Best Baking Sheet for Roasting Vegetables

best Baking Sheets for Roasting Vegetables

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked dish, is there? And what’s even better is when that dish is roasted perfectly on your baking sheet! Roasting vegetables is a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your diet, but it can be tricky to get the vegetables evenly roasted on the pan. That’s where the best baking sheet for roasting vegetables comes in. Best pans for roasting vegetables help to ensure that the vegetables cook evenly and don’t stick to the pan. Plus, baking sheets are nonstick, so cleanup is a breeze!

We highly recommend investing in the best baking sheets for roasting if you want to bake vegetables consistently and get beautifully roasted veggies every time. Not only will this sheet save you a lot of time, but it will also ensure that your vegetables turn out perfectly. So read on to find out more about the different types of baking sheets and how they can help you bake your vegetables to perfection!

Best Baking Sheet for Roasting Vegetables (Top 10)

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1. Nordic Ware Aluminum Commercial Half Sheet – Best Sheet Pan for Roasting Vegetables

This is a commercial bake pan that’s versatile enough to roast your favorite vegetables. The bakeware is made of durable aluminum which is great for heat conduction. This means you can evenly cook your veggies till it’s browned up on their outsides and tender on their insides.

The edges of this aluminum pan consist of reinforced enameled steel rims which will prevent the pants from wrapping while being heated (oven heat limit is 450°F). Another great fact about this pan is its anti-rust aluminum build which is sure to last for a good number of years. 

Your veggies will be a lighter shade of brown as there is no non-stick coating that could cause your meal to darken more than usual. The non-stick coating may not be available for easy cleaning but the pans are compatible with aluminum foil and Silpat. 

The size of each pan measures 16 ½ x 11 1/3 x 1 inch on the inside which is wide enough to fit ample sliced veggies for your meals. 


  • Durable anti-rust pan material
  • Pan material is a superior heat conductor
  • Pan size is decent
  • Anti-wrap steel rims
  • No coating


  • It’s not dishwashable (handwashing is required)

2. Rachael Ray Bakeware Cookie Pan Set – Best NonStick Baking Sheet

Rachael ray’s is quite popular among bakeware consumers in the market. This is because they produce nothing short of quality bakeware that’ll improve your baking experience. The best part of the pan is the material which is non-stick, anti-rust, and a decent heat conductor. 

A non-stick coated steel pan ensures easy cleaning. Its anti-rust build keeps the pan great for long-term use and heat is distributed well enough to ensure your veggies are evenly cooked. Edges of the pan are well designed to prevent wrapping (oven limit is 500°F). There are grip-able handles which make the pan easy to carry.

The set consists of three pans each either varying in size. You can check different size from the product page.


  • Up to three pans
  • Its oven’s high heat limit is 500°F
  • Pan distributes heat evenly
  • Pan has an anti-rust durable build
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Better handles than the generic bake pan 


  • It’s no dishwashable 

3. USA Pan Half Sheet Baking Pan with Cooling Rack – Best Pan For Roasting Vegetables

This is a commercial-grade heavy-gauge aluminized steel bake sheet pan. One of its best features is its corrugated surface which enables even cooking and can also facilitate airflow for easy release of meals. The set consists of a rack that has six raised feet to establish stability as well as consistent cooling of your meals. 

Also, the rack has a cross wire design which will help distribute high heat equally. Another feature to look at is the pan’s special non-stick patented silicon coating known as American plus. This feature will keep the pans easy to clean and easy for baking as you would no longer need parchment papers or Silpat.

The dimensions of the pans inside the baking area are 25 x 12. 25 x 1 inch. With this size, you will be able to process lots of veggies in a single batch.


  • Heavy gauge
  • Large enough pan for veggies
  • Impressive design for fast cooling
  • Better heat distribution for even baking
  • Non-stick silicone coating
  • Anti-wrap wire reinforced steel rims


  • It’s not dishwashable
  • Wrapping occurs at 450°F

4. New Star Foodservice Commercial-Grade Sheet Pan – Best Aluminum Commercial Grade Baking Sheet

This is a heavy-duty Aluminum bake pan that can withstand both very hot and cold conditions. This means you can slot your baked veggies into the freezer for later reheating. Wrapping will not occur as its pan features a beaded rim that is reinforced with wires. 

