier than store-bought ones. The safety guide is particularly sturdy and protects hands from the sharp rotating blade.

Best feature

Instead of little rubber stickers on the base of the machine, there are raised anti-slip feet. They act like suction cups to ensure the meat slice adheres to the countertop and doesn’t move whilst in operation.

This is a great machine for cold cuts, over time you can save so much money over store-bought pre-sliced meat. Expect slices from ultra-thin to ½” thick at the turn of a dial.

The blade unscrews easily for washing purposes, the rest of the machine is quite easy to wipe over, it takes a couple of minutes at most.


  • Perfect for home use
  • Cuts cooked and raw meat, veggies, and cheese
  • On/off switch for fast power cut
  • Stainless steel blade for strength


  • ½” is the thickest slice
  • There are lots of plastic parts
  • The dial gauge isn’t always 100% accurate

4. NESCO FS-250 Stainless Steel Slicer – Best Raw Meat Slicer

We feel that this is the top-rated commercial slicer for home use. It isn’t as big and bulky as those you see in deli’s and certainly isn’t as costly, but it can do pretty much what they can.

It is a very solid and robust machine with a larger cutting blade than any in our previous reviews. The 8.7″ serrated edge keeps continual sharpness and maintains precision slicing for entire blocks of meat. It will neither warp nor bend.

The carriage is made of stainless steel and features a slicing guard that not only holds the food securely but also protects hands. The whole carriage lifts off via a quick-release tab, for easy cleanup. Without it, in place, the rest of the machine can be accessed easily and wiped down.

Best feature

This machine runs so smoothly and makes light work of anything it cuts. Hard salami and soft tomatoes are both cuts in super-fast time. The most amazing cold platters that have even and consistent slices are very easy to achieve.

We love the non-slip feet that grip the counter tightly during operation. Also, the recessed on/off switch ensures accidental turning on doesn’t happen.

The Nesco meat slicer is capable of paper-thin slices and can be easily adjusted to make thicker ones, up to 9/16″. All it takes is a twist of the knob.

Overall, this is an impresses electric meat slicer that is perfect for home use, for a family’s needs, and would make a great house-warming gift.


  • Perfect for home use
  • Large blade, larger cutting surface
  • Substantial, high-quality design
  • Easily operated
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Many safety features


  • Only supplied with a serrated blade
  • The screws on the blade tend to get bunged up with food

5. Gourmia GFS700 Meat Slicer – Best Professional Meat Slicer

This is the most compact of the meat slicers we have reviewed, measuring just 11 x 14 x 9”. You won’t need a lot of counter space to use it nor a huge cabinet to store it in.

Not everyone enjoys their ham wafer-thin, although this machine doesn’t have a problem doing that. If you prefer a nice thick 1/8″ pieces of ham to put between 2 delicious slices of fresh bread, well that isn’t a problem either. The machine can cut meat, vegetables, and cheese up to ¾” thick.

It slices quickly, the carriage glides smoothly and relatively quietly along the blade.

Talking of the food carriage, it lifts off easily enabling the user to clean it thoroughly and get to the more awkward part behind the blade. When using a serrate blade, softer meats can tend to flick off in tiny pieces and stick around the body of the unit. It’s important to clean it well after each use for hygiene reasons.

Best feature

The knob that you use to alter the width of the slice can be turned as you use the switch. It is marked in increments of 0.4mm and goes down as low as ‘MicroSlice’ for that true deli experience.

This is a heavy-duty machine that copes well cutting through meat that is frozen, or partially frozen. Hard cheeses and coarse meats such as pepperoni or salami, or crusty bread slice perfectly. If you are going to use softer hams, chicken, and turkey regularly, we suggest using a non-serrated blade for a cleaner cut.

We love the sturdy feet that provide essential grip to the counter.


  • Easily adjustable from micro through thick slices
  • Versatile for meats, bread, cheese, fruit, and vegetables
  • Removable hand shield and carriage


  • Only a serrated blade included
  • The blade could rotate faster

6. BESWOOD Carbon Steel Slicer – Best Deli Meat Slicer

This is the first review of a meat slicer that is powerful enough to be used in small commercial businesses whilst remaining compact enough for home use. It is incredibly well-made, heavy-duty, and high-quality.

It has 12 slice settings that are cut with precision, each setting is an mm difference, so 1mm slices are paper-thin shavings. The thickest slice is 1.2cm, ideal for chunky cold cuts.

The food carriage holds large foods, 8.25” x 6.75” blocks of cheese, roasts, or turkey breasts are easily catered for.

Best feature

The blade is 10″ of chromium-plated carbon steel. Two integrated sharpening stones keep it razor-sharp. As it is consistently sharp it requires little maintenance and has a longer service life than other similar models. It is powerful, durable, and capable of cutting through most foodstuffs with ease.

