Best Can Opener For Arthritic Hands [Elderly & Seniors]

Best Can Opener For Arthritic Hands

Arthritis of the hand is a terrible disease. It causes inflammation of the joints. Signs of joints inflammation are stiffness, swelling, pain, and reduced range of motion. Arthritis can affect a person of any age, but it is common in senior people. As a result of having hand arthritis, seniors may no longer do simple tasks. To be precise, they may no longer use a manual tin opener. Arthritic hands can struggle to press handles that require tight squeezing or knobs that are too tiny. This rule should apply when searching for the best can opener for arthritic hands.

As a senior person who lives with arthritis in your hands, life is hard enough. Thus, you do not need an opener that will overwork and hurt your hands. Instead, you require an opener that will do the most work for you. To help you make the right decision, we have created a detailed guide. It contains six product reviews featuring the best openers for someone with arthritis in their hands. Additionally, the guide offers a thorough selection and buying tips. So, shall we start?

What is the best can opener for a senior person with arthritis in hands? 

This question is tough to answer without giving real examples. Thus, we have selected the top 5 openers for you. Here are the product reviews:

Best Can Opener For Arthritic Hands (Top 6)

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1. Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA is the best can opener for seniors with arthritis, according to us. It is flexible and stylish. In addition, it has a black color and a sleek chrome finish. The product is an ideal choice because it can open all types of cans. It does not matter whether you have standard-size cans or pop-top cans. This can opener meets the needs of a senior person who has hand arthritis. Because it is an electric can opener, the device is fail-safe and easy to use.

Just push down the oversized lever until the machine finishes one rotation; and, that’s all. No grip power is necessary to operate this tin opener. Additionally, the appliance uses a side cutter that cuts along the side of the can. Hence, the cutting blade does not come into contact with food. So it cannot contaminate food or cause it to seep out. Lastly, the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA will offer a smooth cut without creating a mess.


  • It comes with a large ergonomic lever
  • It is a quick electric can opener
  • It has a side cutter that does not contaminate food
  • It does not leave sharp lid cuts
  • You can operate it with only one hand


  • May generate metal shavings

2. Cuisinart SCO-60 Stainless Steel Can Opener

Cuisinart owns several top-quality household appliances. In line with that, the Cuisinart SCO-60 is a reliable stainless steel can opener. It consists of a precision Power Cut blade that will slice through a can of any size and shape. Besides, the item offers a magnetic lid holder that will lift the lid when the blade cuts a full rotation on the can. This tin opener is advantageous when one has arthritis in the hands.

Note that the arm or lever is easy to remove when you want to clean the can opener. Hence maintenance is effortless. The extra-wide base has an adequate surface area to ensure stability when the blade is running. This countertop appliance has a clean stainless steel finish that will suit any kitchen décor. Above and beyond, this tin opener appliance can cut any standard can with any shape or size.


  • Features a removable lever for easier cleaning
  • There is a warranty
  • Offers easy, one-touch operation
  • Stainless steel material ensures durability
  • It has a stable, freestanding base


  • The plastic part is flimsy and can break easily

3. Swing-A-Way Wall Mount Can Opener

This can opener is one of our best can openers. There are many ways to store it after use. Hence, you can mount it to a wall if you do not have adequate drawer space. And to make this work, the manufacturer includes some screws and brackets. Otherwise, you can keep the appliance in a drawer space if you have it. Another exciting feature of this can opener is its three lock positions. When not in use, it can lock itself in three ways.

When it comes to usage, it is the best you can find on the market. As the cutting blade boasts a high-carbon construction material, it cuts across the top so quickly. What is more, the cutting blade leaves behind a smooth lid edge. Also, the product comes with a built-in opener. As your arthritic hands are stiff and sore, you need this appliance because you will not have to lift the lid off the can after cutting. There is an included magnet that will do it for you. Lastly, this appliance is durable because it has a steel body.


  • Steel construction offers longevity
  • A magnet eliminates lifting job
  • Offer mounting brackets and screws
  • Easy to store and use. 