As you look underneath the pan, you’ll find that it has a concave bottom. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a clever mechanism. The mechanism involves the pan flattening out after heating, as it would ensure your meals are evenly heated. 

The sides of the pans are tapered so you stack several pans and bake more than enough veggies in a single batch while saving on oven space. The pan measures 18inch in length, 26inch in width, and 1 inch in height.  


  • Durable and anti-rust Aluminum pan 
  • Pan is well constructed to ensure even baking
  • The rims are wire reinforced
  • Great for both cold and hot conditions
  • Low gauge


  • It’s not dishwashable
  • Can develop a metallic taste

5. Wildone Cookie Pan & Rack Set – Best Stainless Steel Baking Sheets

The wildone cookie pan & rack set consists of two baking sheet pans and two stainless steel racks that are ready for heavy use.

If you’ve been itching to get that metallic taste out of your baked meals then this stainless steel bakeware is perfect for you. It has no chemical coating so you don’t have to worry about toxins. The stainless steel is anti-rust which makes the pan durable enough to last for a good number of years.

The pan may not have a nonstick coating but it does have a mirror-like finish that can prevent your veggies from sticking to the pan. Another convenient feature of this pan is the smooth roll edges that make it easy to lift and transfer the pan from the oven or into the oven. 

Cleaning after use is easier with the pan’s deep full sides which will ensure your meal juices don’t flow around the oven to cause stains. The mirror-like finish also aids easy cleaning as remnants of meals won’t stick to them.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lasts longer
  • Edges are durable and convenient for transfer
  • No coating
  • Non-toxic


  • Not dishwashable
  • Might not distribute as much high heat as an aluminum pan would

6. Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Cookie Pan – Best Jelly-Roll Cookie Sheet

These are heavy-weight carbon steel baking sheet pans that have both have an internal dimension of 17.75inch x 13inch x 1inch. Overall, the pans are quite compact in size. This factor makes the pan suitable for most oven sizes. You could even store it comfortably within your cupboards instead of the oven itself.

One of its best features is its carbon steel build which is great for even weight and heat distribution. With both of them in place, you should expect your meals to be baked evenly and consistently. 

Another great feature about the Chicago metallic pan is its nonstick coating which is also present on the rack. This coating will ensure a less messy baking process and easy cleaning. The pans are also dishwashable which makes cleaning twice as easy then most bake sheet pans on the market.

The best pans have wire-reinforced rims that help prevent wrapping until the oven temperature hits 450°F. 


  • Non-stick coating
  • Durable carbon steel build
  • Better weight and heat distribution
  • Wire reinforced rims
  • The pans are dishwashable
  • Temperature limit of 450°F


  • It could be too small for large servings

7. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Jelly Roll Pan – Best Sheet Pan for Roasting Vegetables

This right here is one of the most popular aluminum baking sheet pans you can find in the market. It is a commercial-grade heavy-duty 19 gauge cookie sheet pan that lasts for longer use. How? Its anti-rust finish ensures the pan is easy to clean. Also, the pans have an anti-wrap feature such as its special wire-reinforced rims that’ll ensure no wrapping below 480°F. 

Apart from heating, the pan is durable enough to withstand freezing. So you throw in your leftovers with the pan into the freezer for later reheating. The surface of the pan will provide even distribution of heat to meals or veggies given Aluminum is a high heat distributor. But still, every piece of the meal has to be in contact with the aluminum best pans. 

The pan doesn’t have a non-stick coating which is great because you don’t need to worry about toxins getting into your meals. But depending on your meal you may have to worry about stickiness but that can be avoided as Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Jelly Roll Pan can fit its non-stick jelly roll silicone baking mat. This mat is sold separately.


  • Low gauge
  • Durable Aluminum build
  • Better heat distribution
  • Strong rims
  • No toxins
  • Oven heat limit of 480°F
  • Freezer resistant


  • It’s not dishwashable
  • No coating 

8. Nordic Ware Half Sheet Pans with Nonstick Grid – Nordic Ware Baking Sheet for Roasting Vegetables

The reason why aluminum cookie pans are common among pastry chefs and bakeries is due to their consistency in producing well-browned and tender meals. The nordic ware half sheet pan is no different as it possesses a pure aluminum surface which will ensure even and timely distribution of heat to your meal. 

Another great feature about this pan is its aluminum build which prevents rust and ensures the pan lasts longer. This means there’s no need to worry about any special chemical coating that could release toxins in your meals or darken it beyond the crisp brown color you desire.