As the blade revolves so fast, minimal effort is required, the blade does all of the work. The carriage runs very fast and smoothly, allowing pounds of meat or cheese to be sliced uniformly in a few minutes.

This heavy machine is very much like a scaled-down $5000 model you’d find in butcher’s stores and deli’s. At 33lbs weight you would need a designated storage spot for it, it isn’t ideal to be stored away after each use.

Beswood supplies cleaning brush to get into the nooks, please be aware to take all safety precautions when you remove the blade. It is exceptionally sharp and you should protective gloves. Whilst the blade is off, consider a couple of drops of the food-grade machine oil that they supply. This keeps everything moving like a dream. The belt-driven motor ensures this machine runs quietly and without vibration.

Overall, we feel that this is the best at-home meat slicer. It is of the highest quality and performs brilliantly.


  • Superb customer service
  • Multiple safety precautions
  • Carbon steel ultra-strong blade
  • Suitable for commercial or home use


  • Too heavy to be packed away after each use
  • No serrated blade included

7. Kitchener 9-inch Electric Meat Slicer – Best Commercial Meat Slicer Reviews

If you’re looking for a countertop food slicer that can easily be carried and stored between uses, read on.

Weighing 14lbs and with a relatively small footprint, this machine could be the one for you. It is available at a great low price too.

It arrives with a large 9″ stainless steel blade that revolves around using the power from a belt-driven motor. Taking the blade off is quite easy many of the components clip off for easy cleanup. Hand washing is recommended, the dishwasher would ruin the parts. Reassembling the machine only takes a minute or 2.

Best feature

Once the food is placed on the base, the food pusher clips into place. The teeth on this model are particularly deep and grip very well. They provide a secure hold enabling safe, total control over each slice. There are locking points along the carriage for added security.

It is easy to swap the blade over for a non-serrated one if your slicing job requires it, 3 screws hold it in place.

This is an easy-to-use belt-driven meat slicer. It isn’t the most powerful, but then it isn’t a commercial slicer. For sandwich meats and cheeses it is a great, compact machine with a large, fast slicing capacity.


  • Great value for money
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Adjustable slice thickness
  • Rubber feet for safety
  • Excellent for pusher control


  • All parts must be hand washed
  • Power down for 30-minutes after 10-minutes of constant use

8. Super Deal Auto Meat Slicer – Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use

Most small food businesses would benefit from an electric meat slicer at hand. This machine would be beneficial to cafes, coffee shops, and caterers. It is also within budget and size limitations for most home kitchens.

Slicing warm, freshly cooked meats is every bit as simple as cold cuts and large hunks of meat, 7” long slices are a breeze. The tough stainless steel blade and easy operate dial will give you even slices from 15-settings, from deli-style to ½ “ thick.

It is a powerful machine and runs quietly so wouldn’t disrupt business too much. It is sturdy and robust, it looks and feels like a smart piece of heavy-duty kitchen equipment.

Best feature

The blade is covered by a fixed ring guard. This ensures all parts of the blade are covered whilst it’s in operation and prevents any nasty accidents.

Assembling the meat slicer is quite straightforward, thankfully there are diagrams on the instructions, the writing isn’t clear.

It looks and performs impressively, and is ideal in many busy kitchen settings.


  • Ideal for commercial or home use
  • Compact design
  • Very powerful
  • Inbuilt whetstones for 1-minute honing
  • Covered blade


  • Quite awkward to clean
  • More expensive than smaller models

9. Best Choice Products Food Slicer – Best Heavy Duty Meat Slicer

Although this is advertised as a commercial food slicer, it can be used at home. That being said, it is heavy and bulky, you will need a designated area to store it in. It is a powerful machine that is designed for someone who will use it for larger amounts of slicing, regularly. If you just intend to slice a couple of bits of cheese at the weekend, you should probably look for something smaller.

The stainless steel construction of this machine ensures its durability and will enable it to resist corrosion. It has a 10” blade that is powered by a gear-driven motor, 240w ensures that there will be very few foods that this machine can’t slice.

It has a tilted design; this makes it easy to push the carriage, ensures the food stays in place and makes it easier for the slices to fall directly onto the collector tray.

Best feature

There is a huge variety of slicing options available. 0-17mm and the dial is numerically marked so you know exactly what you will get. Deli-style meats, thinly sliced potato for homemade chips, and 5/8 ” pieces of cheese are easily achieved. All will be effortlessly precision-cut in super-fast time.

The underside of the machine has holes to allow the heat to safely disperse. This enables the machine to remain in constant use for very long periods.

Whetstones are built in to keep the blade super-sharp. Assembling the machine after each clean will require a Phillips screwdriver, 20-minutes, and some patience!

This is a wonderful machine that will enhance any business and won’t break the bank.