  • It is hard to keep it stable when running

4. ZEVEZ Manual Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritis

This opener is on this list for two reasons. First, it is a flexible appliance that will do its work as you expect it. Secondly, there is a vegetable peeler in the kit. The peeler itself is relatively expensive if you have to buy it separately. Now you do not have to buy a peeler for vegetables as there is one for free. Although this is a manual tin opener, it is suitable for a person with arthritis in the hands. The reason is that it has an oversized knob that is easy to hold.

Also, the design of this knob is so ideal for your weak hands that they will not hurt even if you open several cans. By the way, the opener can open jars, beer bottles, bottle caps, and tinned foods. And when you open the tin, you can begin food preparation right away with your free vegetable peeler. Its blade consists of food-grade stainless steel construction. As well, the cutting blade is sharp and excellent at cutting all around the can top. Lastly, this can opener is lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to store.


  • Features food-grade stainless steel blade.
  • You can clean, store, and carry it easily
  • This jar opener is a portable appliance
  • It comes with a free vegetable peeler


  • Some found it hard to close

5. OXO Good Grips Snap Lock Can Opener

The best handicap can opener for someone who has arthritis can be this one from OXO. In addition to other helpful features, this can opener has a snap-lock design. Therefore it keeps the can intact as the cutter does its job around the top. Besides, the snap-lock is easy to use as you should first squeeze the opener closed. After this, the lock snap will shut soundly and hold the can safely. After that, turn on the knob and see what happens next.

As you can see, you do not have to squeeze the rim of the can with your hand to keep it in place. Once the job is over, press the lock with your thumb. It will open to release the tin. The large reinforced plastic handles have a curved design. They are also circular to ensure even distribution of pressure over the hand as you squeeze the can opener.


  • Oversized handles can fit in a hand of any size
  • A big knob is easy to hold and turn
  • Push a button once to release the lock
  • This product is from a reputable brand


  • The opener can pop off

6. Swing-A-Way Easy Crank Can Opener

This is the last product on this list of the best can openers for senior folks. We love it so much for having durable steel construction. It has a steel body and will last long. To ensure your comfort, the product has a Comfortable Grip handle. It is a long crank handle that will take the strain away from your hand when in operation. In addition, there is a Cushion Grip in the kit that entails long soft cushions for better handling.

These cushions make the handle more ergonomic and suitable for all hand sizes. This tin opener is easy to use too because it has a sharp high-carbon cutting blade. This cutting blade creates smooth cuts to ensure safe handling. After cutting all your can with this can opener, you can clean it with your hands and warm water. Also, you can add a detergent to the warm water and finish by rinsing the tin opener.


  • This tin opener offers durability
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • Included cushion grips increase handle comfort
  • It is an affordable tin opener


  • It is not the best for commercial tin opening

What to look for in a can opener for people with arthritis?

Considering that you have hand arthritis, you require a user-friendly opener. First, it should simplify tin opening, and next, it should save your time when cooking. To make the right choice, you should think about the following factors:

  • Portability  –  As a person who suffers from hand arthritis, you should avoid buying a bulky opener. Most importantly, avoid heavy openers that require lifting. It can be hard to lift heavy things when the joints in your hands are stiff, swollen, and painful.
  • Mode of operation  – The best opener should be automatic. In short, you need a can opener that can offer a one-touch operation. That is, just press a button and see what will happen next.
  • Oversized knobs and levers  Even when hands are healthy, you can find it hard to use tiny knobs and levers. How much harder would that be when hands have arthritis? The best can openers for seniors should have large knobs and levers. In addition to being easy to grip, these require slight pressure exertion to work.
  • Minimal touch capability Activities that require holding down a button are almost impossible to do if you have arthritis in your hands. As a result, you should buy a tin opener with minimal touch features. Also, go for an appliance that has a magnet. The magnet will hold the can throughout the opening process.

Why seniors need a good manual can opener?

A can opener can be an idiot-proof tool until you develop arthritis in your hands. When your finger joints are all swollen and stiff, they cannot twist and squeeze things as they once did. Furthermore, to use regular can openers, your hands should be pain-free. Seniors with hand arthritis require an opener that meets their needs.

Such an appliance can be easy to operate without safety concerns. You see some opener models leave behind sharp edges on the tin and lid. These edges can be dangerous. In summary, the elderly should use minimal effort when using an opener and stay safe. A manual opener that meets all the above standards can be the right choice.