The rims are reinforced with steel to provide more strength to the pan and prevent wrapping. The net rack is great for cooling your baked meals as it supports even cooling of your baked meals.


  • Superior heat distribution
  • Durable anti-rust Aluminum build
  • Strong anti-wrap encapsulated steel rims
  • Easy to clean
  • No coating 


  • It’s not dishwashable

9. Artisan Aluminum Baking Half Sheet Pan – Best Cookie Sheet for Home

This is a commercial-grade 18-gauge Aluminum bake sheet pan that provides even and timely heating to meals given aluminum is known to be a superior heat distributor. This 3-piece set is quite durable as its aluminum construction doesn’t rust. The pan’s rims are sturdy enough to prevent bending or wrapping during extreme heating or freezing conditions.

The 3-piece set consists of a half-baked sheet that measures at 18inches by 13inches. A quarter-sized pan that measures at 13inches by 9.5 inches and finally a ⅔-sized sheet pan that measures at 21inches by 15inches.

Each pan of the set isn’t coated with any special non-stick chemical but they possess a non-stick finish which makes leftover residue very easy to clean off. Despite its non-stick finish, it’s still not dishwashable. The best way to clean this set is to hand wash with a soft sponge. This baking sheet is perfect for the roasted vegetable recipe.


  • Up to three pans of varying sizes
  • Non-stick finish
  • 18-gauge
  • Anti-rust build
  • Anti-wrap rims 


  • It’s not dishwashable
  • No racks
  • There could be a metallic taste in your food 

10. Artisan Aluminum Baking Pan – Best Vegetable Roasting Pan

This is an 18inch by 13inch half-sheet Aluminum 18-gauge bake pan. Its material build allows it to conduct heat timely and distribute it evenly. This same build is quite sturdy as it can withstand both extreme heating and freezing conditions. It’s possible due to the pan’s reinforced rims. 

Artisan professional pan possesses a non-stick aluminum finish which causes the leftover residue to slide off easily while cleaning. This fact doesn’t make the pan dishwashable. So it’s advisable to hand-wash the pan with a soft sponge but not abrasive as it could damage your pan with scratches.

With no special chemical coating in place, you don’t have to worry about dangerous toxins that could poison your meals. Also, you get to obtain the pure color of a well-baked meal instead of the darker shade you could get due to coating.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Very thick pan
  • Better heat distribution
  • Anti-rust, anti-wrap & anti-bend
  • No coating


  • No rack
  • Your meal could develop a metallic taste
  • It’s not dishwashable

Buying Guide for the Top Rated Baking Sheet for Roasting Vegetables

As said before, there are several types of baking pans you can get from the market. All of which differ in terms of material and quality of that material. What you need to know is the requirements for the baking sheet that can handle veggies effectively. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Cookie Sheets for Fresh Vegetables

Here are the factors we evaluated:


The two most popularly used materials in the making of baking sheets are aluminum and steel. There are various grades of each of these materials in which quality depends on heat distribution. Aluminum is a better material when it comes to heat distribution as it’s a superior heat conductor. 

The moment heating begins your meal roasts once in contact with the aluminum sheet within your heating oven. Another great fact about baking sheets made of aluminum is that they cool off easily and quickly. Also, the material is quite durable and very affordable in the market. 

Steel sheets are also great for roasting meals but their marketable quality is their ability to withstand excess heat and avoid rusting. This may not be enough when considering heat conduction which is why it’s advisable to purchase special steel sheet pans such as aluminized steel sheet pans or steel sheet pans that are also made with materials that are better heat conductors.


When shopping for the best sheet pan that can handle your veggie you should consider the material and also its thickness. The thicker the pan the better your meal will turn out once it’s you’ve taken it out from your toaster oven. 

Why? Thicker pans may not be very fast at heating but they ensure even cooking and regulated heating to prevent hot spots. 

Note: the lower the gauge the thicker the pan.


Basically, the idea behind coating in kitchen bakeware such as baking sheet pans is to ensure easy cleaning and sometimes better heat distribution. This is great as the coating may not give you the result you desire. Especially if you’re a purist who wishes to prevent your meals from darkening. The darkening occurs due to the darker shade of coatings. 

There’s nothing wrong with using coated baking sheet pans as they’re great for easy cleaning. But your meals tend to cook better with uncoated ones. 