  • Suited to commercial and home use
  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel blade remains constantly sharp
  • On/off switch in a waterproof cover
  • Overheating prevention


  • Very heavy, 49lbs
  • Cleaning takes a tool and some time

10. KWS MS-10NT Premium Meat Slicer – Best Affordable Meat Slicer

Our final review is of the most powerful and most expensive meat slicer. It is easy to see why this thing is a beast. The powerful belt-driven motor revolves the blade at a whopping 525 rpm, this, and the strong construction makes light work of slicing.

The numerical dial gives you the option to up in single mm increments up until 0.04″ thick. No matter which width you choose, the operation will remain smooth, fast, and consistent.

Best feature

The 10” blade has an out coating of Teflon. This prevents stickier foods from becoming stuck to it and clogging up the blade. Some less powerful machines suffer from this and have to be stopped and wiped regularly.

If you will be slicing a lot of cheese, we highly recommend this unit, each slide will glide off continuously.

The integrated sharpener will take care of the blade, keeping it razor sharp at all times. We love the raised skid-free feet, they attach to the surface and prevent the machine from budging an inch.

If you slice food at home regularly and have space for this machine it is one of the best meat slicers. Although it is more expensive than some of the others in our reviews, it is a fraction of the cost of the in-store machines, with very similar results.


  • Suited to commercial or home use
  • Teflon coated blade prevents sticking
  • Ring guard & waterproof power switch for safety
  • Cuts large meats, up to 7.5”-square


  • More expensive
  • Awkward to reach all parts to the cleaning
  • Numbers on the dial fade over time

Features of the Best Meat Slicers

The blade 

This has to be the most important feature of a meat slicer. Blades are mostly made from stainless steel for strength, durability, and anti-rust properties.

They can vary in size, ours are from 7” – 10”, and are dependent on the size of the machine.

Some are serrated, others are smooth for different applications. Blades with integrated sharpeners will have a longer service life.

Power and performance

Machines with a higher wattage output will be more powerful and capable of slicing tougher cuts for longer periods.

Better machines will have cooler systems to prevent overheating from continual use.

Power is achieved via a belt or gear-driven motor. Gears are usually plastic; this is nothing to be concerned about, the plastic is dense and designed for the purpose.

Function and ease of use

Meat slicers are versatile machines that cut various foods. Ensure the machine you choose has an easy-to-operate thickness adjusting feature and is simple to use.


This is paramount. Machines should have simple on/off switches to cut power in an instant. Guards and shields will protect fingers from harm and short power cords can also prevent accidents.

Size and weight

Machines around the 10lb mark are easy to transport and store, the larger their footprint and heavier they get makes it is more difficult.

If you want the largest most powerful machine, then we recommend leaving it on display in a designated spot.

Consider what you will be slicing most regularly as the slicing capabilities vary from one machine to another. The maximum food size might prohibit you from cutting a whole pork belly for example. You may need to slice it in half and make smaller bacon slices.


The meat slicers reviewed are of different styles and sizes. Some have plastic housing whilst others are highly polished aluminum and stainless steel designs. The difference is reflected in the cost. If you are going to store the slicer between uses the design needn’t be as important.

Are Meat Slicers Safe?

You have to remember that this is an electric machine with an extremely sharp metal blade spinning at a very fast rate; of course, there are dangers.

Manufacturers take every possible step to put safety and security features in place. However, you must always approach your machine with common sense and care.

  • On/off switches are simple to operate and cut power immediately. Sometimes they are embedded so accidental switch on doesn’t occur. Some models have illuminated switches.
  • Handguards and shields are always kept in place as the blade spins.
  • Rubberized anti-slip bases or suction cup feet ensure the machine remains still during use
  • Short power cables prevent them from coming into contact with the blade.
  • Fixed ring guards prevent accidentally coming into contact with a moving blade
  • We recommend the use of Kevlar or chain-mail gloves when cleaning, removing, or changing the blade. It is better to be safe than sorry.

The Benefits of Using an Electric Meat Slicer

If you have always achieved relative success slicing food with a good carving knife, you might wonder what the fuss is surrounding met slicers. Here are a few reasons why you might invest in one.

1. They are cost-effective. Buying a large cut of meat from Costco is around half the price of buying smaller, pre-cut amounts. If you’re concerned about waste, you can always slice up the whole joint, Ziploc it into portion sizes, and freeze it. Each pack will be safe for at least a month, simply defrost and eat it.

2. A meat slicer is ideal for large batches, buffets, and party food. You can slice whole platters of salads, fruits, meats, and cheeses. Each plate will look uniform and impress your guests.

3. They are time-saving pieces of kitchen equipment. Imagine using a knife to carve a whole ham and a crusty loaf. What normally takes minutes could be done in seconds.

