Best Battery Operated Can Opener

Best Battery Operated Can Opener

Nowadays, many kitchen accessories have been designed to save time and effort. So, without a doubt, acquiring the best battery operated can opener provides the possibility for anyone to complement their kitchen. Even today there are very affordable options with excellent performance.

So that you don’t waste too much time researching the most convenient options to whom we have analyzed the top 6 battery operated can opener reviews. In just a few steps, you will have the possibility to open a large number of cans in a few seconds. Let’s see then, the best features of the following kitchen utensils.

Best Battery Operated Can Opener ( Top 6)

1. Zyliss EasiCan Electronic Can Opener – Best Cordless Can Opener

Key Features

  • Excellent speed
  • Ideal for picnics
  • No force required

To begin with, many users have opined that this option is the best battery can opener. For this, we should start by mentioning that this is a kitchen implement that can open cans in a matter of a few seconds. For convenience, the operation is based on one touch can opener.

When using this best cordless can opener, no sharp edges are created on the lid or the can. For this purpose, this electronic opener takes the can under the edge to cut from the side. Thus, this is excellent for protecting any cook and avoiding skin injuries from cuts. In any case, this is an implement that not only cooks can use.

On the contrary, this kitchen accessory can be used by any type of person. So, it only takes 3 seconds for the electronic can opener to do its job. Of course, you can use this can opener with cans of all sizes. That is why people can save a lot of time when making any kind of recipe.

It is even a kitchen accessory with portable size and cordless operation. Here, only a few AA-type batteries are required to get great performance. Stainless steel has been incorporated inside to get a very long service life. That is why this is a kitchen accessory that can complement any kitchen to devote less effort and delicious recipes.


  • Ideal for cans of any size
  • No sharp edges
  • Automatic operation in seconds


  • No batteries included

2. Kitchen Mama Can Opener – Best Handheld Electric Can Opener

Key Features

  • Excellent usage time
  • Results in seconds
  • Highly durable construction

One of the most included can openers in today’s battery can opener reviews is the Kitchen Mama Can Opener affordable option. At first, it is necessary to consider that this is another option that can offer automatic operation for convenience. Which, including four AA-type batteries will be more than enough for anyone not to have to apply force when opening a can.

Even the operation of the Kitchen Mama Can Opener is very simple for any type of user. All that is required is to place this can opener on a can and press a button. This button turns on the can opener by making a 360° cut. So, this means that this is another highly efficient option that can be adapted to any size can.

Once you have achieved the necessary cut you only need to press the same button to stop the can opener. Additionally, the Kitchen Mama Can Opener also does not generate sharp edges on the lid or on the can itself. Today’s best can openers include this feature to provide a flawless result free of danger to anyone.

As if that were not enough, this can opener also does not touch the food inside the can. So the food in each can will not be contaminated when it comes in contact with this can opener.

Even the ergonomic design of this can opener is combined with ease of use that is perfect for the elderly. People suffering from arthritis will be able to open a large number of cans without suffering and effort.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • One-button operation
  • 360-degree can cutting


  • Requires 4 AA batteries

3. Hayifty Battery Operated Can Opener – Best Cordless Can Opener

Key Features

  • Convenient to store
  • Ideal for any can
  • Easy operation

Today, you’ll be able to find a lot of different reviews with multiple products but, not all of them take into consideration the best options for you. That’s why you should pay attention to this product in particular. We should start by mentioning that this is another kitchen accessory that works with a single button. You just need to place this electric can opener on a can and press the button for it to start working.

Even the lid attaches to the magnet that is built into this electric can opener. This way, you will notice that the lid does not fall into the can. This offers a much more proper operation that saves a few seconds with some cans. Anyway, this is a cordless can opener that is very easy to clean thanks to its design.

About the complete design of this unit, it is a perfect electric can opener for people who suffer from pain or arthritis in their hands. In this case, an ergonomic design is included in this electric can opener that is very comfortable to use during operation. Even the best part is that people do not need to apply force in operating this can opener.

Finally, another remarkable aspect is that this can opener does not create sharp edges on a lid or a can. So, all the features that anyone needs in their kitchen have been included here. From day one, it will be very easy to open a large number of cans effortlessly and in a few seconds. After inserting two batteries you will be able to notice these advantages.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic grip handle
  • Effortless and automatic operation
  • No sharp edges


  • Batteries not included

4. Kitchen Mama Mini Electric Can Opener – Best Electric Can Opener on The Market

Key Features

  • Takes up very little space
  • No force required
  • Compact and lightweight design

Unlike the previous version, we have reviewed this can opener may be much more appropriate in certain situations. Especially, it is a can opener with a much more portable design and is convenient to carry on a trip. So, when it comes to a picnic people will be able to enjoy canned food in seconds with this can opener.

As with other options, this can opener only requires a single button to start working. Thus, you will be able to open cans of any size using only this can opener. In this sense, when you place a can in this can opener, the single button included turns on the mechanism. Once you have achieved a 360° cut, all you have to do is press the button again.

When opening any can it will be very easy to notice that no sharp edges are created on the lid or can. Of course, this is important in any can opener so as not to cut someone’s skin. At the same time, the operation requires no effort on the part of the user. This is why it is an excellent choice for people suffering from arthritis, the elderly, or children.

Finally, as we have mentioned, on a picnic it will be very easy to transport this can opener. So, this is a very compact option that requires little space. At the same time, two AA batteries are needed to start opening a large number of cans. Unlike the previous model, this can opener may have lower durability. Still, it is an excellent choice.