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Manual vs electric can openers for seniors with arthritis?

There are two types of can openers for the elderly who live with hand arthritis. These are manual and electric can openers. Manual openers require human effort to work. You have to squeeze two scissor-like handles together until the seal of the can breaks. Also, these use a crank wheel that you have to turn with one hand while gripping the handles with the other hand.

On the other hand, electric can openers use battery power or electricity to run. Some openers have a top cutter style; while, others have a side cutter style. Battery-powered can openers may require frequent charging or change of batteries. Thus, they can be inconvenient. Although electric openers are quick, they are noisy. Also, they remove the entire can lid.

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What to consider when buying a can opener for seniors & arthritis?

If your arthritis is severe, you require a tin opener that needs minimal effort to work. Hence, consider the:

  • Location of the cutter –  The most common cutter style is the top one. Hence, a manual appliance will have a rotary-style top-cutter- it works just fine. As regards a top cutter electric opener, it leaves behind sharp edges. In case you do not want the top cutter, you can choose a side cutter can opener. This one is the best overall whether you want a manual or an electric appliance. A problem that often arises with some cutters is that they can create metal shavings that can contaminate food.
  • Construction materials – Needless to say, a reliable can opener should consist of high-quality construction materials. These can make it durable.
  • Handle design – First, the handle should be ergonomic. Secondly, the handle should have a non-slip design. So it should be a rubber or a plastic handle.
  • Versatile – You require a can opener that can open all sorts of cans no matter their size or shape. As well, the handle should have other handy features to make opening an easy task.
  • Ease of use – Large knobs and levers can suit a senior person who has hand arthritis.
  • Pricing – People have different financial abilities. Accordingly, ensure that you select an opener that you can afford. Do not choose the cheapest or the most expensive. There is no guarantee that either of these is the best.

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Buying guide

As you start your search for the best tin opener for someone with arthritic hands, make sure you follow this guide. In this section, we will give you extra tips on how to choose correctly. Therefore you need to consider the following points.

Essential requirements

You must consider essential requirements first to ensure that you get a handy appliance. So, the can opener should:

  • Easily open a can – This is the reason why they make a can opener. Avoid an opener that will keep popping off. Read the reviews to know.
  • Be durable – There is no reason for you to purchase a can opener every few months. Instead, choose a durable one that comes with a longer limited warranty.
  • Be easy to set up and use – You are already enduring arthritic hand pain. Why should you get a complicated product that will give you more stress?

Other requirements

If a product fulfills the essential requirements above, you should not stop at that. Look for additional requirements:

  • Strong craftsmanship – Choose only the best construction materials: stainless steel, aluminum, steel, and hard plastics.
  • Grip – A non-slip, ergonomic handle is enough to offer a comfortable grip.
  • Ease of maintenance – After cutting all sorts of tins with your opener, you should maintain it to last longer. Ensure it is dishwasher safe.
  • Rust-proof – An opener should not create metal shavings when working. Equally, it should not rust to keep your food free from contamination.
  • Safety –  Ensure that a cutter creates smooth cuts rather than sharp edges for safety purposes.
  • Lid lifter magnet – This is for picking the lid from the top of the tin without causing a mess.


1. Can a tin opener for arthritic hands open any jar? 

It depends on the opener brand you select. Some are flexible and can open all sorts of tins.

2. Should I select an opener with a release button? 

Yes, you should get it because it will simplify your work. You will not even touch the lid with your hand and risk feeling pain.

3. Which is the best type of opener to buy?

You can get the best electric can opener for arthritis if you want to be free indeed. However, there are two other types you can select. You can do it based on the number of tins you have to open per day. A manual or an electric can opener is fine even if you need to open big cans of any shape.

Best Can Opener For Arthritic Hands – Our Conclusion

We have come to the end of this review. After reading this article, we hope that you will choose the ideal can opener for your needs. If you have arthritis or another hand problem, go for a can opener that could make your work easier. Whether this will be a manual or an electric opener, make sure it’s appropriate. Consider factors such as durability, price, blade type, and ease of use. Above all, think about your safety when cutting by avoiding an opener that creates a sharp lid edge.

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