4. Precision and uniformity are a breeze with a food slicer. Instead of getting 6 or 7 ‘doorsteps’ of bread, get 13 or 14 even ones. Slice a turkey breast into even cuts to make the best sandwiches.

5. Rival the local deli with wafer-thin cuts of pastrami, chorizo, and salami. Blow your friends away with a delicious, immaculate tapas meal.

What Is the Difference Between a Commercial Meat Slicer and a Home Meat Slicer?

Commercial meat slicers are more durable than home meat slicers. Remember, they have been designed to be used frequently, unlike homemade ones. That means the commercial meat slicer is also costly compared to the home meat slicers. 

The commercial meat slicer is easy to use and requires electricity. The homemade slicer is manual and convenient in places with no power. If you want to slice a large quality of meat, a commercial meat slicer wins. 

Manual vs Electric Meat Slicer

The electric meat slicer is easy to use and less risky compared to the manual slicer. Remember, the electric meat slicer is automatic and can slice a large quantity of meat with ease. 

Manual requires your effort to operate them and move the meat. That means you can easily harm your hand, and it’s not convenient to cut the large size of meat.

What Types of Meat Can a Commercial Meat Slicer Cut?

It can slice boneless meat such as pork and chicken. Note that entirely frozen meat and the bones can easily damage the blades of the commercial meat slicer. 

How to Use a Meat Slicer?

Each model will have a set of instructions. Here is a rough guideline.

  • Lift the arm and place the meat onto the food carriage
  • Replace the arm. This will secure the meat in place.
  • Using the adjuster dial, choose your required thickness.
  • Switch the machine on
  • Use the handle to push the carriage back and forth past the rotating blade, ensuring you clear the blade with each pass.
  • Once you have the first slice you can readjust to a different thickness if so required.
  • Your other hand is free to hold a tray to catch the falling slices onto a tray
  • Turn off the slicer and keep clear until the blade comes to a halt
  • Resent the dial to 0 and wipe the entire machine down
  • Wrap any uncut meat and refrigerate.

How to Clean and Maintain a Commercial Meat Slicer?

Wipe the slicer – Avoid leaving the slicer with food particles since it reduces its efficiency and can contaminate the food if you use it again without cleaning. The moisture can also corrode aluminum. 

Regular cleaning – Since you are using the commercial meat slicer frequently, wipe them after every use and clean them well after 4 hours of use. Remember to clean manually without using a dishwasher.

Sharpen and lubricate Once you clean the slicer; you should sharpen the blade for optimum efficiency. Lubricate it with mineral oil or check the owner’s manual on the recommended lubricant.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Do I need a serrated and a non-serrated blade for my food slicer?

You don’t have to, many users manage adequately with the blade supplied with their machine. For home use models this is usually a serrated blade. We feel that having the option of both blades gives you many more cutting options. Serrated blades are ideal for coarser cuts of meat, crusty bread, and fibrous vegetables. non-serrated blades are better for precision cuts, wafer-thin deli-style meat, and cheese.

2. How easy is it to assemble a meat slicer?

Most models will be delivered ready assembled. The only loose parts will be the food carrier, pusher, handguard, and blade.

These are the parts that you should remove after each use anyhow, for easy cleaning.

3. Can all meat slicers cut wafer-thin?

All will claim to, some are better than others. Sometimes you need to master your technique before you achieve deli-style slices.

You should never push the food too hard, if the blade is good enough and you have the adjuster dial set low enough, you should get results.

4. How thick can a meat slicer cut?

Each model varies but you can expect identical slices above ½ ” width with some machines. Lovely thick ham or bacon to fry!

5. How easy is it to maintain a meat slicer?

They require little maintenance other than the occasional drop of food-grade oil in the blade gears to keep it rotating smoothly. Food slicers that don’t have inbuilt sharpeners may need to be sharpened, but this is infrequent.

Other than that, keep your machine clean and dry at all times.

6. Can you use a meat slicer to cut the cheese?

The meat slicer is just like a mandoline, and you can use it to cut cheese. 

7. How do you keep meat from sticking to a meat slicer?

You should first wet the blade before slicing the meat to prevent the meat from sticking to it. 

8. Can you use a meat slicer on frozen meat?

The frozen meat has a hard texture and can easily ruin the meat slicer’s blade if you try to force it. So, it’s advisable to first thaw the frozen meat before slicing it.

If you must cut the frozen meat, only ensure that it’s slightly frozen. 

9. Can meat slicers cut raw meat?

So, long as the raw meat is firm, you can cut it evenly using the meat slicer. Ensure the raw meat doesn’t come into contact with the contaminated food.

Best Commercial Meat Slicer for Home Use – Our Conclusion

Thanks for taking the time to read our commercial meat slicer reviews. We hope that we have helped you on your way to saving time, money, and waste.

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