Note: when considering a non-stick baking sheet pan, you have to make sure there’s no PFOA, BPA, or PTFE. They could release toxins into your meals.


Sometimes, the hardest part of preparing a meal is having to clean after. Especially when it gets all sticky and hard to scrub. There are several ways to make cleaning easy. For instance, you could get yourself a non-stick coated baking sheet pan, look for one that’s dishwashable or make use of parchment paper. 


A rack changes the game completely as it helps to later ingredients perfectly, cools your dish down, and ensures easy cleaning. So you know now, a suitable rack will make your veggies come out tasty without overcooking and cleaning will be a lot easier.


You might find the perfect baking sheet pan for your veggies but it’s useless if it can’t fit into your oven. You can determine the appropriate size that’s best for your oven from its manufacturer’s manual. 


One of the worst things that can happen to your baking sheet pan is wrapping. And it usually occurs around the edges. How does wrapping occur? Poor construction of edges and sudden changes in cooking temperature is what cause wrapping in most generic baking sheet pans.

There are some baking sheet pans that have rolled edges. This form of edges it’s better at reinforcing the rim to prevent wrapping from occurring during heating. 

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Why is baking sheet is important?

If you’re looking for the best results when roasting vegetables, you need to invest in a baking sheet. Not only does it help get that beautiful, golden color on your vegetables, but it also makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, the nonstick surface ensures that your vegetables don’t stick to the pan, making them easy to maneuver and serve. So, if you’re someone who loves veggies, don’t wait – get a baking sheet and start roasting like a pro!

How to Roast Vegetables?

It’s quite easy really. All you need to do is follow these few steps: 

Step one: Slice Your Veggies Evenly 

If you want to roast your veggies evenly you have to slice them up enough to be heated evenly without leaving uncooked pieces or spots. The worst that could happen is some pieces could get crunchier or too crispy, but only an insignificant quantity would. That is provided you slice but no dicing.  

Step two: Try Not To Overcrowd The Pan

After slicing up your veggies, you should place them on the baking sheet pan in such a way every piece occupies a layer of its own. This will ensure even cooking. If the veggies aren’t in contact with the pan’s surface then your meal is most likely going to steam than roast. 

Step three: Seasoning 

You can add any type of season (like Italian seasoning) you’d like in your veggies, but if you plan to add your veggies to a smoothie, salt is the appropriate seasoning for you.

Final Step: Setting Up The Temperature

The appropriate temperature for oven-roasted vegetables is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. With your oven set at that the result will most likely be a perfectly browned exterior with a tender and juicy interior. 

Note: the oil which you use can affect the color and the tenderness of your meals. 

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What Kinds of Vegetables Are Great Roasting?

There are various types of veggies that are great for roasting. Here are some of them to try out:

Cruciferous Vegetables:

  • Cabbage 
  • Cauliflower
  • Brussels sprouts 
  • Broccoli

Root Vegetables:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Garlic 
  • Onions
  • Butternut Squash
  • Beets 
  • Carrot 
  • Radish

Other Veggies:

  • Mushrooms 
  • Asparagus
  • Zucchini

Frequently Asked Question

Can you roast vegetables on a Silpat?

yes you can. It’s even the option you should consider in place of parchment paper, as Silpat is reusable, Sturdy, and Durable.

What is the best material for baking sheets?

Aluminum is considered the best due to better heat conduction. Aluminized steel is also a good option. Any steel roasting pan that’s infused with a better heat conductor should be considered as well. 

Can you roast vegetables on a cookie sheet?

you can roast your vegetables with a cookie sheet but it doesn’t have a non-stick coating. Its size is usually small.

What temperature is best for roasted veggies?


Why are my roasted veg mushy?

It’s due to excess oil.

What’s the best temperature for reheating oven-roasted veggies?

Roasting vegetables is best done in a preheated oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The vegetables should be washed and dried before roasting.

How do I prevent my vegetables from sticking to the baking sheet?

If vegetables are not thoroughly washed, they will stick to baking sheets. To prevent sticking, thoroughly wash vegetables before placing them on a baking sheet.


Roasting veggies isn’t a hard task but the roasting pan you use matters as far as quality roasting is involved. Note the reason why you do need this guide and round-up we’ve prepared for you.

By now you should be able to decide which pan deserves to be in your oven. If not, feel free to utilize our guide in finding the right pick for you in the market.

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