  • Safe and convenient operation
  • Ideal for a day in the field
  • Cuts cans in 360 degrees with one button


  • Inferior durability to the standard model

5. Tornado fastest F4 Can Opener – Best Rechargeable Can Opener

Key Features

  • Ideal for children and the elderly
  • Does not jam with any can
  • Long life design

Another highly recommended unit these days is this can opener that provides hands-free operation. In particular, a push of a button is needed for automatic operation to start. Moreover, the operation is also automatic after this can opener makes a full turn. Additionally, this can opener is perfect for people who suffer from arthritis or pain in the hands. In this case, the manufacturer has developed a smaller can opener than the predecessor model. Thus, storage and use of this unit are much more convenient compared to other options. Another major difference is that this can opener provides faster use and requires fewer batteries to operate. Also, jamming when opening a can is a thing of the past thanks to the quick-release button. This simple button allows the can opener to release the can at any time. Finally, this is a unit that includes a soft, ergonomic material that is ergonomic to the touch. Of course, this greatly enhances the user experience with this can opener. Users will be able to get an excellent rechargeable can opener with some rechargeable batteries. This is because few batteries are needed for operation.


  • Smooth and ergonomic design
  • Quick-release button
  • Automatic shut-off after one rotation


  • Intermediate strength structure

6. Handy Automatic One Touch Can Opener – Best Auto Can Opener

Key Features

  • Compatible with any can
  • Does not create sharp edges
  • Long time of use

Last but not least, to find the best battery operating can opener it is necessary to analyze this practical can opener. In particular, users will have the possibility to open a large number of cans efficiently and safely in a few seconds.

The user only needs to place this can opener on a can of any size. Then it is simply necessary to press a button and appreciate the smooth operation of this can opener. At the same time, an automatic shut-off has been incorporated here for additional convenience.

Of course, this can opener does not create any sharp edges on the lid or the can. So, it is perfect for being able to avoid cuts on people’s skin. Even the compact design provides excellent convenience for all kinds of users.

On the one hand, this is ideal for not needing too much space when transporting this electric can opener on a picnic. On the other hand, the automatic operation is ideally suited for people suffering from arthritis or hand pain. It even only takes two AA batteries to start opening a large number of cans.


  • Comfortable and smooth to use design
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Fast and simple operation


  • Batteries not included

Best Overall

In our opinion, the most recommended option is the Tornado F4 Electric Can Opener. This can opener includes the best features of electric can openers. One-button operation is combined with an ergonomic design, and no sharp edges are created. The novelty is that it includes a quick-release button that other electric can openers do not.

Buying Guide

The following aspects are very useful to obtain the top rated battery operated can opener.

Design: In principle, it is best to have an electric can opener that is comfortable to use with one hand. Therefore, there may also be larger designs that only provide the same functionality as the compact electric can opener.

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Operation: The best electric can openers incorporate automatic operation that requires only one button. However, the most convenient options are those that also include an automatic shutoff at the end of opening a can.

Blunt edges: In this case, it is convenient to choose only electric can openers that do not create sharp edges on the lid or can. In this way, people will be able to avoid cutting their skin on a sharp edge, as often happens in the kitchen.

The number of batteries: Some electric can openers require four batteries, while others require three or two batteries. All of them can offer similar performance and most electric can openers require AA batteries.

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Additional functions: Only a few can openers include additional functions to those mentioned above. In some cases, a quick-release button may be incorporated. This button has the advantage of preventing the can opener from jamming with any can.

Drawbacks of Battery Operated Can openers

No one likes to hear about problems, but it’s important that we know about the top 5 drawbacks of battery operated can openers in order to make informed decisions. Granted, not all of these drawbacks are applicable to every can opener, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of them.

The can openers have a limited lifespan

The can openers are a convenient option for those who don’t have a lot of space or who want to reduce the number of kitchen tools they have to keep track of. However, they do have a few drawbacks that should be taken into account. For one, they are not as reliable as manual can openers, which means you’ll need to be more cautious when using them. Additionally, they can take up more space than manual counterparts and may not be particularly easy to store or use. If you’re looking for an opener that will last long, it’s best to invest in a Manual Can Opener instead.

The can openers are not as durable as manual

Battery-operated can openers are great for convenience, but they come with a few drawbacks. For one, cleaning them can be a pain due to their small parts and crevices. Additionally, if the battery runs out, the opener will not work. Lastly, they can be easily broken – a manual opener would be much stronger in this case. All things considered, a manual opener is a safer and more durable option for can openers.

They are noisy as compare to manual can opener

These can openers are not as quiet as their manual counterparts. This means that you may need to be more aware of your surroundings when using them. Additionally, they tend to make a lot of noise – something that could potentially bother other occupants in the household. If you’re looking for an opener that will remain relatively silent, it’s best to go with a Manual Can Opener instead.


Although battery operated can openers have a number of advantages, they do have a few drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase. Make sure to read the product reviews and customer feedback to find out more about the top issues that people have with these can openers. Additionally, be sure to keep your can opener in a safe place and avoid dropping it, as this could cause it to break or malfunction.


1. Can the opener’s battery operate?

Among all the can openers out there, battery-operated electric can openers are one of the most convenient options. These can openers require no force from the user and are very simple for anyone to use.

2. What is the best electric can opener to buy?

To find the best rechargeable can opener it is necessary to consider the functions that each user needs. In general, the best choice is usually a compact electric can opener that is easy for anyone to use.

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3. Are electric can openers worth it?

Of course, electric can openers are worth it, as they provide an excellent convenience for anyone in the kitchen. It is even a very valuable implement for enjoying a day out and opening many cans effortlessly.


Once you have the best can opener you will have the ability to make a lot of recipes with less effort. A lot of food these days comes canned in different size cans. So, having the best electric can opener saves time and effort with every meal.

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